Truffles and the tale of her mousey conquest

March 29, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Cats) ()


Last night I was sitting watching tv, getting ready to turn my lights out for an hour when all of a sudden I hear a yowling coming from my dining room.

I turned around and saw my little Truffles cat with a limp lifeless grey body hanging from her mouth.

So I got up and went into the dining room, she had taken the poor creature under the dining room table and was proudly displaying her kill to me.

Not really wanting a dead thing in my dining room I tried to get her away from it so I could throw it away.

But Truffles became like a beast, she conjured up her inner wild cat and was growling and hissing and did not want to give up her kill.

So what to do I thought. I called my neighbour, Ian, and asked him to come over and try to help me.

When he arrived Truffles became even worse but he did manage to at least chase her out onto the back deck with her dead thing.

There she stayed for the next hour, first of all tossing it high up in the air, trying to bring some life back into the poor thing so she could play with it for longer.

Then the meowing started, there she was looking at me through the glass doors, all I could see where her big eyes and this little wet mangled furry thing hanging from her mouth.

She looked so funny. But I said to her she wasn\’t coming inside with her prey.

Later it disappeared. Did she eat it or dispose of it else where in the backyard, who knows? I just hope I won\’t step on it when I am hanging out the washing.


Love Me xxxxxxx


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Everybody please lights out…

March 29, 2008 at 12:13 am (Uncategorized)


Saturday March 29, 05:46 PM

Australia leads world marking Earth Hour

Australia will lead the world as one of the first nations to observe Earth Hour, the greenhouse awareness initiative born just a year ago in Sydney.

The lights will dim across the nation\’s capitals for an hour, and in Sydney it will cast the city\’s iconic opera house and harbour bridge into darkness.

Earth Hour will be observed around the world at the stroke of 8pm, in each time zone, on March 29.

Only Christchurch in New Zealand and Fiji\’s Suva were ahead of Australia as the hour rolled around, and more than 30 nations are to follow.

The US cities of San Francisco, Phoenix and Canada\’s Vancouver will be the final population centres to mark Earth Hour, at 2pm Sunday Australian-time.

More than 2.2 million Sydneysiders took part in the inaugural Earth Hour, but this year organisers are hoping for a massive and global participation.

\”I\’m putting my neck on the line but my hope is that we top 100 million people,\” World Wildlife Fund Australia chief executive Greg Bourne told AAP.

\”There\’s 370 cities and municipalities taking part that we know about, and many others as well, so we only need 50 cities of two million people and we\’ll do it.

\”When Canada goes … (Sunday) our time they are estimating some 70 per cent of Canadians will be involved.\”

Mr Bourne also said Earth Hour, and its images of blacked-out cities, was akin to New Year\’s Eve as it was celebrated in the world\’s major cities with fireworks.

\”Now we have this image of darkness, and consciousness, going around the world,\” he said.

\”It is a message of hope and optimism … we the citizens of the world are prepared to take action and we want to defeat climate change.\”

The core message of Earth Hour is for people to reduce their consumption of electricity, which is usually generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

In Victoria, Melbourne icons including Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, Eureka Towers Skydeck and the Rialto Towers will switch their lights off.

A public event will be held at Federation Square, with Victorian Opera, community singers and fire-twirling dancers keeping people entertained.

The Criterion Hotel in the north-central Victorian town of Tatura will also host a pyjama party, with a free beer on offer for those who bring a black balloon along – a symbol of an individual\’s carbon footprint.

\”Pubs do tend to use a fair bit of power and energy,\” said the pub\’s licensee Nick Matei.

\”We just want to make people more aware, and this is a good point to start.\”

Many of Brisbane\’s CBD icons are set to switch off their lights at 8pm, including the Story Bridge and City Hall.

Castlemaine Perkins will for the first time switch off the famous neon lights of its XXXX Man, which stands proudly above its Milton brewery.

In Canberra, more than 100 federal government departments and agencies have signed up to switch off for Earth Hour.

The High Court of Australia, National Library of Australia, Australian War Memorial, Parliament House, National Museum of Australia, National Science and Technology Centre and Royal Australian Mint are among the iconic buildings in Canberra to be switching off their lights.

