What is a friend?

March 1, 2008 at 4:03 pm (Engrish (Funny products and packaging)) ()


Well according to my DancHoo Classic notebook….A single soul dwelling in two babies.

Huh! WTF does that mean?

Anyone got any ideas?

Happy Sunday,


Love Me xxxxxxx



  1. Bowzer said,

    LOL, and don’t forget – “Friendship is love. Without his wings”! Is there a wingless Cupid walking around? Does he take the bus? And isn’t it a dead giveaway to be strolling around at ground level in a giant diaper with a bow and arrow in your hand? You completely lose the advantage of aerial surprise!

  2. Scribbler Girl said,

    Oh it is an old and deep myth that this originates from perhaps…in different forms historically it is common belief that one soul splits then we search our whole life to find our other half. Just a guess but it seems like maybe the translation form eastern country has fallen to the wayside into the confusion! so one soul between two babies to me means that there was a seperation before birth…(there is a whole “greek” mythology I think about this, “dameon” i think is what it is called, I may be wrong though…but the church purposely misconstrued it into “demon”…it has been a while since I studied details deeply but i have…
    a nice evening to you…I hope you are smiling…I am doing okay…thinking about going for night hike…(it is about 10pm here) take care you!

  3. Anonymous said,

    What is a friend? A friend is a person who leaves a COMMENT. Thanks Fluffybutt!

  4. vickie_bowie said,

    “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Aristotle

  5. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    I agree with Depster… I also heard about this mythologie.. that man and woman have been together one soul one body than they are separated into two by a lightning and both souls search one another whole life long and during all ages. Soulmates?

  6. Anonymous said,

    I like all the answers on your blog comments, Come check out my blog.

  7. Anonymous said,

    well I think off the top of my head is that the babies represent the inocents of the start of a friendship because it takes two people to be friends and if you remember how you feel when you have a friend at the very beginning it can be very spontanious. babies love to be nurchered and that what friendship does between two people. Just my observation. sometimes losing a true friend hurts more then losing your wife(in divorce) because don’t we strive that our girlfriend or wife be as connected as our true friend. and true love will explode for all.

  8. Kadee said,

    Hehe. I think they are trying to say: A friend is someone who has everything you want in a friend. ;D

    Which isn’t always true because a friend is a person who you wouldn’t look for but have come to you.

  9. Nigel B said,

    Well, as a classic pagan also now married to another pagan, friendship is akin to love and true lover is found when one finds one’s soulmate. This is indicated by an electric joining of two when they touch and is the half of the soul that is lost during the transition to birth. A transient soul splits and gives life to two shells (bodies) at time of birth (not necessarily the same time) and one day these two halves may once again meet and form soul mates. This happened when I met my wife and we are perfect partners and a perfect match. hope this explains it a little.


  10. Anonymous said,

    Friendship is when i’m here and you’re there, its some kinda mutual thing. Hehehehe! Thanks for being a friend to me.

  11. Anonymous said,

    I think a friend is who can share your happiness and sadness.

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