Intersections and Waiting at the Lights – (a poem by my late husband)

October 27, 2007 at 1:29 am (Poetry, Uncategorized) ()


Every minute and unremarkable moment of my life, my heart has sought that which I could not find.

Knowing with an uncanny conviction that somewhere, someplace or time, that person existed and even then that our destiny was sealed in a bond unbreakable and pure, beyond the things that destroy and defile love and life.

At times though we despaired, and lost our hope and faith in ourselves; we grasped for warmth where only petty salesmen traded in our dreams and tried to extract love where only recompense was to be had. A temporary comfort – a trinket that would corrode and finally collapse, going the way of all other ephemerals.

It has been a long journey my love, but we have finally found each other.

We have arrived, to stay, home.


by Steven Naseef (RIP)



  1. sharon said,

    Hugs can be physical we both live in Australia – many hugs to you. contact me

  2. Curtis said,

    nice poem, sounds like he loved you very much

  3. Anonymous said,

    you are one lucky lady ….. you have experienced what so many wish for….
    thank you for sharing and reminding usthat true love does exist


  4. Anonymous said,

    Its wonderful to read about a life and love lived that was so true. It helps those of us who seek love to read such good and strong words, to know that it is true.

    Hugs to you Elizabeth, thank you for sharing his words and heart, as well as your heart.

  5. Anonymous said,

    A Very cool poem.

  6. Anonymous said,

    *sigh* so lovely!
    I’m so glad to pop by and see that you have more posts. I was worrying about you. Although I have never made your friends list, nor you mine come to think on it (and it’s too late in 360 land to rectify that now) I still stop by quite frequently and love to read your blogs. It’s good to see that you are moving on and moving up and still OK with chosing yourself over being hurt….not a lot of gals make the right choice in that situation…know what I mean?

  7. William J said,

    thanks for posting!

  8. Anonymous said,

    Gday this is a very special poem, i 2 lost my wife 8 years ago now and i have many special little notes that we shared they are very special,that love dosnt go it stays and turns darkness to light,for without love there is only darkness that is how we know there is love,.cheers!

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