Whats new pussycat…

April 25, 2008 at 12:59 am (Uncategorized)


Well, nothing new to tell the truth.

Today is ANZAC day here in Australia and New Zealand and so its a public holiday.

I must say I don\’t get into the ANZAC day thing really. Perhaps its because I am only a first generation Australian from European parents so don\’t have that connection with the ANZAC\’s.

Totally changing the subject, lately I have been having yoghurt and Special K for breakfast and Fluffybutt enjoys this so much. Every morning in the kitchen she circles me waiting impatiently for the important opening of the yoghurt.

After I empty most of the yoghurt onto my cereal, I hold the container so she can lick as much as she can, then whatever she can\’t get to with her tongue I get out with a little spoon and she licks that. She just loves yoghurt, cream, milk and ice-cream. I don\’t give her too much because it probably isn\’t that good for her. Sometimes I will buy her special cat milk, and she loves that but it is very expensive and she goes through it so fast, she is such a little foodie.

If I am eating ANYTHING and I mean anything she will want to try it. She also loves potato chips/crisps, salty rice crackers, other crunchy salty things and ham, oh and cake! But I never give her chocolate because I have heard that can make cats and dogs sick.

She is such a spoilt girl.

Truffles on the other hand isn\’t very interested in my food, except for ham or raw meat, she goes nuts over raw meat.

So I know another cat ramble, I am sorry. But they do amuse me with their funny little ways and they are such lovely girls.

Take care everyone.


Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Happy Easter to all those Russians out there!



  1. jackaloopa said,

    i adore that thumb ring! oh i know i should comment on the actual blog – but i do love that ring!

  2. Renegade said,

    Fluffybutt looks so adorable eating the yoghart.:) I had a dog that loved to lick the yoghart cup when I finished. I always left him a little in the bottom.
    I agree about the thumb ring also very nice. 🙂

  3. Anonymous said,

    Fluffybutt is such a cutey pie, my doggie loves yogurt and pepperami sausage sticks which is good as the garlic prevents fleas and since flora has being having the small sized sticks everyday day she’s never had an infestation. I can’t stand using chemicals on my doggie, if I can find an alternative i always use it. Love and peaceXXX

  4. Scribbler Girl said,

    darling ol fluffy! so sweet and funny! I thought at first that was a tatto on your thumb! I am going to click it bigger now because you have beautiful hands and I’d love to draw them. Thanks for being sweet to animals, AND TO ME TOO! yo Peace out, all ya’ll yogurt lovliers!

  5. Anonymous said,

    i know you mean well…..but the politically correct term is Eastern Orthodox….Greeks …..Russians….several Middle Eastern Arab Communities also….regardless….thank you.

    christos anesti= the Christ is risen..the reply is
    alethos anesti= it is truth He is risen…well thats what the Greeks say…..be well….PS my two cat friends who live with me were on death row as they were deemed feral.and were 6 months old..bullshit said I…they are just scared shitless…and I adopted them …they are peach and white in color…very high I.Q.’s…yin and yang are now living in peace warmth clean water and good food….and I beleive they will always be shy…with other people…and I know in their short span of life before me …they were hit…cause if i pick up a broom to sweep they flee in fear…when i stop sweeping …they come back out again….no one will ever hit them again…ciao bella…

  6. Anonymous said,

    Nice ring, nice cat…..nice evrything!

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