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December 21, 2006 at 11:49 pm (From the Vault)


When my mother first immigrated to Australia with her first husband in 1952 they established a toy factory making soft toys. They made everything from teddy bears to poodles.

She imported her fabric from Germany from the same factory that made the mohair fabric that the famous Steiff teddy bears were made from. She designed all the patterns for the toys and they made a huge range of breeds of dogs as well as having the rights back then to make Noddy, Blinky Bill and Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie.

Her first husband sadly died of cancer in 1958.

In 1959 she met my father and they continued on with the toy factory for a while but as my father was a pastry cook they decided to open a cake shop.

I still have today boxes of fabric, glass animal eyes, faces and some full toys like a family of teddies and a panda from their 1950’s factory.

So above is a photo of my mum (in the polka dots) and my dad, in the toy factory.

Next to that is a photo of rubber and plastic faces, I have a box about the size of two shoeboxes full of these faces and still don’t really know what to do with them, but they always were fascinating to me as a child.

Its nice to have them, even though I wasn’t born when mum and dad had the toy factory, mum still made toys for us and friends, and the memory of her cutting the fur, sitting at the machine and helping her stuff the toys as a child is something I remember with unexplainable happiness.


Love Me xxxxx



  1. Bowzer said,

    That is a wonderful story, and so appropriate for the season. Perhaps you were a prototype toy-making elf! Santa may need you next year…and what a magical box of memories to have.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Bringing joy to kids of all ages is a gift in itself and the gift seems to have been given to you as well….Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous said,

    What a wonderful story to have as part of your life. Shouts “Birthday parties at Fluffy’s house!!!” and runs….>

  4. Anonymous said,

    It’s a wonderful Life
    happens in little families all accross the
    planet!!! So happy for you that you had such
    wonderful beings to love you and show you love!!!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)Love & Light,
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Deonna ~
    “I want you to get swept away. I want you to levitate. I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish.” ~ Meet Joe Black (own this on DVD)

  5. Anonymous said,

    FYI I collect vintage toys and they faces and materials you mention might have some great value but they are worth much more sentimentally than their intrinsic value. Their are people out there that could take those items and complete your toys for you but it is costly. But it is a very wonderful story especially this time of year.

  6. louie said,

    hey what ever you do don’t sell then. that is a part of your families history. and when they go a part of you goes with it .. nice story by the way. have a good x_mass

  7. Anonymous said,

    I guess they made a doll, u 🙂

  8. Anonymous said,

    great memories, those toy faces look a little bit scary !

  9. Anonymous said,

    What a great story and lovely memories! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Bellemai said,

    So…you came by that talent of yours honestly, huh? Inherited from mum? That is a neat thing to have for a keepsake, those faces could keep me mesmerized a while! Nice!

  11. Anonymous said,

    Hey you can get a part time Job with Santa! Good story Fluffy. Sir William

  12. Curtis said,

    I don’t know a whole lot about your country,but the people who immigrated here had to have alot of nerve and determination to set out to some place they knew little about.I’m amazed how they took the chance for a better life and happiness, great blog xxx

  13. Anonymous said,

    i always like that style of toy. toys today just don’t have the same charm. Your story is an example of a subject that intrigues me: Australia’s history of immigration and such. It’s interesting when you stop and think of all the parallels between Australia and the U.S. Initially English, then waves of other groups. Indiginous populations and all that has happened with them, cowboy/ranch culture, etc. We need more marsupials over here though. I get tired of eatin’ ‘possum! Anyway, it’s good that you still have those pieces of your family history. It seems like people today don’t always realize how important that is, especially in our American consumer culture.

  14. Anonymous said,

    have you ever seen Antiques Roadshow?
    Those faces may be worth a lot of money I’d get them valued at least
    You in Adelaide? I’m thinking the Doll Hospital there (if its still there of course)
    the Sydney one

  15. Anonymous said,

    What a great story at Christmas time.

  16. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    The toy faces would give an interesting look to a wall. Just sew the faces to a piece of felt and put the felt in a frame. That way you can keep a reminder of your Mother where you can see it.

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