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August 1, 2008 at 11:46 pm (Uncategorized)


Well, my last post certainly seemed to create some interest and generated some great comments.

I just want to say that I don\’t think I \”need\” a man to make me feel whole. But having a well suited partner would certainly enrich my life in many ways.

And if I find someone who is right then that would be great but I am not desperate or out searching every night for someone.

I am just happy to go with the flow and if something happens then I will take a chance but if not I am no less of a person.

Another thing I find thinking about is children. There are many babies being born to my colleagues at work, young couples who have just gotten married (or not) and I guess it starts stirring the old grey matter around.

Although I would like to have a child, I would not want to do it on my own. I believe rightly or wrongly that a child should come out of a loving relationship.

Now that may sound old fashioned I suppose, when there are so many women out there who are deciding that they need to have a child before their biological clock runs out, so are checking out the sperm bank and having a child on their own, without a partner.

That is great for them and I say if they want to do that, go for it. But I couldn\’t do it.

I now think the probability of me having a child of my own flesh is very low but I have always thought if I have a child great but if I don\’t or can\’t then that just the way it is.

I have never felt a really strong urge to have a baby I can\’t really explain why. Maybe because my husband was too unstable and I didn\’t want to bring a child into that kind of environment. Maybe I am just not the mothering kind. Who knows really.

But if I remain childless then that is fine, after all I do have my fur children anyway.

Love Me xxxx

P.S. Who is that doggie? That is Anneken my next door neighbours son\’s dog. He had a sore ear and had to go to the vet the other day, and he looks so darn cute with that bandage and collar, I just had to post him.



  1. Frank C said,

    Being a bit older than you and having gone through a lot of the same kinds of thinking as you I’d say your in a good place. You seem to have a fairly good friend in yourself. That generally comes through in most of your blogs. If one doesn’t have a good relationship with self I doubt they ever really make a very good partner to someone else since generally they are looking for something in the other they aren’t really willing to give themselves. Still there is something in relationships when they are between two balanced people who just enjoy one another’s company that does have a blessing as well. I’m with you live in the present and enjoy what life presents and take from it the joy’s that openness to the present give.

    One last thought I find chasing after something often pushes it away because our ego mind puts too much energy into telling us why we won’t get it. Feeling worthy of love invites more of it in. Not always in the form we expect but it’s there when we are open to it.

  2. Curtis said,

    dog looks like a satalite dish lol , my dog had to wear one with eye surgery- sound like you are gowing with the flow

  3. James T. said,

    That made a lot of sense. Thanx Frank.

  4. April said,

    Good for you Fluffy! You only ever see in the media the single women who are desperately searching, its nice to see happy independent gals who really ARE happy…

  5. reda ibrahim E said,

    nothing make me confused like that !!!!

  6. Sukkim Lama said,

    OH wonderful post with third brain.I love it. Thanks

  7. Anonymous said,

    Being a non-custodial father of three and having gone through one of the worse divorces out there. I totally concur with what you said. But the same time, I also would say that there is nothing in the world like watching your little ones grow up. Even if it is part time. 😉

  8. javad_mjrt said,

    what a nice post it was!
    I can imagine your life…

  9. neuroaster said,

    I certainly agree that ideally, “a child should come out of a loving relationship.”

    I think it’s great that you have found enough inner-peace to feel that “if I have a child great but if I don’t or can’t then that’s just the way it is” and “if I remain childless then that is fine.” I believe that the world needs more people who find the kind of inner-peace you seem to describe 🙂 It reminds me a lot of Luke 17 : 21 🙂

    Anneken is indeed a cute dog, and I do hope his ear gets better soon. I remember having a sore ear several years ago, and yeah that kinda thing sure sucks. (My spouse and I live in an apartment where no cats or dogs are allowed.)

    BTW: I did not think that your list of pros and cons of being-single in your previous post were “meanderings” of a “little mind.” On the contrary, I think you summed up a lot of the human condition very well 🙂 It would be an honor to be included in your online-community 🙂

  10. Boondock Saint said,

    When you are done… right now you’re having fun.. the urge is a natural one.. but you want to have one with some one that is going to be there.. My prediction is yes, but not for a while.. he will be close to your age..the baby will be to die for cute..

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