Tell me how much more can I take?????

February 28, 2008 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

If you regular readers of my blog, you may know of the troubles I have been having with my family over my mother’s will.

In short, after she had her stroke she made a will leaving me her house, primarilly because I had promised to give up my job and care for her if necessary so she need not go to a nursing home.

My brother and my sisters were very upset about this and I have been embroiled in fighting with them for two years.

BUT today I found out that their lawyer did a dodgy thing!

They applied to the Supreme Court to have my mother’s will overturned and DID NOT notify my lawyer of this!!!!!

So the Court granted letters of administration to my sisters and now they are in charge of selling the house and dividing it up between the four of us.

They did all this without even notifying ME (an executor of the will) or my lawyers.

They did this deliberately over the Xmas holidays because they knew I would fight it.

Now my lawyer has to apply to get this decision reversed and we may have to go to court to fight this.

I cannot believe my family did this behind my back.

This is a low underhanded act.

I am very upset.




  1. Bowzer said,

    Gosh, I’m amazed that legally they could even do that without your permission. You’re right, it was a low, low underhanded act. If it does go to court (and with all the time and expense) I’m hoping you will win!

  2. sharon said,

    the rudest thing is that people are so money hungry. it is just a fight to see who can win – where is the humanity in that? sucks what they did behind your back … family united only by blood – everything else is fair game … what a hoax. Keep your chin up … see the reality … they want money … thats it. sucks. i cannot see how they can “legally” do that behind your back though … but where money is to be made – then games are there to be played … hugs to you … keep strong.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Wow, I am so sorry. I have always been thankful my parents left nothing more than a few thousand dollars behind; I didn’t want to make money from their death. It’s been 10 years since Dad passed, and 8 years since Mom followed and I would still give all to have had their wisdom and support all this time. I couldn’t imagine my brother’s doing something so nasty to me. My heart goes out to You.

  4. Curtis said,

    i just finished my parents estate, got a little nasty but nothing like that, sounds like your legal system is like ours , screwed up ,only ones making out will be the lawyers

  5. Anonymous said,

    Dear Fluffy, I am a new Blogger and I could not resist adding a comment. I too am from a family with not an exact replica situation.But as you are experiencing,we are a family of three brothers who came to Australia,with a view to starting our own business.Any way I will send you an email later as the scenario is so intriguing that it won’t fit into this segment. For money some people will do anything,It is definitely not on for their lawyer to do what he did .he would have to contact you,the court set a hearing date & there is no way they could have sold the property without your knowledge.
    Be careful of how you go about it but there would have been false documents or fraudulent use of records involved to obtain a court order to grant them the permission to sell the property.Be vey aware and I do hope you have a good attentive lawyer who will pay close mind to detail. The courts everywhere are the same they only dot the is & cross the ts,there is no room for personal feelings or honesty anymore as I found out to my dismay. It has cost me my ability to work for about 6 years with the hurt & confidence loss, a Divorce & now all of them have ganged up against me to further insult.I am sorry for your predicament although it is not the same I do know how you must feel.Go about it very carefully & if they have done what they did be vey careful about your safety too.Very easy to arrange car accidents & other types, I will include you in my prayer list is what I call it for the helpless the downtrodden.Legally there is no way they could have done that so be prepared for the worst.I feel for you.Be Brave and Be Strong.Regards, Pete.

  6. Anonymous said,

    That realy sucks. But it goes to my fathers saying – “where there is money there is no bounds to the trechery of some family member”. You have every right to be upset and angery. I do hope all works out for the best for you.

  7. Anonymous said,

    i am so sorry you’re having to continually go thru all of this and, yes, sadly family members tend to be the most ruthless of people. when my father died, there was no will. my sister and her family had been living off my parents (in my parents’ house) for years. her oldest daughter has CP, so my brother and i wanted the house in a trust, with our niece having tenant for life rights (which would also allow my sister, her husband (who doesn’t work) and her other to children a place to live as well)…so, as if having an entire, completely furnished house to live in right down to spoons, forks, towels, fully furnished, paintings on the walls, etc, wasn’t enough..she claimed every photo, piece of jewerly, all my daddy’s hunting stuff-everything…all i wanted out of the house were the 16mm films my mother took of me learning to walk (which was before my sis and brother were born)…i didn’t get anything
    yes, it’s horrible what family does to each other

  8. Anonymous said,

    Aww that is really terrible.I come from a large family(9 of us when my folks past)My pop”s will said share an share alike.The reasons they did this appear nothing more than jealousy.We can only be hurt by the ones we let close.Do what you feel is right my friend.If it was me I would inform them how their underhanded ways have hurt me.And tell them thanks for the faith they showed in you.Hon, life is to short to fret over material and other peoples abuses.Be at peace that your Mom knew you were there for her.Unfortuately the truth of things is we can pick our friends but not our family.You are bigger than this.(((Fluffy)))00 god bless and may the light of the lord show you the way.

  9. Anonymous said,

    That’s really suckie. I’m sorry that the relationships between you & your sibs is so rotten. My maternal unit is recently diagnosed w/ Alzheimer. This prclude to the final demise has shown me where each of us sibs are maturity wise. Both of my sisters & I are on the same page as far as the ‘goodies’ go…but ‘brother-dearest’ is going to be the problem child, and I do say child, as he has been a selfish so-and-so his entire life & we do;t look for that to change any time soon! The long & short is, as we are grown and as we mature, the real quality of love emerges, or not, according to what our parents began and each of us individually continues. My heart goes out to you. Yes, we choose our friends, but not our family. . /Trudy

  10. Babydoll said,

    That’s horrible! With Family like that….keep the faith, and hang in there.

