More Possum Antics

November 10, 2007 at 2:01 am (Uncategorized)


Well, I was just telling you about the different possums we have here when at about 12.30pm the other night I heard some scratching.

I was in bed and I thought the noise was in the house. So I got up and had a look around but couldn\’t see anything. My cats weren\’t running amok.

I went back to bed.

Again I heard scratching.

I got up and went to the front door and saw something drop past the window.

I opened up the front door and there on the railing was a Brushtail possum. Much bigger than the Ringtails from the other night.

It was looking right at me and as I talked to it, it tilted its head and took a few steps forward.

I had to go get my camera and take a photo of it.

So here it is. It didn\’t like the flash very much so took off pretty much as soon as I took the first photo.

But it was adorable.

I hope you like it too.


Love Me xxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    WOW! Can I come visit? LOL The US Opossums are pretty boring, even if they are marsupials.

  2. Anonymous said,

    We have possums ’round here too, but they are the ugliest creature I’ve yet had to shiver over. Had one sniffing at my door ( my mothers door) the other night and … (shiver)

  3. Anonymous said,

    shoulda added…they look like big (bigger) ugly rats.

  4. April said,

    We get the brush tail type around here and have a family of them living in our trees in the backyard. We often surprise possums coming to and from our compost heap in midstep…they are quite comic…one foot raised the face turned towards us with that..I’m not doing anything, you cant see me expression on their faces. One day we actually found corn cobs picked completely clean at the base of one of our trees. We thought the kids must have got into the compost heap and started to walk away muttering things like..Bloody children..etc etc. Only to realise that the corn cobs are NEVER that well eaten when they leave our plates. It was then realisation came to us ..that this was what the possums had been pinching from the compost and had discarded at the bottom of the tree!!!

  5. William J said,

    Excellent Possum antics!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Soooo cute!!!

  7. Anonymous said,

    OMG you are freaking me out here girl. besides feet possums are my other anti-fetish. they creep me out.

  8. Curtis said,

    our possums look different here, but they still ugly lol

  9. Bellemai said,

    rofl – have you seen the movie Men In Black? here’s yer caption for that pic: “AAAAAAAA! Not the flashy thing!” (it made them forget stuff, lol)

  10. Anonymous said,

    Hi Fluffy,
    I sent some pictures of my Possums over to the U.S.A. To various friends and all of them said that ours are much better
    I think we do have some of the most interesting native animals here in Oz. eg..Emu’s, Kangaroos, Koala Bears and yes Possums, both Urban Ring Tails and Pygmy Possums which are different in the fact that they lay their babies in nests.

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