My Dream….

October 16, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Poetry) ()

My new poem…

Last night I dreamt about you
You pressed your lips against my cheek
I smiled and sighed and closed my eyes
Like playing hide and seek
While we lay on my big bed
Covered by a silken sheet

You softly whispered in my ear
The words I can’t recall
But as our bodies quivered
And we both lost all control
It was then I suddenly realised
We weren’t really touching at all

You had delved into my mind
And massaged my pleasure centre
A place deep down inside my soul
Where most men don’t dare to venture
A true meeting of the minds
Orgasmic thrall enrapture

Love Me xxxx


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A silly poem I wrote…

October 4, 2008 at 2:56 am (Poetry, Uncategorized) ()


puppymake of it what you will…

My Puppy…

I love my little puppy

I love his big brown eyes

I love the way he wags his tail

Like he just got a surprise

I love his long eyelashes

I love his playful squeals

I even love his little teeth

When he nips at my heels

But most of all I love him

When he snuggles next to me

And when I smell that puppy smell

I \’m a puppy devotee!


Love Me xxxxx

And no I haven\’t got a new puppy….

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Intersections and Waiting at the Lights – (a poem by my late husband)

October 27, 2007 at 1:29 am (Poetry, Uncategorized) ()


Every minute and unremarkable moment of my life, my heart has sought that which I could not find.

Knowing with an uncanny conviction that somewhere, someplace or time, that person existed and even then that our destiny was sealed in a bond unbreakable and pure, beyond the things that destroy and defile love and life.

At times though we despaired, and lost our hope and faith in ourselves; we grasped for warmth where only petty salesmen traded in our dreams and tried to extract love where only recompense was to be had. A temporary comfort – a trinket that would corrode and finally collapse, going the way of all other ephemerals.

It has been a long journey my love, but we have finally found each other.

We have arrived, to stay, home.


by Steven Naseef (RIP)

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My new poem untitled as yet

October 23, 2007 at 6:17 pm (Poetry)

The remnants of your belongings remain here

So please come and collect them my dear

For what is now lost can never be found

In the darkness of the underground

I’ve grieved alone and day became night

You brought the sun back, my perfect light

But perfection is hard to find

When betrayal takes over ones mind

It drains the soul right out of you

And kills those that loved you too

Like sewerage LIES seeped through your cracks

And now I know we can never go back

For what is done cannot be changed

And someones heart cannot be rearranged

You say you love me more than Jesus

Well, actions speak louder than words I guess

Commitment is not in your nature, history has proven it so

Please tell all your girlfriends this, so you don’t break anymore hearts as you go

Love Me xxxxxx


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A Poem that I know other women out there will relate to…

August 25, 2007 at 5:29 pm (Poetry)

You may think you’re something special when he tells you something sweet

But he would do no less to a person on the street

You may think you’re on his mind in the darkness of the night

But it’s me he’s lying next to cuddling so tight

You may think you know him by your talks on the phone

But I’m the one that knows his scent, his touch and sexy moan

You may think you’re more attractive and that you’re more his kind

But I am here to tell you that out of sight is out of mind

Because I’m the one he loves deep down and with all his heart

I’m the one he sees every day and that is just the start

He would rather be with me than with you anyday

I know cause we’ve discussed it and he chose to stay.


Love Me xxxxxx

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July 14, 2007 at 7:26 pm (Poetry) ()


When you kiss me

I soften like chocolate

Between your warm fingers

I would take these fingers

Into my wet mouth

And search out the ambrosia

That lingers on them

Your buttery flirtatious tongue

Entices my sybaritic lips

To follow in a sweet-salty dance

Of serpentine flux

In a soporific haze

I gaze into your  eyes

And contemplate the passion

Reflected in the rhythm of my heartbeat


You drench me in honey

Sweetness sublime

You caramelize me.


Love Me xxxxxxxx


P.S. Borrowed picture

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When the Moonlight Meets the Sun…

June 23, 2007 at 2:01 am (Poetry) ()

When the moonlight meets the sun,

The haze of sleepiness melts away

Once cocooned, now unwrapped

Vulnerable, precious, warm and soft

Unspoken words now understood

Entwined and mellow, tranquillised

Intimate sounds, familiar scents

Golden rays saturate my essence

You are my sun, my bright one

You come to me in the moonlight.



Love Me xxxx

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March 19, 2007 at 5:17 am (Poetry) ()

Sometimes its easier to die than to live

Sometimes its easier to take than to give

Sometimes its easier to sell your soul

Sometimes its easier to hide in a hole

Sometimes its easier to cry than to laugh

Sometimes its easier to take another path

Sometimes its easier to curl up in a ball

Sometimes its easier to let yourself fall

Sometimes its easier to lose your way

Sometimes its easier to just not say

Sometimes its easier to rush than to wait

Sometimes its easer to take the bait

Sometimes its easier to hate than to love

Sometimes its easier to hang on to than let go of

Sometimes its easier to be weak than be strong

Sometimes its easier to give up than to go on

Sometimes its easier to be hard than to care

Sometimes its easier to be blind than aware

Sometimes its easier to be right than be wrong

Sometimes its easier just to sing the same old song…

Love Me xxxxx

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Ode to Truffles…

March 10, 2007 at 2:34 am (Cats, Poetry) (, )


What is it about her?

That makes me feel so weak

The way she looks at me

The way she sleeps

The way she talks to me

In her funny little way

Even though I don’t understand

What the hell she is trying to say

Some people would say she is just a cat

But I know she is much more than that

With her heart beating so gently and light

She’s my companion through the darkest night

With her big yellow eyes, fluffy ears and tiny nose

Her silky soft fur, long whiskers and furry toes

Her beauty is nature, mysterious, sometimes wise

Sometime mischievous, and full of surprise

I’m in awe of her and all those of her kind,

If people can’t see this I think they are blind

For this little creature knows me so well

What time I come home, she needs no bell

To tell her its dinner time or that I am sad

She sits by me and purrs until I feel glad

That I am hers and she is mine

And then all the world feels fine.






Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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I Could…..

March 3, 2007 at 5:24 pm (Poetry) ()


A little poem I wrote some time ago for someone I cared for. It didn\’t work out the way I would have liked it to at the time but now I know why it didn\’t. It wasn\’t meant to be because there was something, someone else out there for me. I still love this poem though so decided after keeping it to myself for such a long time it was time to share it.


I could…


I could breathe you in and fill my lungs with you, like the heady scent of jasmine on a clear spring evening.

I could drink you in and let you run down my throat, like cold sweet mango nectar on a balmy summers day.

I could wrap my arms around you and quietly listen to your heartbeat, until mine synchronised with yours like a mother carrying her unborn child.

I could stare into your eyes and see the beauty in your soul, sparkling like the stars on a cloudless night.

I could run my fingers through your silky hair and softly trace your lips with my fingertips forgetting there was anything else in the word.

I could kiss your closed eyelids as gently as a butterfly landing on a flower petal and as lightly as a dandelion seed drifting through the air.

I could put my mouth to your ear and whisper my love to you as deeply and as warmly as a purring kitten.

I could hold you so close that I no longer know where I end and you begin.

I could follow you to the end of the earth and leave everything else behind.

I could give you my heart and want for nothing more.

If you wanted me to I could

If you wanted me to I would.


Love Me xxxx

P.S. I took this photo around the time I wrote the poem.

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