Here comes the grumpy old woman….

March 23, 2008 at 7:11 pm (Uncategorized)


Noise Regualations.

Noise regulations drive me a bit crazy truth be known.

For instance today is a public holiday, you would expect it to be nice and peaceful and quiet. But no, the people across the road mowed their lawn at 8am this morning, now the next door neighbour is using a circular saw.

I think that using powertools and mowing lawns etc should be banned on public holidays. Normal Saturdays and Sundays fine but public holidays, please let us at least have some peace and quiet.

The funny thing is the animal noise laws.

Your dog can only bark no more than 6 minutes in an hour on any given day between the hours of 7am to 10pm.

Yet if you have a powertool you can use this continually between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

Personally I would much rather hear a dog bark then listen to a lawn mower or power tool going for HOURS on a public holiday.

So, on one side of me a dog could be barking for more than 6 minutes in an hour and I could complain and the owner would have to pay a fine, but on my other side my neighbour could be doing ANYTHING using a powertool for 11 hours and I coudn\’t complain.

I\’m sorry but this doesn\’t make sense to me at all.

That\’s my rant for today…as you can tell, I am grumpy.

Probably because I got woken up BY SOMEONE MOWING THEIR LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    Aaaahhhh the joys of urban livingLOL. I do agree with you it does not make any sence with the law you have there.

  2. Anonymous said,

    i’ve got a feeling that on the other side of that mower noise or circular saw buzz is a spouse who won’t stop making noise about when the lawn is going to get mowed or when the who-zee-whats-it is going to get fixed.

    but really, i DO agree with you about the ‘certain hours of the day’ thing… you should throw the idea at your local town hall or something. i’d hate that. and personally i wouldn’t be able to stand the dog barking either!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Bylaws never do seem to much much sense, until they actually work FOR you, insrerad of against you. Being a “handyman” about the house, I find the only time available to work about the house is on weekends, moreso on sundays, after all the “other” chores and party are done. A solution may be to kill the dog with the circular saw? (ewww!)

  4. Bowzer said,

    LOL, a dog can only bark for six minutes an hour between the hours of 7am to 10pm??? Do they think we have time to tell the time? Can I really break off halfway through a doggie karaoke session to check my Rolex just in case I crossed the six minute-mark? What if I’m singing Barkhemian Rhapsody, that’s 7 mins plus! In the meantime, if that pesky neighbour does any more mowing, let me know, I will tunnel my way under his fence and dig up his lawn, bwa ha ha!

  5. yp_carla_florissant said,

    Lets face it Fluffy, We all like sex depressed or not…. lol

  6. Anonymous said,

    And who is the “doggy police” that time dogs barking. Interesting job, where do I apply?

  7. William J said,

    well u were bound to get grumpy sooner or later, lmao and i totally agree with your reasoning

  8. Lisa said,

    I like your new cut. Im thinking of doing the same. As far as the noise laws, I have the same thing here. When I moved here to my brand new home I was so happy to be able to sleep with the windows open in the spring. Then the construction began next door every Saturday morning at 7am. That was my prize! All my years of hard work earned me a Saturday sleep in until 9 or until a gentle breeze went across my face. Not to mention that said house was completed, neighbor moved in and immediately put me on her hate list and lets her dog bark on the deck for the legal limit and pee on my mailbox. I usually let these things roll off my back but I have my days that I want to do naked pilates in the sunroom. That just might get a for sale sign in their front yard!

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