Only one thing to say…

April 14, 2008 at 2:37 am (Engrish (Funny products and packaging)) ()




Love Me xxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    OWWWWWWWWW. Just the thought! OOOOWWWWWW

  2. William J said,

    good thing they put that warning on there, lol

  3. Anonymous said,

    THATS JUST CRUEL!!!!!! LOL And I second the Ouch!!! Now that will open your ol eyes!!hahhahahah (((U))))00 god bless..

  4. joseph said,

    Be careful what you ask for…you may live happily ever after.
    joe 🙂

  5. E.K.'S luv said,

    Fluffy you don’t probably remember me with your fan base following that you have. I wish I had that kind of readership going on,I have been with yahoo a good while not as long as you but long enough that I should have some reader fans if you will.I am glad you are popular, I hope you are taking advantage of that and profiting of it cause I know yahoo sure is.

  6. E.K.'S luv said,

    i hope that all is going well, I know sometime networks have their problems and they go down. But hopefully that don’t stop you from doing your blogs,surely you could go somewhere else and blog about what be on your mind. Haven’t been in touch cause I have multiple sites that I try to keep up.It is exhausting to get to all of them and post change pictures update backgrounds; videos; pictures;gadgets and a few I have Google ads that supposedly help to support if you have a wide readership or consistant traffic. Well, God bless till the next time I come by.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Dont get mad at it hugs always Jesse 🙂

  8. Scribbler Girl said,

    well that is what I always do with screwdrivers! i mean i insert them straight-way up there! then “twist” them a few turns…I do like to bend them first though,,,like maybe put them into a bicycle handbar or something with a hole in it, bend slightly at say 30 degrees or so,,,not a sharp bend but a curvy one, then just jab ’em up on in there like that! Am I not normal?

  9. Anonymous said,

    wow. really? what gave them the idea to put that sort of warning on them? lol, I guess some people will try anything

  10. Amir Rahimpour said,

    so where it is to be inserted? 😉

  11. Anonymous said,

    Inspiration for the song Twist and Shout.

  12. Hurdlekitten said,

    Hey Fluffy … LOL … I got the biggest kick out of this one! Too bad I couldn’t place that on some of my cycling shirts…

  13. Anonymous said,

    Ya know, I had the same feeling during the ‘Beans and weenie’ part of a movie once….

  14. Bowzer said,

    I’m crossing my legs over here!!!

  15. Anonymous said,

    Someone must have actually did it for them to put a warning like that on the package! Dang! LOL

  16. Anonymous said,

    ‘ave we gotton to that point already darling?

  17. Anonymous said,

    On a Sachs Dolmar chainsaw it says ” DO NOT USE ON GENITALS” (HAS THIS HAPPENED???!!) On Prep H it says “DO NOT EAT”.. the list goes on and on.. go figure. some one did some thing they shunna else it would not be on there!

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