  11. Scribbler Girl said,

    Hey You! Don’t Give UP! I know this is a horrible time, but courts take into consideration personal care etc… YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO THAT PROPERTY and I want you to be positive! Keep your strength and fortitude about you! If you need me I am here, (you know that full well) and just remember all the things I have went through,,,not the same yeah, but recent deaths, seperations, breakups, misfortune! IT IS LIFE! when we sit foot in this world from the get-go we face the world of opposites, a world with strife and woe, from day one! Life is a series of bad things no doubt! But what make us strong are who we are, and part of that is our friends! Count your blessings, then fight the good fight you! (PS> sounds like your siblings need some instruction on how to be decent and NICE people…funny things what $ does…I have seen it myself and will go throgh the same here no doubt! I send Love,and all good things to you! please don’t worry! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  12. William J said,

    man, that blows my mind! hang-in! u should have a right to know what they are doing in a case like that. xo, btw

  13. graham m said,

    i know how you feel been there done that when my father died

  14. Anonymous said,

    how ROTTEN of your family. Well you may know the old saying, “Rotten family are the reason we have best friends”. I hope it all works out for the best, and please don’t be angry at your family after the situation is resolved legally — you dont need the baggage, and you’ll want to enjoy your house and be happy, and anyways, what goes around comes around and sooner or later, they will get what they deserve! Life is funny that way 🙂 🙂

  15. Sharonshine};- said,

    Hi you dont know me but your page was in the “interesting pages on 360” today,,,,I’m sorry to hear that your family would disreguard your mothers wishes and just toss them away as they did. She will have the last word Hunny you just stand your ground, be strong and fight for her words to be heard and honored!!! your blogs are very interesting you have a talent for it gurl. I would enjoy visiting your page again. I am new to the 360 world and my page is quiet boring at the moment, lol how ever I am creative and once I figure it all out i’ll learn to post like the best of em. Take care and best of luck to you in your battle. Sharon

  16. Anonymous said,

    I can’t see how that’s legal. I’m sure it can be overturned. Best of luck to you 🙂

  17. Anonymous said,

    Best of luck to you. I understand both through my own experiences after my father’s death and seeing many others go through this. It is true family can hurt you the most.

  18. Anonymous said,

    OMG!!! How awful. 😦 I’m so sorry you are going through this. It neverfails to sicken me at what family can do to each other after a death or during a serious illness. It’s as if they lose their minds and revert to their most base behavior.

    I do hope your lawyers can do something. What they have done is very dodgey at best and possibly illegal. Some lawyers have no scruples and bend the law to their whim.

    Best wishes to you, we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers here.

  19. Chooch said,

    Sri 4 ur loss. My sister & I lost our parents only one year apart. I was out to sea for my dad’s in 98, tuk the Navy way 2 long 2 send me home. My sister & I banded w/r mom to help her. Year later we were helping her thru a struggle w/cancer and PML which tuk her… At the end I had no more emergency leave left, I had to return to the Navy, so we called the hospice nurse to help my sister. The nurse cud not believe we had taken care of her for so long as she had seen most children give up when their parents lost bodily functions and require total care. We both figured that she had seen us thru our baby ways and the circle had gone full cycle. We cud not abandon our love. So when i HAD 2 leave, that morning in the room we had all grown to love cuz it had been my autistic nephew’s learning room, where we brought our mother during her illness, her eyes open lukn up at the ceiling I whispered a song by Mullen, the wrds: “Everything’s gonna b alright, rock-a-by, rock-a-by…”, i have to go and you hav to go to Dad. I kissed her gudbye, saw a tear fm her eyes making me feel she still understood me even w/her loss of motor skills and I left to SanDiego. The next day, New Years, she died. The thing that made any of this easier for myself and my sister was knowing that love was between all of us. It was never a word, a saying overused. We all said it regularly and it never became complacent. I’m not a Catholic anymore, nor a preacher of ideals. But, I feel uv done exactly what a true soul shud, luk after a dear soul during her last days. Remember that while these other “assholes” try to deter from that. I have been wronged in the past and with years of experience I sit at times still wondering the different feelings between vengeance and forgiveness. Which one lightens the heart? Which wud make me feel better? Wud the suffering of those who have made me suffer achieve anything? I think it’s different for many people. It is something u have to consider urself. Please do not let them get away w/it tho (sri thats my feeling) There are certain things ur lawyer shud b able to do, depending upon ur location. I wont get into lawyer stuff tho and dishearten my words thus far. keep me infod if u cud and I will gladly pass on the feelings of an ole Vermont villager, vet, friend of sorts…Chris

  20. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    It is astonishing, that they are able to do this, without asking you. Usually I think it is not possible, all have to agree. Maybe they can order that you have to pay them out for the house or if you cannot or they do not agree about the money they will get they can order a public sale. But I only know about German rules. But to do something without asking all… I am sure, this is not possible at all. I keep my fingers cross, that all leed to a positive end to you. Sometimes family can be the greatest enemy

  21. Demahom D said,

    je suis un noveau menbre c’est un message d’essai merci de l’avoir accepter

  22. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    The fighting over money really leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. Whn my Dad died last summer the three of us kids reminded each other that if we have no expectaions there will be no disappointments.

  23. Anonymous said,

    In general, most people are greedy. That is what they have been conditioned to be-Like lambs led to the slaughter,unaware of what thier actions will cost them in the end.It just seems to hurt more when your family turns out to be the greediest of all.Human beings can always be relied upon to assert with vigor, thier God-given right to be stupid. “Isn’t it a pity, isn’t it a shame,how we break each other’s heart,and cause each other pain….”-George Harrison

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