A request from my friend Mike…

December 2, 2007 at 4:17 pm (Uncategorized)


for all of you that don’t live in Australia or have never been here to let you know what it is like here over Xmas.

Well for a start it is summer here so its very hot and humid.

As I live in the north of Australia its very tropical.

We have lots of thunderstorms, lightning and hail, blackouts and storm damage. The photograph is a storm that happened here in October this year.

Usually on Xmas day we are all swealtering, and sweating it out unless you are lucky enough to either have air conditioning or be somewhere where you can get cool.

Needless to say we don\’t usually have hot food on Xmas day (unless its a bbq), but usually do have, seafood, prawns, crab, cold meats and lots of salad and stone fruit which are in season here.

My favourites are cherries, mangos, apricots, plums just to name a few.

I have yet to experience a white Xmas. I imagine it would be beautiful but I suppose I have an idealised impression of it due to all those Xmas movies.

It never really gets cold here, even in winter which is in June/July. We may have a couple of quite cold nights in winter but I rarely need to wear a jumper in winter during the day.

It certainly doesn\’t snow where I live although it does snow in some southern parts of Australia.

So that is what it is like where I live over Xmas.

Love Me xxxxx



  1. William J said,

    got it! omg so santa arrives on a surfboard

  2. Anonymous said,

    Oddest thing to get use to when I lived in Alice was the Christmas in summer, but Santa did have a red suit, just not made out of wool.

  3. Anonymous said,

    I knew it was your summer. Thanks for letting us know about the weather over there.

  4. Anonymous said,

    Usually it doesn’t snow here until sometime after Xmas, and I can’t remember a white Xmas in a long time. It’s become tradition for me to NOT get the Xmas spirit until sometime in January when it does snow. Guess it’s out the window this year 🙂

  5. ______ said,

    that deep… very good work

  6. Jackie said,

    I sometimes think it would be wonderful to not have snow, it’s snowing where I am right now, but I guess I would miss it if it was hot all the time where I lived. I live in Boston, MA, USA and I have all four seasons which can be nice, but it seems winters last the longest. Nice blog.

  7. Anonymous said,

    its very different from Saigon and Australia, now in Saigon, the weather is wet, a litle cold. I love Xmas in Saigon.

  8. Anonymous said,

    Hey why are all of you focusing on OUR Weather ?
    I just viewed a quick funny 1 .03 second video called ‘The Window Washer’ – which probably best describes what our men wear here in Summer.
    Fluffy I actually thought that man had a genetic problem at first but now know that he likes to keep his little pussy very close.lol

    I’m falling off my chair back here at how polite everyone is about Xmas.
    What about You Tube all of you guys and gals.
    L Mich.

  9. April said,

    A few years ago I was visiting friends who had emigrated to Australia from England when their son was still a baby, and we were standing around the bbq one December night…their son (then 12) sniffed the air and said Ohhhh..mmm..bbq’s!..smells like Christmas! Thats when they realised their son would never see Xmas as they had as kids..

  10. *Walmie* said,

    well here we havent had a snowy christmas in many yrs its usually mild around 10 to 13C but wet. love to have a christmas over there and who knows many be next yr

  11. Anonymous said,

    in our neighboring state right now there are 600,000 people without power and 13 people (so far) died to to winter precipitation. They live in Oklahoma. White Christmases arent all they are cracked up to be, although I do like a bit of snow. We have yet to see any though.

  12. Dee said,

    m m m m m m merri X mas av a fruit punch on me LoL

  13. Frank C said,

    Having experienced Christmas in the snow and in the sun I can only say the romantic movie version is more memory than actuality. Nothing worse than having to dig one’s self out of one’s house in winter while half frozen trying to keep from being frostbitten. Guess it was a blessing the snow storms were usually just before or more often after Christmas. Remember once a three day stint without sleep helping stranded travelers caught on the highways in one storm. The blessings came from the helping so guess even within the storm there is much to appreciate.

  14. Anonymous said,

    As I see , you have beautifull thunderstorms where you live . Where I live , there is snow every winter , and it is possible it stays for a month or more . Actually we are waiting for snow , long time cold rain has been follwed by icecold temperatures, and it could happen we’ll have white christmas . Have a good bowl of seafood and a cup of brillant chablis !

  15. Zhikiru said,

    i truly love this photo!

    i have been trying for years to capture a lightning photo that was THIS dramatic. so, seeing this one gives me hope that it’s still possible to achieve. (smile)

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