\”Even with a function scheduled on the night, the National Gallery of Australia has signed up to switch off as many lights as possible, to conserve energy for the benefit of our environment,\” Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said in a statement.

\”The Australian government is throwing its full support behind the efforts of WWF in organising Earth Hour.\”

Dinner by candlelight anyone??

A photo of the moon over Easter outside my kitchen window

Love Me xxxxx

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Getting tired of my long hair…

March 28, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)


Time for a poll.

Should I go back to my hair being the length it is in this photo?

Or keep it long the way it is in my profile picture?

Love Me xxxxx

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Sweetie, why even bother to try and convince us….

March 24, 2008 at 10:38 pm (Uncategorized)


Model \’loves older billionaire for his brain\’

March 25, 2008 04:11pm

Article from: AAP

AUSTRALIAN model Kristy Hinze says she was instantly attracted to her 63-year-old boyfriend, Texan billionaire Jim Clark, by his intelligence.

The 27-year-old granddaughter of the late Queensland politician Russ Hinze has been dating Mr Clark, the founder of Netscape, for two-and-a-half years.

The pair were tight-lipped about their relationship until now, but Hinze has told The Australian Women\’s Weekly she was instantly attracted to the thrice-married entrepreneur.

\”I never thought I was going to date an older man when I first met him,\” Ms Hinze told the magazine, which is on sale tomorrow.

\”To me, it was different to hang out with someone with something to say that was so interesting and important and who was truly, incredibly intelligent.

\”He\’s handsome and has so much charisma – and he\’s so funny.\”

Ms Hinze is a former Sports Illustrated covergirl and recently became the face of fashion label Sportscraft.

The US press referred to her as the \”Aussie Angel\” when she and Mr Clark were spotted together during his divorce from former Forbes magazine reporter Nancy Rutter.

The couple have also been spied together relaxing on Mr Clark\’s yacht Athena, the largest privately-owned yacht in the world.

Ms Hinze said Mr Clark was a regular guy, despite being reportedly worth $US1.1 billion ($A1.2 billion).

\”He\’s very normal and down to earth,\” she said.

\”He\’s an incredible man and I just love him.\”

Ms Hinze will be spending some time away from Mr Clark as she takes up hosting duties on the Australian version of Project Runway, which starts shooting for Foxtel in April.

Yeah Right…we all believe that don\’t we. Funny how I never see any 63year old men walking down the street with beautiful models on their arms.

But she would still love him if he was on a pension and NOT a billionaire right?


But they always say that though don\’t they. Yes, I am sure if they met at the local supermarket and he was buying his denture paste and she was buying her waxing kit they would hit it right off!

Me cynical…. Never….

Love Me xxxxx

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I made a i can has cheezburger…..

March 24, 2008 at 8:14 pm (LOL cats) ()

and it got on the voting page!!!!!

First time ever….been captioning these things for ages and they have never got on the voting page before…but this one did!!!! YAY!!! I made something funny!!!!!

see more crazy cat pics

Love Me xxxxxx

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Here comes the grumpy old woman….

March 23, 2008 at 7:11 pm (Uncategorized)


Noise Regualations.

Noise regulations drive me a bit crazy truth be known.

For instance today is a public holiday, you would expect it to be nice and peaceful and quiet. But no, the people across the road mowed their lawn at 8am this morning, now the next door neighbour is using a circular saw.

I think that using powertools and mowing lawns etc should be banned on public holidays. Normal Saturdays and Sundays fine but public holidays, please let us at least have some peace and quiet.

The funny thing is the animal noise laws.

Your dog can only bark no more than 6 minutes in an hour on any given day between the hours of 7am to 10pm.

Yet if you have a powertool you can use this continually between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

Personally I would much rather hear a dog bark then listen to a lawn mower or power tool going for HOURS on a public holiday.

So, on one side of me a dog could be barking for more than 6 minutes in an hour and I could complain and the owner would have to pay a fine, but on my other side my neighbour could be doing ANYTHING using a powertool for 11 hours and I coudn\’t complain.

I\’m sorry but this doesn\’t make sense to me at all.

That\’s my rant for today…as you can tell, I am grumpy.

