So shhhhhhh I have a secret to tell you….

May 17, 2008 at 6:47 pm (Uncategorized)


Truth is, I didn\’t like my new hair colour, I just felt it wasn\’t me.

I didn\’t feel it looked right with any of my clothes, or my glasses.

So this morning I dyed it again but this time its dark chocolate brown. YUM.

I like this much much better, softer than the black but still dark enough to go with my clothes and glasses.

What do you think?

Now be honest….

Love Me xxxxxxx




  1. Anonymous said,


  2. Anonymous said,

    U ALWAYS LOOK GOOD..MUAH…(((Fluffy)))00 god bless..

  3. Anonymous said,

    I must admit i love the purple you had in your hair, and also i love the beautiful chocolate black cover you have it to now. So maybe you should have black hair for most days and then some purple or red added in for dressing up on a fun night? Just a thought. You forget that true beauty flows from the heart and that you will always be beautiful. Though on a personal note, dark hair is best for you always, hugs to you sweet lady, Wes

  4. William J said,

    i like it better than the tequila sunrise, lol

  5. Anonymous said,

    i love it-the colour of your eyes aren’t lost now

  6. Anonymous said,

    You look great with your hair chocolate brown! To me, you look great whatever you do to your hair.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Hello! My name is Luong and i live in Viet Nam, I like your old and new hair colour. As for the old colour you look like Vietnamese, like beautiful girl in Viet Nam. As for the new colour, you are more beautiful. Thank you for the music, it is great. I love it…!!!

  8. yp_carla_florissant said,

    Hey fluffy girl whats up?? How have you been??? Yes I think your hair color chocolate brown is much better than you last color…. It looks much more natural.. (Right on girl)And the songs are ttyl Keep up your good looks girl….
    We all have too ya know………. Carla

  9. April said,

    Yep..that colour works better, a good alternative to the black.

  10. Bowzer said,

    The dark chocolate brown is YUMMY. I’m melting…. : )

  11. Queen of West Majinney said,

    Hey, there, Fluff. From a professional hair designer and colorist of over 30 years, stick with the chocolate brown for a while. It is very flattering to your skin tone and eye colour. From the artistic, crazy side of me, go for gusto once in a while and have fun, it’s only hair.

  12. JD said,

    Looking good & cool funny guy

  13. Curtis said,

    wow still looks great

  14. Anonymous said,

    You and your hair are “HOT”, I bet it looks fantastic in the moonlight as it dance’s upon your hair at night.

  15. Gerard Singh said,

    I know, I had the same trouble deciding on hair color before … now I just go with colorless LOL ;o)

  16. Anonymous said,

    I like your hair color.
    Mine is two toned (salt and pepper).

  17. Anonymous said,

    I like your hair color.
    Mine is two toned (salt and pepper).

  18. Anonymous said,

    I like your hair color.
    Mine is two toned (salt and pepper).

  19. neuroaster said,

    I’m a big fan of chocolate myself 🙂 Mmm mmm good 🙂

  20. joseph said,

    The color of your hair may be important to you, but it is not important to others. In the looks department you have little to worry about. Whatever color your hair is is ok with me!
    joe 🙂

  21. Anonymous said,

    There’s something about a natural brunette……

  22. Anonymous said,

    i like you sweat

  23. Anonymous said,

    Madam clothes are very overrated any way…. Cad is sure you would look very pretty what ever your hair colour….

  24. Anonymous said,

    it’s great

  25. Anonymous said,

    what ever color your hair babe you’re a beaut & I really like the music

  26. Anonymous said,


  27. Skylark said,

    Just passing thru.
    I like your color it looks natural. Very pretty.
    Have a Wonder~full day!

  28. Anonymous said,

    i love it hun hugsss

  29. Jeff said,

    You look great no matter what your hair color is.

  30. Scott Lynch said,

    you look damn fine to me and im in uk lol

  31. Anonymous said,

    go blond bleach blond !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous said,

    go blond bleach blond !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Margo said,

    You are very cute.

  34. ๑M♥}{$♥๑ said,

    I think this color makes u so beauty & cute. belive it!

  35. le renard said,

    Very nice indeed

  36. Anonymous said,

    well, this is my first visit, my immediate reaction is WOW, you look pretty terrific to me, can’t see any room for improvement. Take care and be safe Xx

  37. txrattlesnake33097 said,

    I like it, it good,with those red rimmed glasses,
    an your dark hair!!!!!!!!!!, u look HOTTTTTTTTT, an very sultry

  38. B.Armstrong said,

    You look awsome,I hav’nt seen you before, but I assure you do look fab. Yummm!

  39. Boondock Saint said,

    I don’t think you could screw up your looks if you shaved your head…true beauty, though you possess a high degree of physical beauty.. what you have comes mostly from inside of you.. even the camera captures it easily…

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