Dating Younger Men…

January 23, 2009 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)


I have always liked men a bit younger than myself.

Even my husband was a couple of years younger than me.

But I ask you, should I be dating younger men?

And how young is too young for me?

Let me know your thoughts.

Love Me xxxxx



  1. ♥ЦANA♥ said,

    Hello Fluffybutt! Each to their own I say. If thats your preference then why not? I much prefer my men older by at least 10 yrs. My partner is 9.5 yrs older than I so…perfect.

  2. William J said,

    hee hee, i think you should do what you want, no offense to older guys, tho

  3. Frank C said,

    That’s between you and the guy ultimately. There are a lot of factors to consider though. Is it just physical? What might be his motivation for dating older? Most of us are attracted to more youthfulness no matter what the sex especially as we age so a young guy as he gets older will he still keep the interest going? Some can but not all. Then there is the Peter Pan syndrome women get about guys. They fall in love with the boyish Peter Pan only to complain later that he never grows up and it is said men mature more slowly than women generally. Then there is one’s own ego talk to consider. Since ego can build us up when someone younger gives us attention it will also consistently tell us how we won’t be enough for the other over time because of this or that about us. When he looks at a younger woman ego is especially prone to annoy. It’s an interesting question you pose. I ask myself the same only about younger women since I seem to get so many offers from younger women because of my blog. My ego doesn’t allow me to take them seriously. I’m blessed that because they all live so far away it doesn’t seem practical. So ultimately it comes down to you and him and what the relationship is giving and teaching one another. If it is just dating I suspect any age is okay. When it moves from just dating to sex then an emotional aspect comes in that makes any break up harder if it doesn’t work out. Ultimately every personn and every couple is unique.

  4. SWTY said,


  5. Curtis said,

    since i’m older i say NO lol

  6. Anonymous said,

    my answer is it’syour life. But if I had my choice It would be me and I would live next door…HUGS MIKE

  7. Bellemai said,

    geez, a gorgeous woman like you should take her pick of whatever’s out there. You should not worry about age, as long as the guy’s decent, and I can’t imagine you getting too serious about one that is not, you’re just too smart. and, I can’t say how young is too young; Paul is 11 years younger than I am, but you would never know it – be both act immature as hell sometimes! You do what you want to do, sister, you’re smart enough to know when something isn’t working, or when it IS!

  8. Anonymous said,

    You ask a wonderful question and it is a great question. I was always the younger guy dating the older woman and to my supprize i didnt get as much flack or criticism as i thought i would. As for the age, when i was 22 my girlfriend was 46, last July i had a date with a lady who was 44. It didnt work out, age wasnt the issue, she lived for barhopping and i didnt. We were just too opposite. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the December May relationship as it is called, what really matters is that you find a man who loves you for who you are, and everytime you fear another birthday he drowns you with flowers and presents just to show you he cares. And then you cant get to sniffing the flowers or opening the presents, because he is too busy holding you in his arms and kissing you allover. Love is blind, love is ageless, love is classic, and most importantly, love is what you seek, so dont turn down any good man whose word you can trust.

  9. Anonymous said,

    If two people hit it off, then age isn’t really an issue – as long as they are both adults of course! 🙂

  10. Anonymous said,

    If thise dating express the desire of your heart,then go ahead:)

  11. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    it always depends on truth and respect and honesty….
    but how you will know?
    But why not … to understand and to like and to love depends not on age …
    maybe it is our society who sees something strange in it …
    older men with younger women … is more usual
    but older women with younger men … society start to ghossip
    I read some years ago a wonderful novel written by Stella Groove, how STella got her groove back …

  12. Pookie_Bear2008 said,

    Uhmmmmm what am going to say here?? Just go ahead so long your body wants it and be sure that the man you are dating loves you and respect your personality and feelings as a human being. It is a matter of understanding between you two. Go ahead and enjjjjjoy life at the fullest

