Hi everyone here I am with an update…

June 10, 2007 at 6:14 pm (Uncategorized)


So finally on this public holiday I get a chance to tell you all what I have been up to.

Well, its been a very busy five weeks but my stint with the news is almost over.

I do love doing the news but it is tiring. My day at the news goes something like this:

Arrive at work at 9.30am.

Check my emails.

Look at Rueters feed to see what international news is happening.

Take notes of these stories and either capture images from news footage or look for images on the internet that relate to stories.


Download the satellite images of Australia for the weather. 19 now another 6 to come later in the day.

Get given a running sheet for the days stories so I can research any local stories that I can and also know exactly which international stories are running.


Production meeting with team to discuss which stories are running, what graphics are needed for the day etc.

12 noon

Eat lunch at desk and start creating graphics for international stories while waiting for the news crew to get back from filming any local stories.

During the next 4.5 hours create whatever graphics are needed for the news broadcast (probably about 14) including any full screen graphics (may be five or six) which are text based ones for sports scores or maps or government budget news or polls.


Download the rest of the satellite images and make them into an animation to be shown during the weather.

Recieve weather forecast and start doing graphics for weather. 9 graphics in all. Dam reports on Mondays.

News producer will come and check my final graphics to make sure they look okay.


Double check everything to make sure all spelling is correct and all the weather is right.

Copy all my graphics and the weather to where the studio can get them.


Go down to the studio and make sure they have all the graphics loaded in the system and that they are correct in case I have been told to make any last minute changes.


The news starts being taped and time for me to go home. Yay!

So that has been what I have been doing for the last five weeks.

Update on my family situation. Nothing is happening at the moment other than getting documents transferred from one lawyer to another signing papers etc. Will let you know if anything dramatic changes.

Other stuff I have been doing includes creating graphics for Pauls presskit and promotion. Will post some of that stuff soon.

Picture above of one of my news graphics.

I hope everyone is well and I miss you all.

Take Care over the coming week and talk to you all soon.


Love Me xxxxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    good to hear from you, it sounds like you have a busy work day …

  2. Anonymous said,

    I had the pleasure of working with some of the men and women in your armed forces not too long ago, you have some outstanding soldiers and sailors in your forces. … Man I wish I could come in at 9:30 and leave at 5:45 😉

  3. Anonymous said,

    goodness fluffy, im pooped just hearing about your days over the last 5 weeks, sit down shut your eyes and have a rest. love to ya and catch you really soon. xxx

  4. Anonymous said,

    You forgot:
    5:46 check page of Baltimore correspondent
    5:47 remember that Baltimore correspondent is a dufus
    it will be such a pleasure to have you back

  5. Toni A said,

    Your work fascinates me. I would love to know a fraction of what you know about creating graphic images. Hope you have time to relax soon

  6. Nigel B said,

    A busy day, fascinating highly skilled work you do there. You are forgiven for being unresponsive of late.

    Have a great week


  7. Anonymous said,

    Welcome back Fluffy. Thank you for sharing your very busy day!

  8. Anonymous said,

    wow you ARE a busy woman! Sounds like my day. Except for the news thing, and the graphics thing…well… it’s not like my day at all, in fact nothing like it 🙂 Seriously I’m glad to hear you’re well! Have a good day! Kelise

  9. Anonymous said,

    gosh…i’m exhausted from reading your daily schedule!

  10. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the insight into a fascinating job. Loved Kelise’s comment!!

  11. LO said,

    What an amazing job you have! Thanks for sharing your day! 🙂 I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you about the family situation!

  12. William J said,

    sound interesting, but stressful for sure!

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