Funny Product No 2

February 12, 2008 at 1:53 am (Engrish (Funny products and packaging)) ()


Beautiful Nose?

Ladies do you desire a beautiful nose? Apparently wearing this device will not only enhance the look of your nose but fill it with happiness.

I know I would like a nose filled with happiness.

And the fact that it is anti-germ and stink-proof is even more of a reason to wear it while driving the car, watching tv and sleeping.

Because who knows when those naughty germs and stinks are going to sneak up on you.

I don\’t know about you but I will be wearing mine from now on.

Love Me xxxxx



  1. Bowzer said,

    I thought there was only one way one getting happiness through your nose, but this completely legal! If there’s one in dog size, please send it over, I too wand doo endance der dook of my dose…*help, I can’t breathe…*

  2. Anonymous said,

    Ahhhh yes and if you run shot of close pins it doubles as one of them LOL.

  3. Anonymous said,

    LOL – reading the package – obviously not written by someone with a strong command of the English language. “er er” hehehe

  4. Scribbler Girl said,

    Hey where do you go shopping at to find these “amazing” “Revolutionary” “Scientific Breakthrough” Ripp-off gifts? LOL Because I tell you, I think me and you would have fun shopping sounds like your sense of humor is like mine, (a tad absurd) I LOVE IT POST MORE< BRAVO! BRAVO! I give it "Two thumbs up" which i don't normally do…

  5. Curtis said,

    glad thats for women lol

  6. Kylie said,

    ROFL Sorry for invading your blog but that’s just too funny.

  7. Anonymous said,

    A $1.20!? It better work……of course, I COULD just shower…..
    Does it work on broken noses?

  8. William J said,

    i have been using a plain clothespin all this time, but lmao

  9. Frank C said,

    Looking forward to seeing future photo’s of you with it then. (Just stirring a little)
    Always glad to see your humor (or is it feel/sense).

  10. Till I Sing said,

    it looks like medieval torture thingy. That is going nowhere near my nose

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