Discovery of a New Species…The Female Cyber Stalker

September 22, 2007 at 1:32 am (Uncategorized)


Men Beware…. The Minx

The private parts of a minx contain teeth as sharp as razors that will cut off anything you put inside it and take away your manhood. Also known as the \”ballbreaker\” this hideous creature is the stuff of which nightmares are made. These small mammals are related to the sewer rat, but not as pretty.

The minx can be easily identified by her inability to smile, only being able to raise a pout, the minxes face will, if she tries to smile, wrinkle up and show her true age, as she is not as young as she makes out she is (see photo). Usually the minx remains without a true mate and without children for all her life, this is because of her \”icky\” nature.

The favourite pass time of the minx is trying to drive a wedge inbetween those that have chosen to mate for life. But try as she might this bond cannot be broken easily.

The minx also has no heart and is a cold cold female that thinks she can force someone to do what she says and delete someone that means the most in the world to them.

The minx is incapable of true love and respect for those that actually do love each other in real life and not through the portal of a cyber world.

Apparently the minx doesn\’t think that anyone in this world has feelings that mean anything except her.Nor does she have a conscience, as most small mammals of this nature do not, this is because they have very small brains.

Fortunately for the Cat (the minxes natural predator) though, the minx is digging her own grave. And as she has such a small brain will continue to do so.

Cats will eat small mammals like minxes for breakfast.

One would hope that in the very near future these pests will become extinct.

Maybe one day we can catch a minx in its natural habitat and take its photo, although this may shock and disgust some of those with weak stomachs.

Luckily for all, the minx no longer frequents the Antipodes. So most men here are safe. For now.

This has been Fluffy Attenborough for the Yahoo 360 nature channel.

P.S. anyone out there that wishes to borrow this post or parts herein for purposes of good and not evil are welcome to it hahahaha.



  1. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    well done Fluffy… thank you so much for this post, keep going on for reportage on Yahoo 360 nature channel

  2. standing bear said,

    ~*FLASH*~i’ve seen a few of these minx in the past!!very scarey at night,thats why i always ware my crouch cup when ever i visit a watering hole,besides i drink alone!!it’s safer that way,but i always keep a canester of minx repailent(skunk sent)on hand!!! Lmao,xox”bear”

  3. Anonymous said,

    I think I married one of these…

  4. Anonymous said,

    lmao–you tell ’em girl!!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Thanks Fluffy, excellent news reporting for the benefit and protection of many. All the gents must be wary of this horrid creature as im sure when finished sucking the life blood out of the one she presently stalks leaving them with doubt and or fear she most likely will move on to find a new prisoner!! Any further news updates on this subject would be greatly received!! well done indeed.
    hope your weekend is full of happiness and love.

  6. *Francis* said,

    you sound as tho you are referring to a female human rather that an animal..maybe the minx is showing its true nature..while other such animals are sneaky about it and would rather sneak up behind your back and stab you..huh!!as for yahoo 360 we are all human and I know of no such animal?? or human in here, that is capable of the things you described..have a good day

  7. Anonymous said,

    I wonder if another name for a minx is “groupie” LOL hmmmm And I think you just described the mean lady at work ( no not me…the other mean lady LOL)
    and this is for the blog below this one…Even tho we have to share you now… It makes me happy to know that you have found a man worthy of your time and love and I wish you so much happiness! (to you both ) Until you delete me..your stuck with me! ~~~~God Bless~~~ Lots of love ~~Melissa

  8. William J said,


  9. Anonymous said,

    great post. i am to old to be a manx now. hmmm wonder if i ever was. will have to ask the ex.

  10. Anonymous said,

    Great . Im infested with them here . What can I do ?

  11. Anonymous said,

    I love it.

  12. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    “Look at me I’m a mink!” Kellie Pickler(responding to the comment “you are a naughty little minx”)

  13. Nigel B said,

    Yes, think I’ve met a few of them in my time. Wicked, evil creatures. Avoid them like the plague now and avoid the places they frequent – pubs, clubs, etc. Better and safer to stay at home and do things alone methinks.

  14. Anonymous said,

    Another one to consider along with the minx; the lager ape. Tends to be a social creature, visiting the watering hole in small groups of three or four. but after drinking the ape is likely to start showing strongly territorial behavior and/or demonstrations of physical prowess in the hope of attracting a mate. 😀

    I had a crafty grin while reading your latest entry.

  15. Anonymous said,

    As someone who almost got trapped by one I say thank you for spreading the word. Keep up the awesome work, I love it.;)

  16. R.A.D. Stainforth said,

    Now I know what to look out for I can avoid them in future, instead of marrying them, buying them a house, etc.

  17. JD said,

    That post Rocks ,I had a few Minx’s for breakfast today meow 😉

  18. Anonymous said,

    Your page showed up on the “interesting people at 360”, and I found this to be true! Quite entertaining to read, especially when ticked at the hubby. I had a friend that fit this category quite nicely. In fact, she tried to get my then boyfriend. She ended up having four kids with three different fathers by the time she was 21. Lovely character.

  19. Dee said,

    minx as no heart interestin

  20. Dee said,

    Melissa she might be a lesbian LMAO

  21. Anonymous said,

    I just got away from one…

  22. Jumpin Jax said,

    Hi, just found your blog and felt I wanted to defend women a bit here, especially online. Yes, there are the stalkers and the minxs, but not all males are that much better either. It is almost like candyland for some guys and they can live a completely false online existance. I remember when I was on myspace as my business. I had that I was married all over my bio, did it matter? In the end, I had to close my page due to the fact that some guy thought I was some sort of challenge, or target, just by being there. I am a polite person with humour, and I ‘used’ to enjoy typing at people if I was working but if that is construed as flirtation, or an open ticket? Dismal.

    Nice blog too by the way.


  23. April said,

    Hooray for Cats! I wonder if we can release a better version of mixamatosis for them? Make Minx’s extinct worldwide..Now for will get a Nobel Peace Prize!!!

  24. Anonymous said,


  25. Bak said,

    You seem to be hihgly balanced person, fully seasoned by vagaries of Life you have gone through and lastly looking forward very positively for the future1 Few can do this I can think. Good luck & may Alimghty be with always Fluffy !

  26. Bak said,

    You seem to be highly balanced person, fully seasoned by vagaries of Life you have gone through and lastly looking forward very positively for the future ! Few can do this I think. Good luck & may Alimghty be with always Fluffy !

  27. Anonymous said,

    I meant to write earlier as this post & the picture disappearing from ‘ he Moonlight meets the Sun’ told me something was up !
    I’ll write.
    L Mich

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