Probably because I got woken up BY SOMEONE MOWING THEIR LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Happy Easter everyone and remember…

March 20, 2008 at 5:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Love Me xxxxxxxxx

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Read this in the news today….what do you people out there think???

March 19, 2008 at 11:33 pm (Weird News) ()


Study finds depressed women have more sex

By Tamara McLean

March 20, 2008 01:03pm

Article from: AAP
DEPRESSED women have more sex than those who are happier, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not, a study of Australians has found.

A survey of Melbourne women presented at an international mental health conference has concluded that females who suffer from mild to moderate depression have a third more sexual activity than those who are not.

They also had more sexually liberated attitudes, a bigger variety of sexual experiences and, if single, were more likely to partake in casual sex, Sabura Allen, a clinical psychologist at Monash University, said.

\”It was more sex and more of everything from kissing to petting, foreplay and intercourse,\” said Dr Allen, who studied the recent sexual experiences of 107 depressed and non-depressed women who were in relationships.

\”We knew this anecdotally from clinical samples but this is the first time it\’s been shown in research.\”

She said depressed women were likely seeking out sexual intimacy more often to help feel more secure.

\”When people are depressed they feel more insecure about their relationships and concerned that their partner may not care about them or find them valuable,\” Dr Allen said.

\”Having sex helps them feel that closeness and security.\”

Asked whether intercourse could be an effective balm for depression, the psychologist said \”we really don\’t know but we presume it helps as it gives these women opportunities to be close to their partner and loved.\”

The team also is investigating depressed single women and has found a trend towards more casual sex than happier singles.

Dr Allen said Australian couples tend have sex between once and three times a week, with \”very much the majority in the once a week group\”. Single women have it \”significantly less\”, but the same is not necessarily true of single men.

The study, soon to be published in a British medical journal, was presented today at the International Congress on Women\’s Mental Health in Melbourne where the latest research in mental illness and hormone-related conditions is being showcased.

New studies have shown high rates of severe PMS and post-natal depression among Australian women, a dramatic drop in the abortion rate, and a promising new treatment for Alzheimer\’s disease.

Look, I don\’t know about you but when I was depressed the last thing I wanted to do was get naked in front of someone that I don\’t particularly know well.

On the other hand when I feel attractive and good about myself, well, its a totally different matter.

I agree that sex does things to your brain and makes you feel good, but if I am depressed I just want to hide in my house and not even go out, so having lots of sex kind of gets well, impossible.

Hmmmm not really convinced. Maybe I should stop taking those happy pills.


Love Me xxxx

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Ms Fluffybutt’s Outing…

March 11, 2008 at 3:09 am (Cats) ()

So this morning as I had my breakfast with my girls, I noticed that Fluffybutt was limping and was having difficulty jumping from place to place.

As she walked she growled when she put weight on her foot and was more cranky than usual.

I worried about her during the day and told Pam about it.

So she said that if when we got home she was still like that she would take us up to the vet to get her checked out.

Well when we got home she was sitting in the trailer in the driveway and wasn\’t keen to jump out and was a bit unsteady on her feet when she stood up.

I picked her up and put her on the ground and Pam and I looked at her and she was still limping.

I called the vet and she said we could come up straight away.

It was really tough getting Fluff into the cat carrier and she meowed all the way up the road.

We got to the vet and went into the surgery and got her out of the cat carrier.

And we put her on the floor and all watched her and she wasn\’t limping anymore!

The vet examined her, took her temperature and did all the routine things but couldn\’t find anything wrong with her.

All through the examination Fluff behaved so very well and didn\’t worry as the vet prodded and poked her. The most cranky cat you ever knew was suddenly the most well behaved lady. Except she was shivering, poor little thing.

The vet decided to give her a painkiller and told me just to watch her and see how she progresses.

Well $118 later we came home and now she is limping again. But she is much more relaxed and settled.

Hopefully it is just a soft tissue injury and she will be better soon.

I will keep my eye on her and keep you updated.


Love Me xxxxxxxx


P.S. Photo of Fluff contemplating how beautiful she looks in front of the purple curtain.

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I love this…

March 8, 2008 at 3:51 pm (LOL cats) ()

Absolutey right I might add!

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

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