My new poem untitled as yet

October 23, 2007 at 6:17 pm (Poetry)

The remnants of your belongings remain here

So please come and collect them my dear

For what is now lost can never be found

In the darkness of the underground

I’ve grieved alone and day became night

You brought the sun back, my perfect light

But perfection is hard to find

When betrayal takes over ones mind

It drains the soul right out of you

And kills those that loved you too

Like sewerage LIES seeped through your cracks

And now I know we can never go back

For what is done cannot be changed

And someones heart cannot be rearranged

You say you love me more than Jesus

Well, actions speak louder than words I guess

Commitment is not in your nature, history has proven it so

Please tell all your girlfriends this, so you don’t break anymore hearts as you go

Love Me xxxxxx




  1. William J said,

    well said Fluffybutt!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Remnants of deconstruction.. hmmmm… i hope you’re fine.

  3. sharon said,

    hey. wow. you are great. good for you. take care of you and you will have the company you deserve. believe me i know :).

  4. JD said,

    It’s amazing how one insect can damage so much grain.
    Rock on Beautiful

  5. Anonymous said,

    Very good and stern written poem, its sad to see a womans heart broken, but you are doing the best you can with the situation. It hurts right now, but things will get better for you, theres no shame in crying, know that your friends care, hugs, Wes

  6. Anonymous said,

    A poem obviously inspired by emotion. However, logically, I can’t help but feel that it comes off as bitter. What is done is done, and you may never be able to go back. But what good is the advice in your last line? The misery of another should never bring you comfort.

  7. Anonymous said,

    a simple but good one.a very good answer to the fake ‘romeos’ of today’s world.

  8. haven250 said,

    Very well written! I hope things have somewhat calmed down for you now and your pets keep you so occupied time will fly so fast……you will wonder where the hurt went….Myself I have been learning to look UP… that is my heart’s haven these days….hang in there girl and remember you have friends here…..even new ones like me..:)

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