For all my new visitors that don’t know…

October 26, 2007 at 6:30 pm (Cats)


Fluffybutt is my grey cats name. I named my blog after her because it was cute.

Truffles is my black cats name. She is younger than Fluffy.

I love them both.

They are my little comforts at times when I feel blue.

Since I told my partner to leave Truffles has been sleeping on his pillow. (see photo and she hates having her photo taken)

What a cutie.

If you have pets, enjoy in their beauty, love their funny little personalities and take comfort in their gentle natures. Never be cruel to them. They don\’t deserve it.

Animals are wonderful. I love all animals.

If we didn\’t have them what would the world be like?


Love Me xxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    We can’t have pets here in this townhouse we rent. But every time I go over my son’s his minature doberman pincher makes himself
    comfortable on my lap and I let him 🙂 So he’s my part-time pet 🙂 The whole time I’m there he stays there, takes his nap, etc.

  2. Anonymous said,

    I’m pretty sure if there were no animals there would be a hell of alot of bugs!

  3. teresa r said,

    aww what a beautifull cat you have. what a cute name you chose for it. fluffy but is a cute name for a cat. thanks for shareing this with me. i love all of your blogs they are awesome. good luck with your cats. i love cats i have on my self. take care my awesome friend teresa resheske

  4. April said,

    I just love that name! One of my cats is called ‘Possum’, my daughter thought that’s what he looked like as a kitten. So now we have a cat with an identity crisis! lol The poor little bugger was hit by a car last year and now has no tail! Asked daughter what he looked like now..she said ..’A rabbit???’ I told her no more name changes..he has no idea what he is now!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Without our companion animals life would be lonely indeed.

  6. sharon said,

    hey. im glad now i know what fluffy butt means. love.

  7. Curtis said,

    It’s a shame people can’t be like our pets and live in harmoney lol

  8. William J said,

    best to fb and truffles

  9. Anonymous said,

    Its the reason why reserve them. Check my blog!
    It’s a pretty blog! I loved the poem!
    He must be proud of you and still eagerly, wait to see you again!
    Great tym.

  10. Anonymous said,

    Definitely agree on the furry family members. They never judge, love you no matter how crappy you look or feel any given day. Their love and friendship is without strings.

    Never understood how people could be cruel to animals (which is why I have a house full of furry adoptees!)

    Animals are so much purer at heart than we are, no vice, no lies, no frauds. We’d all be much happier if we and our socieities allowed ourselves to be a little more like our fur covered companions.our soci

  11. Anonymous said,

    Hope you don’t mind my just passing through. Pets are the best!


  12. Anonymous said,

    gday just dropped in to read your blogs which are inspiring,.yes with the animials we can learn so much and they only ask 4 is love,which they give so freely cheers!

  13. Mrs T said,

    I have read your blog for awhile now. But have not posted until now. I too adore my 4 legged kids, and my persian cat rules the roost despite the size difference between he and the Labradors.

  14. james m said,

    hey there been trieng to contact you

  15. james m said,

    hey there been trieng to contact you

  16. james m said,

    u go girl

  17. haven250 said,

    All pet lovers/animals lovers are my friends..please be mine! 🙂 btw..your nic is what got me here….love it from one who used to work at restaurant called scuttle’butts’…..take care!

  18. Anonymous said,

    My cats name is Callie cause shes a calico cat. I tried to post you a pic but guess I don’t know how yet. Your cat is adorable.

  19. Anonymous said,

    My cats name is Callie cause shes a calico cat. I tried to post you a pic but guess I don’t know how yet. Your cat is adorable.

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