Today Something Much Cuter….

February 29, 2008 at 3:38 pm (Cats) ()


Fluffybutt\’s new special place. This is where she likes to sit in the evenings if she can\’t sit on my lap.

Makes it a little hard to use the computer!

But she looks so cute sitting there.

She is really a funny cat. She can be ever so grumpy but then ever so affectionate.

Truffles on the other hand is not affectionate at all, although I wish she was.

She will sleep at the foot of my bed or next to me but she hardly ever purrs, and she doesn\’t like to be petted too much.

Fluffybutt on the other hand loves to be petted and purrs like crazy and likes to sleep on me.

Funny the way they just have their own strange little personalities.

I guess that is why I love them so much and they are so special to me.

Anyway they are always there. I am thankful for that.

Love Me xxxxxxxx



  1. William J said,

    gr8 stuff!

  2. Anonymous said,

    wow..You really loves your cat. ^^ she is beautiful like you..^^….Hope so you have a lovely weekend. Certainly with your lovely cat

  3. Anonymous said,

    I think she likes your computer cause it’s warm 🙂

  4. Bowzer said,

    “I will waitz till da laydee sleepz, den continyew my planz for werld domi nay shun”

  5. Anonymous said,

    So cute and cumfy there

  6. Anonymous said,

    So cute and cumfy there

  7. Anonymous said,

    your cat is so cute, i love cats very much especially black cat, i love holding and sleeping with my cat(^.^)

  8. Anonymous said,

    ha ha ha ha

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