  13. 투이-Thuy-黄清水 said,

    Hellow, im a vietnamese girl. just now i read ur entry. I think it is okay to date w/ younger men who should be mature, faithful, and have a stable job… . For me, i prefer men older than my about 6 or 7 yrs older. The old men will be so more mature that he could be a shoulder when im sad… Anyway, it is up to each one. Hope u the best things. Today is our new year’s eve, everyone is shotting firework outside…bye… i wanna join w/ them now…

  14. AlohaMomma said,

    I say why not? If he makes you happy, meets your needs and you make him happy,meets his neets, why not? Maturity and experience though matter a lot to me. And usually you find that in people with more years in life. I said, usually. Not always.

  15. Michelle H said,

    I see nothing wrong with it. I’m about your age and always seem to end up with younger men; my last long-term relationship was eight years younger than me, and I recently went out with a guy 15 years younger than me. What counts is that they treat you with respect, and that your basic values and interests are in sync. However, I have to say the guy that was 15 years younger was a little out of my comfort zone because it became apparent there were maturity and life experience hurdles that could probably not be overcome. Otherwise, I wholeheartedly say go for it!

  16. Anonymous said,

    Since women outlive men by about six or seven years, it makes sense for older women to date younger men. It makes perfetct sense, and since women outlast men in most ways. I mean , men are slower to mature sexually, they become impotent much faster than women lose their interest. Yeah, go for it.

  17. Joe C said,

    In general, you date/marry a man two years younger and no more than five years older than you.

  18. hydro said,

    I have dated younger men,when I was younger,but I say why not?if ppl are happy together I SAY GO FOR IT.

  19. Anonymous said,

    Gosh, I’m just hoping I’m younger… 😉

    I had the opportunity to briefly date a woman that was 10 years younger than me. It was an interesting time. Ultimately we decided we were both at different points in our lives, but hey, it was still fun. 😉

  20. Anonymous said,

    I am dating a guy 12 years younger than me and we get along great! I love him with all my heart and we are planning on getting married. I truly hope you find someone to make you happy and respects you as well. Best of everything to you!!

  21. Anonymous said,

    iam 34 date me i live in cairns and you are a cool chick

  22. James T. said,

    Piss off Adam, she’s mine!!!

    Janis Joplin said it best… get it while you can! Whatever feels the most comfortable for both people is what will ultimately work the best. I think the limits would be more physical than generational and that 10 years either way is a reasonable guide. My ex is with a guy 17 years younger and they are doing well together. I would expect that more profound problems would appear with larger differences.

  23. Queen of West Majinney said,

    Hey, there, Fluff!
    I’m all for younger men! I have one. He’s 11 years younger than I and takes orders well. They are very trainable and eager to please. By all means, find a young, dumb and hung male person to be your boy toy! Seriously, it is great and the stamina! WOAH! They last longer than a 50 year old man. Since women outlive their male counter parts, it is a wise choice to have someone young enough to take care of you when you get old. Something to think about.

  24. Cowgirl said,

    the question to yourself would be how old am I and go half older or you will be seeing stuff you don’t wanna see in the aging

  25. Anonymous said,

    I have a girlfriend a bit older than me. So it is not really a problem.

  26. Anonymous said,

    I Have Say I allways seemed to be with Older woman Back in The Day They been There an expirenced But I dont see No Problem With It either Way its Allgood

  27. Bowzer said,

    Age doesn’t matter if the chemistry is there. And my age if calculated in dog years is way beyond yours, so unfortunately that rules me out!

  28. Anonymous said,

    If you need to ask complete strangers what you ‘should’ be doing, it’s probably not for you.

  29. YunusEmre O said,

    I think you should never think your age while doing anything.

  30. Anonymous said,

    When the wood is good go for it..!!

  31. Anonymous said,

    The issue here is that it doesn’t matter what we think. Turn around and ask yourself this. But since you ask my opinion, I think you should date the age that makes your happy. If it is the younger limbs and youthful bed manners that get you going…I say go for it. Its whatever gets you going and if that just so happens to be men of younger age groups so be it.

