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December 14, 2008 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)


Hi everyone.
I guess some of you may want to know what\’s been happening in my life.
On the one hand not much and on the other hand a lot.
As for trivial kind of things, Truffles peed in my new $70 hand bag, please don\’t ask my why, I have no idea but I wasn\’t very happy about it.
Its been very hot here, not just hot but humid and there have been many bad storms, with people losing their rooves, trees crashing down, flash flooding etc. We are told there will be more to come for summer.
My courtcase is progressing slowly and now it seems will definitely go to court in late January, I will believe that when I see it.
I have had two excruciatingly bad migraines in the last three weeks, one a couple of days after having a massage and the other was due to hormones (you guys out there probably won\’t understand that one). Lately my blood pressure has been a bit elevated, which is unusual for me, I usually have excellent blood pressure, so my doctor thought it could either be due to stress or the pill.
So I had a massage for the stress and stopped taking the pill, which I was taking in the first place to try and control those hormonal migraines.
It sucks having migraines, you know once it starts you can\’t do much to stop it except sleep for three days, and I felt so sick and alone it was really horrible.
But I am finally feeling better and am seeing the doctor again tomorrow to see what we can do about it and to see how my blood pressure is.
Am I boring you all with this?
The other day I just felt like I wanted to sleep until xmas, new year and my birthday were all over.
I am pretty much an orphan this xmas with all my friends going away and you all know I don\’t talk to my siblings anymore, and my parent have passed away.
So this xmas is going to be hard but I am trying to keep positive. I have bought oil paint and canvas so hope to do some painting.
Maybe I will spend some time at the local pool having a swim.
I do have a costume party to go to on xmas eve and am going as a lion. Its dress as in Roman times. So I will be there to eat the Christians, haha just joking…hmmm maybe if there is a tasty man or two there, you never know!
I can\’t say I have been very happy lately but I am making an extra special effort to be positive, although Truffles peed on my Dalai Lama book (what has she got against him, I wonder) and I had to wash it and leave it out to dry.
Xmas is supposed to be a happy time of year but for so many its the saddest time of year. I think about those people out there for whom it is not as jolly as it should be and hope that they get through it.
I so appreciate all the great friends I have made here on 360 and wish I could keep up with emailing you all. I just want you to know that I do think about you, and that for those of you with health problems I wish so much you would be better, those of you with family problems, I hope things will settle down over the holidays and into the new year. And to everyone else who has ever left a kind comment or just said hi, I just want to thank you for visiting me.
There are many of you I would like to meet in person, but we all live so far apart. I guess its just nice to know that some where out there I have friends even if you aren\’t right here with me.

Love Me xxxx

P.S. Here I am in the dark!!



  1. Anonymous said,

    You under-estimate “us guys”…. not all of us are insensitive to womens “plights”…(lol…we thank the creator it ain’t us!) At the same time wish you could stand up to that big goof who is ruining your life instead of expecting us to take care of it….. (well…that’s my stuff)
    Maybe if you bought less expensive handbags the cat would have no interest?
    Don’t like the heat this time of year? Come to my house! I’ll keep you warm by the fire, while you get homesick…..
    Sorry for your headaches. I know a couple other people who suffer, (and I’ve had one or two in my life) and we need a magic pill for those. They exist, but Doctors seem to not want to give them out. Probably for good reason.
    I hope it doesn’t mean you have to avoid massages. THAT would be the bigger bummer….(I think)
    Christmas? I wont go there, except to say “Bah….humbug”… (Tiny Tim Pending…)
    PAINT! Don’t matter what…just throw some color around…it will inspire you (listen to me…blank canvases all over the damned place…)Empty paper staring me in the face…stories yet unwritten….
    I hear Christians leave a bad taste…. try an agnostic. Less filling, but more open to suggestion:)
    Hmmm….Maybe Truffles peed on the Dalai Lama cuz he (it) wasn’t expensive enuff? or cuz yer doing that Christianity thing….(Don’t get me wrong…I am a Christian. I just believe in re-incarnation too…something frowned upon, apparently.
    And happiness (as I’ve recently been reminded) is a state of mind, a “journey”, not a destrination, and if you choose to be happy, you will be. ( Wow…listen to this miserable sob…)And, to tell the truth… I have never met anyone in my life who was happy about Christmas. (Who wasn’t a child opening gifts on Christmas morning….)
    Have a good Christmas, Fluffy, even if it’s just you and yer baby (Fluffy.Got her a gift yet) and remember that you are not alone…XOXO

  2. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    Elizabeth… we are friends on our list i think near the beginning.. we never talked to one another so very much, but I keep up with you in reading your posts … and I know …

    I am here for you … when you want to talk and want to let you say, you are not alone, you have so many friends, even when out of 200 0nly 3 or 4 stay as good friends, I hope you see me as one, even i do not write and talk so much

    About hormons… the menopause… i am happy i have less problesm with this, maybe it is because i work so long time only with oil, doing yoga and mediation and taichi … and since some years i listen as well a bit to ayurveda … maybe this is reason i have less problems … I still hope it will stay like this …

    I agree with your doctor about the attacks, you have too much stress positive stress is ok, but negative one… try to avoid it, try to let not all come so next and near to you …

    I wish you all best, you know it ..

