Some of my favourite websites…

August 16, 2008 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

more cat pictures

Some of my favourite websites are:

For LOL cats –

For cuteness –

For gorgeous retro clothing, shoes and accessories –

For strangeness –

For funny things etc –

For hilarious celebrity gossip –

And the funniest blog I have seen in a while –

Oh and last but not least –

Have fun!

Love Me xxxxx



  1. James T. said,

    It’s taken me this long to get back here and make my comment work!!! Darned Yahoohoo.

    I curse you, you evil waster of my time!!! HeHeHe. The only things I didn’t check out was the DList and Cakewrecks. I was stuck in the world of Engrish for so long I actually lost track.

    You funny rady!

    We had a large number of Hong Kong Chinese move here in 1999 because the delta we’re on is shaped like a dragon (I can’t see it). We have Engrish signs all over the place here. Even the car dealers have Chinese signs locally. It was a bit odd when it first began, but it seems quite normal now. I quite often need to re-read things 2-3 times before I ‘get’ what they mean. I was laughing so hard I was worried that the neighbours would complain. Every time I clicked a button I’d burst out laughing again. The best example I saw here was ‘Jolly Good Diecare’ just down the road. It took them almost 3yrs to change it to read properly.

  2. neuroaster said,

  3. Dreaming Butterfly said,

    Cute web sites! Enjoy some of them!

  4. Bowzer said,

    Ahhhhhh, good stuff! You can’t beat a good dose of Engrish : )

  5. neuroaster said,

    Oh and I’m also a huge fan of

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