    You shouldnt care too much of what the social norm thinks…unless they agree with my message :-).

    Have fun OH!…just be sure it is legal age. 🙂

  32. Anonymous said,

    as long as you “get” each other (i.e. you can both appreciate the same things, laugh at the same things, enjoy the same things) then who the hell cares what year you were both born? 🙂

  33. Anonymous said,

    I like men of all ages. If it’s what you both want and age doesn’t matter to either, go for it!

  34. Anonymous said,

    im here for the fluffybutt and the cougars as seen on

  35. Anonymous said,

    im here the fluffybutt and the cougars as seen on

  36. Bart said,

    I think you should concentrate on if you have things in common with the other person first. Oh course though someone in your age range (lets say 35 to 45)will probably have more of the same interests than say someone much younger or much older than you. I suppose its how you approach life at any age. Anyway, god bless the lucky guy who wins your heart.

  37. Anonymous said,

    My first husband was 10 years older, my second was 6 months younger. Both suffered from immaturity! Younger guys I have dated seemed a bit emotionally needy to me. The lovely man who I am with now is 11 years older. We have a great time and get on really well. He keeps fit and is energetic.
    My advice (since you asked)…..whatever does it for you, baby!

  38. Thewz said,

    I think you should. I love older women for many reasons.I’d date you for sure. xo

  39. Anonymous said,

    hello lady.I love sexchat with you.please send message me for sexchat.I have 25 age.

  40. Amanda D said,

    Half plus 5 is my personal belief! 🙂 Love the fluffybutt name!

  41. Boondock Saint said,

    hey old farts go after 25 year olds…(scratches head).. I’m 47 and I have one come at me every now and’s not even tempting to me…. I only know ONE 26 year old, I have known her since she was 15 that can carry on a conversation!lol. Ultimately it’s not about sex for me. Hell if thats all it was I could do that… I like’em sharp, funny, witty,quick, giggly, wiggly and jiggly!…Most of the women I’ve met.. like all 14 of them…lol have been mostly a year or two older. Nothing against young’uns..It’s just that I’m speaking Credence Clear Water Revival, and she’s talking about My Chemical I can handle tigers. but I so prefer dusty old (inside joke) I have mine.. if you looked on my list you’d find her easily.. Both of us are like 16 year olds trapped in banged up old beater We were wild when we were young… and now we are PAYING for But what a rush. GOOD memories there.
    If I were single, are you datable to me? NO.. If I ever found myself waking up next to some thing like you, I’d never leave the house

    NONE of my business but mehrd…? Show some cuthe and respect.. Jesus Chrystler! Sex chat, phone sex what ever is fine if that’s your bag.. but show some class..

    As for how young for you? Well… You got it, brains, class, beauty to die for and 45-70 wits..So, 18-38 blind crippled and crazy.. go for it hun. Usually women who like younger guys are looking for the same thing they are.. FUN.. and isn’t that what life SHOULD be about? After all, if you ain’t gettin whacha want from life.. it’s no ones fault but your own. To hell with what anyone else thinks. they don’t wear your shoes, pay your bills or bring in the money.
    peace out,

    PS a 45-70 is a high powered rifle used for big game..Elephant big..

  42. Boondock Saint said,

    I should clarify that 26 year old… we were both members of the same poetry webring.. we became friends, met for coffee a time or two but there was NO sexual interest, not even after she became legal. Well maybe a little.. She has an IQ of 170… That kind of shit really gets me purring, I like’em But we’ve never, never will..if for no other reason, I would be in her way and robbing her of the adventure, the rites of passage that the young deserve to experience.

  43. sharon said,

    It depends on what you want in life and how you view what you want in life – a partner; some company or a bang now and then … – who cares about age in this regard! – 18 is probably too young and what is too old? I don’t know!!! … it’s the sage who knows that which is best for him or her!!! hugs♥ … everything is a relationship …. dating is a bit outta date … just set your views and choose! simple!

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