    leaving you a big hug and a smile


  3. William J said,

    thanks liz, you know how much i like the blogs about real life experiences and yours are the greatest. sorry about the handbag and the dalai lama, i’m sure she just had to take a leak and they were handy. thinking of your health, wishing you all the best on that. i’m totally with ya on the positive outlook thing, sometimes a real challenge that you just have to keep going along with it, considering the alternative. thanks for posting great blog about you. xoxo, bj

  4. Anonymous said,

    We’re in our winter season here in the U.S.A., seems strange to hear you guys sweltering during the Xmas season. It’s mild here now, in the 50’s, but it’s going to drop 30 degrees in the next couple days. Have good holidays 🙂

  5. Anonymous said,

    Hi! fluff,honestly i have only 4 friends in my list at yahoo 360.and everytime you send updates about your daily experience im very excitted to open.you know what two years ago i been in the depression,all i want to do is sleep,sleep and sleep for the rest of the day so devastated.I didnt care for my kids,my house,my garden.Only i have is pain,questions.Until one day i realized how i missed so manythings.That night i speak to the great creator.just only this simple word “i leave all to you”when i wake that morning i feel so happy and smiled that i missed for six month.And the funny thing i do is i cleaned my house,my garden.I cant forget that silly things.And for the first time that the story of my life.Have a good holidays!!

  6. JD said,

    Shine on, so as to be able to see in the dark.
    The cat peed on the bag & book because you were paying to much attention to your new shiny precious’s and not paying enough attention to the master of your house.
    One xmas we put some presents under the tree for the dogs,they got big chew bones,the cat observed this giving of gifts and then strolled over to the pile of presents under the tree and pissed all over them. we had to re wrap them, we had a pressie for the cat,but gave it too late , from that day we always gave the cat the first present and he never peed on Xmas presents again and we all ended up happily ever after…………. until the cat died.
    Moral of the story is, don’t piss off pussy or pussy will piss on you .
    Rock on tc keep that smile on ya dial OXOX

  7. Anonymous said,

    Hiya Liz, I think of you often too. Get well soon!

  8. Anonymous said,

    Elizabeth, you are a kind and sweet heart, and its a shame your brothers and sisters cant love you for who you are.
    You will definitely be the cutest lion there ever was. If any guys are on safari, they will use Cupid’s arrows, because you are so very sweet.

    Truffles peeing on your Dalai Lama book and in your $70 dollar purse. Is Truffles trying to tell you to listen to the wisdom of the cat? My cats are always telling me something wise, i justt need the translation book to understand it.

    I am wishing you a great day, with lots of hugs, kiss upon each hand, Wes

  9. Anonymous said,

    You are without question a very attractive woman. I am sorry for your cat-pee losses, and your handbag purchases. I despise handbags, and cats. Funny that cat’s find handbags so interesting. I usually find women and handbags a deadly-duo. All in fun, yet very serious.

  10. James T. said,

    Truffles peeing is probably because she smelled the fresh urea-based adhesives in the handbag… then later she noticed that the book also had the same stuff in the binding and frontice. It is actually more common than you may realise for felines to react to these urea-based substances. Yes, urea as in pee! They feel that the object has been marked by another invader to their territory and have the urge to re-mark the territory as theirs.

    Storms are just rotten things. We keep getting big wind storms to go with the rain and snow. They rip up trees and damage property all over the region.

    It will be ever so nice to hear the final conclusion of the case in your favour. The beurocracy of setting court dates is just a pain in the butt.

    I am sooo sorry to hear of the migraines. Mine intensify with the weather too. I can only imagine how much worse it is with the female hormones in fluctuation. BTW guys are on a 3-4 month hormonal cycle ourselves. It’s not the same, but I bet a lot of women notice their men being more idiotic than usual every so often. The blood pressure difference could be adding to the effect of migraine even though the pill helps to reduce their frequency initially. Bloody bothersome, they are. I take Sumatriptan, a 5HT1 receptor agonist, for mine. It works if you take it as soon as you feel the first symptoms, but once the headache takes hold it is too late to work. It works fairly well for me even though it doesn’t take away every little bit of it. It interacts with all kinds of meds though, and often can’t be used for a patient. The next step for me is morphine and some other med I can’t recall the name of at the emergency dept. Hot weather makes them MUCH worse. I wish I was closer and could help assist you in getting things done while you’re suffering. I’m sure many others feel the same. NO IT IS NOT BORING TO HEAR OF!

    I felt like sleeping through the season too, but Sarah needs her Daddy EVERY minute of EVERY day. LOL. I already told you of our Xmas let-downs and really feel for you being alone. What did you do Xmas day? We’ve been avoiding the local pools ’cause they’re full of kids on holidays and just TOO NOISY!!!

    Did you eat any Christians or tastey men on Xmas eve, you horrible lion you?

    Happiness is relative, and most people find themselves relatively happy. You aren’t alone in that. Did you manage to save the Dalai Lama book? Search Tuesday Lobsang Rampa on Google to find out some interesting Lamaistic info.

    Your caring and affection for others is heartwarming. Thank you. We all wish we were closer. Maybe if one of us wins big on a lottery they could help others to connect. I know that I would extend myself if I could.

  11. Bart said,

    Hi Fluffy, this is Bart. I’m still around once in a while, I thought I’d check out your page being that you were always one of my favorites. Your not boring us, these are things that are important to you. I understand completely as I am in basicly the same situation. I thought about starting up my page again, I sure would like to add you back as a friend if I do. I hope all your dreams come true in the new year.

    Bart (and Spike)

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