What is a bush turkey?

August 11, 2008 at 2:03 am (Uncategorized)


This is a bush turkey or scrub turkey.

Sometimes I have three in my backyard or up on my roof scratching the leaves.

Garden proud people hate them because in a very short time they can ruin months of work. However they are protected and the only way you can get rid of them is to have them relocated.

This is a large black ground bird with red and yellow wattles, found in rainforests habitats. When disturbed it will fly high into the trees. Voice is a coarse \’grunt\’. The legs and feet are powerfully adapted to scratch up earth and leaves for their incubators where the eggs are laid. Nests are created by the males, and consist of a large mound of leaves, mosses, twigs and soil up to 12 m. across, and 3-5 metres high. The male controls the temperature of the nest after the eggs are laid by the female, by opening or closing holes in the mound. They are very tame and inquisitive on \’springers\’

They are very tame and we have had them wandering through the canteen at the University from time to time.

Love Me xxxxxxxx



  1. Curtis said,

    They look similar to our turkeys, execpt they look skinnier,our turkeys aren”t tame and if found in yard would be thangsgiving meal lol

  2. yp_carla_florissant said,

    Hey girl How in the ZHell are you??????? Any way looks like are turkeys but in the state of Mo. the turkeys head are blue and they can get bigger than that (some do.. We have them for Thanksgiving…..Its a tradition thing here… But also there are alot of men that Hunt them tooo… I forgot when the hunting season is for turkey??? But some men hunt them… Mainly they hunt Deer… tho ttyl

  3. James T. said,

    Aha! Now I remember… there was a breeding pair in with the roos at the Calgary Zoo years, er…decades ago. I loved the brood nests they made. Huge and if you pay close attention there is actually quite an intricate rhyme to their temp modulation methods. A bit of a dance starts to take shape if you watch ’em over a long time working the nest.

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