Truffles and the tale of her mousey conquest

March 29, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Cats) ()


Last night I was sitting watching tv, getting ready to turn my lights out for an hour when all of a sudden I hear a yowling coming from my dining room.

I turned around and saw my little Truffles cat with a limp lifeless grey body hanging from her mouth.

So I got up and went into the dining room, she had taken the poor creature under the dining room table and was proudly displaying her kill to me.

Not really wanting a dead thing in my dining room I tried to get her away from it so I could throw it away.

But Truffles became like a beast, she conjured up her inner wild cat and was growling and hissing and did not want to give up her kill.

So what to do I thought. I called my neighbour, Ian, and asked him to come over and try to help me.

When he arrived Truffles became even worse but he did manage to at least chase her out onto the back deck with her dead thing.

There she stayed for the next hour, first of all tossing it high up in the air, trying to bring some life back into the poor thing so she could play with it for longer.

Then the meowing started, there she was looking at me through the glass doors, all I could see where her big eyes and this little wet mangled furry thing hanging from her mouth.

She looked so funny. But I said to her she wasn\’t coming inside with her prey.

Later it disappeared. Did she eat it or dispose of it else where in the backyard, who knows? I just hope I won\’t step on it when I am hanging out the washing.


Love Me xxxxxxx



  1. Bellemai said,

    lol@Truffles the great hunter!! I used to have a persian who had excellent manners: she would share. She’d kill the mouse, and leave you HALF. (talk about gross!!!) Once she left a half on my piano bench. That was a shock.

  2. Scribbler Girl said,

    Poor creature! I guess Turffs showed you! Hey she at least caught it…back when I had my misty before she died she was the hunter, and once she went out and brought a “mole” inside, let it loose alive!! that was a nightmare I tell you! I caought it and let loose back in his hole in front yard LOL
    at least she finally TOOK IT OUT! and not the other way around!…
    so you had company last night to help you?!!! I had to run around by myself after the thing! LOL

  3. Bowzer said,

    Typical cat, hmph! *dog walks off with snout in air, steps on dead mouse* Ewwwwwwwwww!

  4. Anonymous said,

    The great hunter brings you her trophy. May be she wanted it stuffed and mounted LOL. Very interesting story.

  5. Anonymous said,

    Thats how cats are they go nuts if they have something that is alive like my three cats if they catch a mouse or a rat they will fight over it until they are worn out or if one of them has the rat or mouse hides

  6. Anonymous said,

    Is that a dead tampon on the floor

  7. Anonymous said,

    i interested with you share photo please…

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