Something you may not know about me…

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Many, many moons ago while looking for a way to earn a crust I applied for a position as a leadlighter.

To my shock I actually got the job only to wonder how the hell I was going to handle and cut glass and make windows.

My boss was a sweetie, it was his studio and he was very popular and well known in the industry here.

So, I learnt the very old and traditional craft of leadlighting.

At first I was petrified of breaking glass, cutting myself etc etc.

But after a few weeks I was carrying large sheets of glass (almost as big as me) cutting them into pieces, soldering, puttying windows and all that goes along with it.

It was not an easy job by any means. It was hard physical work. I lost a lot of weight and became quiet strong in the arms and hands.

It meant standing all day, getting little bits of glass all over you, cutting your fingertips, burning yourself with solder, using powders and putties and stove black to polish the lead so by the end of the day you were filthy.

But I loved that job. Because when you finished a customers window they were always so happy. And it was a creative job too, from drawing up the patterns, designing some windows from scratch, choosing colours and textures of glass and sometimes even painting on the glass.

It wasn\’t however as good for my lungs though. I ended up coughing up lots of junk every morning.

After being there for about a year, business started to slow and he had to let me go but I continued to make lampshades, little hanging things, jewellery boxes. Selling them at craft markets and in some shops. But when I worked I used a mask so I wouldn\’t breathe in the fumes from the solder.

Until my garage where I worked was broken into and my tools and some of my special glass was stolen.

Including some of my work as well.

I had always hoped to start making things again but have never been able to afford buy the tools I needed to replace, anyway where I live now I don\’t have the room to do it because you really need a garage or a work shed to work in.

Maybe one day…


Love Me xxxxx

Photo of a bathroom window and matching cabinet doors that I made.




  1. Toni A said,

    You are genuinly talented

  2. Anonymous said,

    Wow!That is some beautiful glass.

  3. Dan said,

    Breath taking work,,,sorry some people are so bad in life to steal from others……..

    i may have some tools you may need,,Extra,s give me a shout if i can help at all.


  4. Bowzer said,

    I used to do this in school! I remember the smell of the solder so well. Although you were clearly a lot, lot better than me : )

    Yes, It’s a shame that you had to stop – it would be great to see some new FB creations some day!

  5. James T. said,

    I always just knew you were an artisan deep down inside.

    Artisan, noun: An artists urge to produce meeting soundly with the reality of needing to eat.

    Beautiful work there. I would love to have an FB original too!!! There is a large market for that kind of thing. MAybe a side-line extra crust earner.

  6. JD said,

    Love the leadlights,I had a villa that had them and had some made,all was good until I hosed them.
    You are a clever fluffybutt and you rock


    I like your work and I did the leaded stained glass craft for 20 years. There is alot of my work in the immediate vicinity. Yoy’re right about the cutting your fingers, the smell of the solder and the getting dirty with the putty. I loved it and I can still do it if I have to.

  8. Minsky W said,

    Hi two words for those thieving ass wipes (easy to imagine) I got into lead lighting as well, YOU HAVE IT SUSSED TOTALLY YOUR WORK IS BEAUTIFUL and you alone did that,cool aye an inspiration as well thanx fluffy

  9. Gypsy said,

    BEAUTIFUL glass work!!! I’m an artist in different fields than you are, and can appreciate the time, effort, and creativity it takes to produce such wonderful art. You are truly blessed!

  10. neuroaster said,

    Wow :O Kewl 😀

  11. CUOI said,

    Good idea!

  12. William J said,

    beautiful stuff must’ve provided a real sense of accomplishment

  13. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    you are really talented in arts … you can learn so much, but to have the special feelings, the ideas this is talent and you are …. like the windows you made … yes.. you need a lot of space to practise this and a lot of glass in all colors a room for yourself, maybe you should do it?

  14. Anonymous said,

    Your Blog Looks great!
    It was nice to stop by!

  15. graham m said,

    you clever girl

  16. Anonymous said,

    Wow! Interesting indeed. Beautiful work I say! 🙂

  17. PIYUSH T said,

    u loose nothing in life u just get more knowledge and gained experience will be an asset all time

  18. loverboy said,


  19. loverboy said,

    i will like to meet you

  20. yelzbieta said,

    I used to call a cat ,”Fluffybutt”, so much that he answered to it. It is sad that someone stopped your beautiful glass work. Maybe you can use your drawing to earn enough to replace your tools and glass?

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