My New Glasses…

June 16, 2007 at 6:43 pm (Uncategorized)


I decided that it was time to get some new glasses. Well it didn\’t help that mine were being held together with a paperclip and sticky tape.

So I went to the optometrist with my friend Manda. We picked out some frames but it was a couple of weeks before I could go back and get my eyes tested.

So when I went back by myself I ended up with different frames to the ones we originally chose.

I bought two pairs because they were having a sale on frames with 50-70% off the normal price.

So here is my photo the day I picked them up.

Now I know people often comment that all my photos look the same because they are taken from the same angle.

The thing is I take the photos myself and this angle is the easiest way to hold my camera in my hand at arms length to take it. Not to mention that I look cutest at this angle. haha.

Anyway that is all for now. I have to go do my grocery shopping.


Love Me xxxxxxx



  1. Bart said,

    I think I need glasses myself, small prints hard to read, things get blurry when I’m tired. Old age sucks I tell you !

  2. Mac said,

    Creative colors Fluffy. I haven’t had my glasses changed in 11 years, but it may be time to get a new frame for them.

  3. Anonymous said,

    its a good look for you a ton of color and its add a nice spice to your life!

  4. Anonymous said,

    I like the red frames best. But of course Red is my favorite color. All my small appliances are red, as well as cookware, utensils whenever possible.

  5. teresa r said,

    wow you chose such beautifull frames. your glasses are beautifull. thanks for shareing this beautifull picture of your self with me. you are very pretty. i love all of your blogs they are so awesome. i cant wait untill i read some more of them. keep up the great work on them take care my awesome friend teresa resheske

  6. Bellemai said,

    Nice colors! You look darling in whatever you pick, you’ve got great taste.

  7. joseph said,

    Hey Fluffy,
    Your glasses give off a Lois Lane/Sexy Librarian/Intelligent woman vibe that works well for you!
    I like em’
    joe 🙂

  8. Anonymous said,

    Sorry Fluffy, but I gotta laugh (not at the glasses, they’re great) but at the image of you choosing which ones to wear on which day (dependent on your mood, of course!)Speaking as a photographer whos favorite subject was himself (costumes ‘n all) we all believe we have a more photogenic side, and tend to favor that side. It’s a self deluding illusion. Show your other side! It is who you are, and your beautiful. (I like the red ones too…compliments your lips)

  9. Anonymous said,

    Yay no more paper clips and tape, lol. I like the purple ones, but the red are also gr8. Now you can alternate or color coordinate with clothes. Ya might have to go clothes shopping now and get some other colors than black.!!!!!! Have a great week fluffy. xxx

  10. Anonymous said,

    Fluff, I’m pretty sure that you could wear glasses even Elton John would reject and still look good. You look fantastic as always.

  11. Anonymous said,

    Red’s my favorite color, but it’s nice to be able to change colors.

  12. Anonymous said,

    Im not sure which ones i like better, both pairs look cute on you. Dont worry about the camera angle, it always helps the rest of us to see how shiny your hair is. any pair you wear will look beautiful, you make the frames, the frames dont make you. hugs

  13. vickie_bowie said,

    As if you have a bad side!

  14. Anonymous said,

    I like your New Glasses. :-)))

  15. Traveler said,

    You look cute at every angle!

  16. Curtis said,

    I found out if I stay away from some of the sales I save alot more money lol. I’m a sale buyer to lol you look great from any angel

  17. Anonymous said,

    The new glasses are great. And your very cute at any angle to begin with so you look even better now. Good choice.

  18. Mrs. Chrissy Vas said,

    Those are some cool frames! I wish the place that I went to had nice ones like that on sale.

  19. Nigel B said,

    Hi FB,

    Like the glasses – you look lovely in whichever colour you choose to wear. Have a great week.


  20. William J said,

    i like ’em

  21. Anonymous said,

    Love the red rims!

  22. Uncle Walter said,

    Hubba Hubba! 🙂

    They’re both great colors on you, and the shape of the frames really compliments your face.

  23. Bowzer said,

    Very funky! Love the red ones, but the purple one are growing on me…

  24. Bowzer said,

    Errrrrrrr, not literally, of course…

  25. Foxy aka Feisty Princess said,

    go for the ones that make you look the cutest!

  26. hecktor_g said,

    Cute! I like them both. It’s you!

  27. Anonymous said,

    You do look cute !!!

  28. Anonymous said,

    You do look cute !!!

  29. Toni A said,

    I just love the purple ones. I have been to the optometrist 5 times trying to choose a pair, stay 1 hour every time and come out more confused than when I went in. Still havn’t bought any. Help!

  30. Anonymous said,

    I love your new glasses and I am glad that all is well. Tina 🙂

  31. Anonymous said,

    I have followed your page for some time and to me it only matters which pair of glasses that you prefer.

  32. Deidra said,

    I like your new glasses and think they are perfect for ya!

  33. stigge said,

    I can play that Cat Stevens song for you but I think im gonna die before you.

  34. free_Roxanne said,

    Hi – – Love both pairs of glasses, but let’s face it. The face behind them makes the frames look so cool. You are an attractive young lady. Enjoy those glasses. Change off every chance you get and see if people notice.

  35. Anonymous said,

    LOL That’s how you’re supposed to do it… all good photographers, models and tv hosts/guests know to put the camera (and chair) on the angle that shows your best side…

    It’s true!

  36. Anonymous said,

    cool specs and the colors are definately you!!

  37. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    I just got new glasses as well. I now have to deal with no line bi-focals. Of course they call them graduated lenses. I have a spot of clear vision up top and a spot of reading vision on the bottom and the rest is kind of blurry… LOL

  38. standing bear said,

    Osiyo’ fluff,hun you look down right sexy in your new frames,i like the frist pix you took,like your thinking of something playfuly naughty Lol…i have to get me a pair too! i have night blindness thanx to the army.. anyway they do look great on ya’ xox(bear)

  39. Me Too said,

    I like the old frames better suited your face and they were more classy looking.

  40. Me Too said,

    I like the old frames better suited your face and they were more classy looking.

  41. HerbalPhil Wellness Warrior! said,

    I love your new glasses, threw mine away raban and all coz my Herbalife Roseox got rid of the astigmatism and pissed off my optomatrist, say you dont work in, nah too good lookin I’m safe, hey what work you do? Phil Caine Sydney Australia.

  42. Anonymous said,

    Your not going to believe me Fluffy, but I have ‘ Red ones ‘ the same shape.
    I also have a pair of ‘ Bone ‘ little ones that hang on my nose for reading & also a pair of Pink ones.
    Another pair I have are little fold up ones with light frames ‘ Black & White ‘.
    My favorite are my ‘ Sexy Reds ‘.
    I like looking at you through the new purple ones, which I never considered before.
    One must have lots of colorful glasses to highlight ones face & eyes.
    Oh.!! Plus I’m as blind as a bat without them like Fearless Fly.
    Nice seeing you mate through both colors.
    L Mich

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