Too Bloody Hot….

February 23, 2008 at 12:14 am (Uncategorized)


40 degrees Celcius or that is 104 degrees in Farenheit!!!!

Way too hot!!!!

So where did everyone go?

Wherever there was water or air-conditioning.

Lucky I have air at home, so it wasn\’t too bad for me.

Hope its cooler tomorrow. Phew!


Love Me xxxxx



  1. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    in Germany it is pretty warm too, yesterday 15 degrees, today more and tomorrow they say 19 .. and this end of february…. we still have winter and in our city, they open the garden cafe season, people wear t-shirts …
    but 40 degrees… poor Fluffy… i do not like when it is so hot.. to this time I stay inside even we do not have aircondition, it is not usual in private homes here … relax with a cup of icecream and maybe a jump into the swimming pool or the sea….

  2. Gerard Singh said,

    Ha ha ha ha … hey, according to some realiable sources in COOLER places … they’d take the HEAT over the COLD anyday ;o)

  3. Bowzer said,

    Wow, that’s about 8-10 degrees C hotter than it is here! Drink lots of water, it helps – I awlays feel worn out when I’m dehydrated!

  4. Curtis said,

    they keep talking about global warming, we are in winter, but spring like conditions, hope your 104 is not a sign of things to come this summer

  5. William J said,

    as long as the cats are cool

  6. Anonymous said,

    Well, I am enjoying Winter this year. It’s funny to hear all of the people at the office whine and complain. Six months from now they will be longing for Winter again!

  7. April said,

    Sheesh..come to Melbourne for a bit of relief hun…lol…and keep your salt levels up too, always helps to cope with the heat when you are drinking so much more fluid..

  8. Anonymous said,

    35 to 45 here in Sacramento during our summer is usually the norm but I am guessing that along with the heat there, there is also moisture. Not so here and in places like Las Vegas and Phoenix, 49 to 52 is standard. Brutal! So now you know why the folks in Vegas play at night and sleep during the day. Well maybe not.

    Ken is painfully right too. When it rains here, yes it rains in California, people long for the summer and when its WAY to hot, the long for the cooler tempuratures but forget that it is supposed to rain and snow in the winter.

    Take care of yourself and stay cool, dear. Melting is not good for anyone.

  9. Anonymous said,

    I wish it was summer time here. Ok so its a little warm but hey its better than the cold, cough, sinus and flu season in Tennessee lately.

    Enjoy your summer, hugs, Wes

  10. Anonymous said,

    Fluffybutt, I wish it was 104 here in Los Angeles. It has been cold here, 40’s-low 60’s. I want my warm weather back.

  11. Scribbler Girl said,

    Should I get out my swim-trunks then? Wish we could trade weather for a few… Truffs was sweet! Did Fluffybutt make it in for dinner yesterday? Which reminds me, I may make fluffernutter sandwich here later, after a night hike…I would send half one to you but it’d melt perhaps when it got downunda 🙂

  12. Anonymous said,

    That is a bit warm – Keep cool – Nice Photo, that is definately one way to cool off.

  13. Anonymous said,

    Its indeed hot in the tropical zone lately though in the last couple of weeks ago, the night breeze is cold. Malling is one place where i can indulge myself in window shopping and ice creams.

  14. Anonymous said,

    Okay…get either the spare room or a place on the porch prepared. I’m taking the first flight I can get to the ‘down under’! Am too tired of winter right now in Lousiana…we are all warm weatehr birds down here. Forget this cold weather !

  15. Anonymous said,

    wishing it was warmer here. we are getting another snow storm. I’d love a day of really warm weather to melt this snow before getting more.

  16. Anonymous said,

    I can sympathize with you on the heat. It was 116 f when we hiked the Grand Canyon last August. I never drank so much water in my life. lol
    Stay cool your autumn is right around the corner.

  17. *Walmie* said,

    never happy you Aussies LOL

  18. Anonymous said,

    hi can we pe frend

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