Eons ago….

July 7, 2007 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)


In 1988/89 I used to work in an upmarket department store.

I started working there in 1987 and stopped in 1991.

When I first started there I worked for a french costmetic company. Yes I was one of those immaculately groomed highly made up women that polish the counter all day while waiting for customers.

Anyway, I only worked there casually as in my spare time I did artwork and liked to have the time to do that sort of thing because I couldn\’t find a job that was creative.

I had hoped that I would end up in the visual merchandising department doing displays but that was run by men at the time that seemed to have something against women doing that job so wouldn\’t employ any. Now they wouldn\’t be able to get away with that but back then they could.

So I spent a short time working for the cosmetic company until they replaced me with another girl, I didn\’t get along with the girl who was my superior so I guess that is why that happened.

However the store kept me employed as a floating staff member, that meant I worked where ever they decided to put me if someone else was sick or on holiday.

So I really pretty much worked all over the store including mens shoes which was so much fun! I used to get all the lines…\”oh I really love having a pretty girl at my feet\” and such.

Somehow I ended up in the office of the promotions department answering the phone and other silly nonsense.

Then I was recruited to be a dresser for the catwalk models when we had big instore parades and cocktail parties. Yes you heard me right I used to dress catwalk models during fashion parades.

I was very good at this job for some reason, so they used to send me out to other places to do it as well, and I also ended up dressing male models occassionally.

So I was sent out to a fashion awards night and I was supposed to be dressing a particular male model that was well known in our office and particularly liked by the two young secretaries there.

But I ended up being shuffled over to dress one of the females as her dresser has not turned up and the males had less changes so could really dress themselves in an emergency.

Well, I was sitting on the floor with the other dressers when the male model I was supposed to be dressing comes up to me and says \” Do you want to go out with me for a drink sometime?\”

I thought this guy is joking why would he want to go out with me. So I gave him my phone number with him adding that I was not to tell the other girls at my work that he asked me out.

I said sure, non of their business anyway I thought….

to be continued…got to go grocery shopping NOW!!!

Love Me xxxxxxxxxx

Photo of me around about this time and the models I was dressing.



  1. Anonymous said,

    You haven’t seem to change since than. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

  2. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    It is nice to see that youy have a certain ageless quality. Are you sure that is not a recent pic of you in the red bikini?

  3. Anonymous said,

    awww, come on you you cant leave the to be continued there Fluffy, no fair at all. lol. i really look forward to the rest of the story. You are as pretty today as you were back then. have a great day even though you have to do the groceries, yup i know grocery shopping is a drag but we gotta eat!!.

  4. Bowzer said,

    Wow, that is a real cliffhanger! And it’s true, you have hardly changed since then!

  5. vickie_bowie said,

    I agree that you haven’t changed much! It sounds like you had a lot of fun working there. I’m looking forward to the next installment, cliffhangers on Yahoo 360 ~ who knew? :-O

  6. Mac said,

    Interesting 🙂

  7. Anonymous said,

    OHO! I love a cliffhanger!(as long as it’s followed up quickly!) You’ve really had an interesting working life. That’s the way to do it!

  8. Curtis said,

    now have to wait to hear end of story, lol

  9. Anonymous said,

    Ms Fluff and Buff, did You ever wonder why I worked construction and house painting, and bartending, and auto parts delivery and Home Depot, and Security and others, lol..a means to and end, no? rent has to be paid. I have a million dollar Ed. I do what I want, as you do, seems, and sometimes you have to do stuff you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing. I am proofing and editing right now…lol, as my blog goes, no one would never hire me to edit, HAHAHA…You rock and You know it! if not…YOU ROCK! from Levering Vernon Ruhl IV

  10. standing bear said,


  11. Anonymous said,

    I cant wait to hear the second part of this, you are very beautiful then and moreso now. Department stores know how to have more fun in Australia than they do in America.

  12. Anonymous said,

    It sounds like you have led an interesting life Miss Fluffy.

  13. crash said,

    oh, shut up standing bear. you sound like an oversexed teenager with no intelligence.

  14. Anonymous said,

    Ahhhhhh! I’m going crazy to hear the rest of the story. I love a good story. Ignore the comment from “crash”. It probably came from an undersexed teenage frog with a cerebrial malfunction. lol (I’m so bad today.)

  15. Toni A said,

    Don’t keep me in suspence girl. This isn’t T.V.

  16. jackaloopa said,

    look at you! a beauty for all time however the story ends…although i must admit my curiousity is aroused…

  17. rwr69 said,

    I can’t wait for the rest of the story, I have to tell you that you are as beautiful today as you were back then. wow! what a lady! you are really an awesome lady!

  18. Anonymous said,

    Wow you are so cool! awsome Blog! I miss you my favorite friend. I’m at the library. I just love the stories on your pages. I’ve read a few, Just not enough time at the library. I still miss my computer. I hope you are having fun. I think you look marvelous. Great new pics. I was wanting to see which model I looked like and I missed it cause my computer was stolen. I loaded it can you happen to be able to send me the story on what celeb you look like? I loved it and I have loaded my pic to the library now. I just am being run out. I hope u can help me out with the library time issue. I’m being run off now. Love ya my favorite friend. I miss ya so much They are giving me an evil eye so I had better go. By sweet friend.

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