When I am at home sick…

August 14, 2008 at 12:06 am (Uncategorized)


I take the opportunity to catch up on the one and only soap I watch.

The Bold and the Beautiful. Yes I have to admit I do watch this when I am sick or am I sick to watch it? Um nevermind. And yes I am watching it right now.

The reason I like BB is because nothing ever really changes. You can tune in every 2 years or so and the plot is always the same.

Eric is divorcing or marrying Stephanie to marry or divorce some blonde.

Ridge is deciding whether he should divorce or marry Brooke or Taylor.

Someone dies and comes back to life.

Someone is having a baby to someone they slept with once.

Someone gets shot or kdinapped.

Some children seem to disappear then reappear totally grown-up.

The women are always crying. The men are always comforting them in the sack, and its not usually the man they are supposed to be with.

There is always a wedding and its always either on a boat, a beach or at the Forresters home.

There is always someone plotting the downfall of the Forresters.

They are always marrying and divorcing each others husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Just mix it up anyway you like.

Seriously I could write this story.

Once I did an assignment on why women in particular watch soaps, apparently its because we always like to know there is someone with more problems and dramas than we are having, but hang – on wait a sec, these are TV shows not real life.

I think BB is hilarious. I don\’t watch it because I take it seriously, I watch it because it is the best of the soap genre. Silly plots, long pauses, overacting, those facial expressions matched with tuxedos and evening dresses or lingerie.

Everything you always want in a soap but are afraid you will actually get.

Love Me xxxxxxxx



  1. James T. said,

    Ahh… coccooning with drivel on the idiot box. My kind of recovery.

    I admit to having watched ‘Boring Nation Street’ ever since the black and white days. Not so much anymore. Reminds me why I’m oh so glad my parents decided to emigrate here. I recall some moderately amusing ones came out of Australia in the 80’s/90’s… what were they called? Water Babies(?) was the last Ausie one I saw. In Canada we do more ‘period’ soaps like Anne of Greene Gables.

    In uni I read someone’s dissertation on the psychodynamic therapy properties offered by the modern soap opera. I wish I had a copy, it was insightfully hilarious. They are the literary equivalent of ‘epic mythology’.

    Fun blather.

  2. April said,

    I’m afraid I have never ‘got’ the entertainment value of BB, but like you have on the odd occasion turned it on whilst at home unwell. I once literally had an 8 month gap between episodes and the story lines at the initial viewing with the same characters were still going!!!! I’ll confess to being gobsmacked. The upside was..I knew I could catch it again in another 8 months and I’d still know what was going on!! Hope you’re feeling better..

  3. Anonymous said,

    You explained it quite well. When you try to explain the Logan/Forrester clan, especially Brooke’s childrens fathers, it gets interesting and a might tongue twisting. LOL!

  4. Anonymous said,

    I watch every day and on weekends I have withdrawls.

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