Its Crazy Doodle Time!!!! again……

April 20, 2008 at 2:00 am (Art, Doodles, Drawing) (, , )


Hi Everyone,

After so long you have probably forgotten all about crazy doodle time.

But here it is!

I did this doodle partly waiting for a lift to work and partly in our work social club meeting.

I kept getting told it would make a cool tattoo.

And I suppose it would.

Lately, I haven\’t really been myself. I have felt too happy to be sad and too sad to be happy.

Do you know what I mean?

I keep on telling myself I don\’t have that much to be sad about compared to so many other people.

I live in a place I love, I have a pretty good job, I have two beautiful pussycats, I have some great friends, I am healthy, I have no debts, I can do whatever I want whenever I want, I can have a messy house or a clean house, I can stay up late or sleep in and so many other things.

But I have no family anymore. I have no one close to share my life with. I am 45 and I haven\’t had children.

I don\’t have any money, but funnily enough this doesn\’t bother me too much because I am not a person that needs \”things\”. You know how some people need all the newest, biggest, best, designer label stuff, well, I don\’t. And it doesn\’t impress me that other people have that sort of stuff. I am just not interested in it. It just doesn\’t mean anything to me.

I do love books and have an extensive library, and I do love old, curious and unusual things although I don\’t have a lot of these things.

What I need and miss is someone to hug me. Someone to watch DVD\’s with, and go to the markets with, and just hang out with. Someone that is closer to me than my friends.

Oh well, hopefully someday someone will come along….. and then I will want to be alone again!


Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. William J said,

    cool icecream cone – well it is not like you can go trollin for a person like that, 2/3 of ’em are nuts and so ya gotta just stay the course because they are out there and you are a beautiful person

  2. Mary Ann Just Me Just As I Am said,

    good morning love the doodle,hang in there i have the same in my life no family,no one to share life with but i have an open mind and heart.great day!

  3. Mary Ann Just Me Just As I Am said,

    good morning love the doodle,hang in there i have the same in my life no family,no one to share life with but i have an open mind and heart.great day!

  4. Anonymous said,

    That is a very neat doodle, very artistic! As far as the rest of your blog? Me being a male, I am looking for the same thing. But then again, I have known very many married people who were also looking. Why is it when they find someone they start looking all over again? Something to think about…

    Since I am in the US, and it is nighttime here, I hope you have a very good day!

  5. Anonymous said,

    After looking at your doodle again, it reminds me of sperm circling around trying to find the female egg to fertilize. Were you subconsciously thinking about having a baby while doing this? Just curious…

  6. Anonymous said,

    Before I leave I must mention that I’m old, curious and unusual. LOL

  7. Anonymous said,

    Dear Fluffybutt,
    My name’s Jinny.I’m Vietnamese.I’m only 18 years old.And I have a long road ahead to understand why lonelyness is so depress.However I like your thought about life and money.I think so.I dont care about “the newest, biggest, best, designer label stuff”.I earn money for what I like such as: beautiful clothes that my mom never let me buy šŸ˜› ,or gifts for my friends and mom and my brother.To me,money is a means to happiness, not a means lead me to headache.I will back to your blog again and again.I like what you said.Have a nice day!!!

  8. Scribbler Girl said,

    Okay, first off I love your artwork peroid whether it is doodling or oil painting you are the bomb baby! now as far as being alone, I am much like you, I just want to say that If I didn’t have to cross that ocean well I’d take you to market, and we’d watch a dvd too! more than one! so hang in there…and don’t ever worry about the “age” thing,,,,it is nothing really,,, beauty comes with age I think… hey let’s go shop for those crazy gadgits! Kewl!

  9. Anonymous said,

    I know how you feel, I’ve only been living at my current place for 9months and I’m not very good at opening up to new people, this is why I joined 360. As to money, fortune and fame, all over rated and nothing but heartbreak, just look at celebritys lives like poor Britney. Has everything but money as they say “Cannot buy you love”, and as to watching Dvd’s my doggie loves to watch films on the laptop, her favourite film is of course is The Wizard of Oz.

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