My Crazy Fluffybutt…

January 12, 2008 at 11:51 pm (Cats) ()


Just after xmas my friend Pam took me out to my mother\’s old house so I could collect some things from there I had left behind.

I brought back the things in a polystyrene box.

I put the box down just inside my front door on my big theatrical trunk and left it there for a few days.

Well, Fluffybutt decided she was going to be a sculptor and started biting off big hunks and spitting them all around.

Every time I tried to clean up the bits, she would bite me, so I left everything there for a couple of weeks.

Finally she had wittled it down to only the base of the box!

So here she is when she first started and then a bit down the track.

I have videos of her actually in the act so I will put together a little movie and post it in the near future.

She will also do the same thing with paper, straw hats, sticks and cardboard

We used to joke about hiring her out to the government so she could shred confidential documents for a living. hahaha

Oh and don\’t worry about her. I don\’t think she swallowed much of it, she is fine and I finally threw it away when she wasn\’t looking!

Love Me xxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. ☯Bassplyr5150™ said,

    Cats are funny like that. Cute, though.

  2. William J said,

    totally excellent!

  3. Anonymous said,

    That’s funny, can’t wait for the video.

  4. JD said,

    You know ya can’t mess with the cats when they are doing business, cool post Fluffy.
    Oh yeah Floyd is OK but he has developed a killer instinct now , so when I pat him he purrs & smooches, then he switches to a full on attack,I have adopted a few bull fighting moves but have been gouged a few times now, so the sport in this place at the moment is runnig with the Floyd ,much faster sport than running with the bulls,but if i’m not careful I could be running with no balls.
    Rock on girl 😉

  5. Anonymous said,

    We have chihuahua puppies that like to shred things too. If they are asleep and you try to move them they will growl and snap at you. Animals are so temperamental.

  6. Anonymous said,

    Lol…I’m a puppy midwife. Delivered 9 pups while a friend of mine was going to see her son. No Worries. They want real food now at 3 weeks. Wow. My Moon shine is just fine. She is getting spayed very soon. Praise the lord. Cant feed more.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Funny AND cute! The ways they amuse us and themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Claudiu H said,

  9. Claudiu H said,

  10. Claudiu H said,

    Esti o dulce! Incearca sa traduci in limba romana. M-au trecut mii de fiori la prima vedere. Mi se intampla foarte rar.

  11. Anonymous said,

  12. Anonymous said,

    hello my name is tolga turkey

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