Something much more serious….

May 26, 2007 at 2:26 am (Uncategorized)


Working on the news does have its drawbacks.

We have news footage coming in from several news services.

Most of this footage is unedited.

Because I have to take screen grabs from this footage to use in my graphics I have to look at it all to find the best pictures to use.

Unfortunately much of the international news lately has been about the escalation of violence in the middle east.

So I see what you don\’t get to see on the t.v. The parts of footage that are too shocking and upsetting to broadcast.

You can probably imagine what I am talking about.

Last week this really got to me. I came home feeling very black about the world, and as I lay in bed cried for all these people.

I sit in my office and my comfortable home and spare not much thought for those in the world who have war and violence on their doorstep. Those who spend everyday wondering if they, their relatives or their homes will still be there the next day. Those who get shuffled from place to place as their homelands are too dangerous to live in.

Do most of us really know how lucky we are, even with the problems we do have?

Compared to what I have seen in the last couple of weeks our problems at least are surmountable. Theirs certainly are not. Most of them cannot control or avoid what is going on around them. For most of them there is no escape from the terror they live with everyday.

For those of us lucky enough not to have experienced war on our doorstep we cannot understand the hardships that these people face.

My mother lived in Germany during WWII and she could never stand the noise of thunder here in Australia because it reminded her of the bombings she experienced during that time.

She would shake and cover her ears whenever we had a thunderstorm, and even though she understood logically it was not a bomb, somehow her mind could not stop her from feeling the fear that she felt back then.

So I am very thankful for the life I have, even with all the problems I have endured, they seem small in comparison to what others in the world face everyday.

Love Me xxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Nigel B said,

    hi FB, welcome back – not seen you for sometime. yes, I agree, we are lucky and, as you say, most people do not understand just how lucky they are. The generation that was around during the first world war are mostly deceased now and we are fast losing those who were around during the 2nd. Other than this our countries have not seen action on our own doorsteps. Yes we had the IRA terror threat for many years with bombings in London but this was few and far between and not an everyday worry to most. This, fortunately, has also now gone. A whole world of peace would be a great thing but I am afraid that this will never be.

    Take care,


  2. vickie_bowie said,

    Thank you for writing this compelling post. So many of us are so fortunate, and yet so often we take it all for granted. It’s important to see images like the ones you see, to remind us that the people in war torn countries are just like us. It’s important to remind ourselves regularly that if you have a roof over your head, food to eat, water to drink and family and friends you have everything you will ever need. When you imagine yourself in the position of the people living in the deplorable conditions you described, it is humbling and makes you ashamed of complaining about some of the silly stuff we occupy ourselves with. Must the same fate befall us before we can recognize our blessings, and be thankful for every moment we live in relative peace.

  3. Anonymous said,

    and we do love you 🙂 These are dark times, but Good must endure it and make a stand. There is no denying we have made a mess of things with our good intentions, but we had to (and keep having to) do something. We, as a planet, need to come up with a new angle for getting along or the future looks worse.

    We CAN control our own little worlds for the most part. Make THAT world a wonderful place to live 🙂

  4. Anonymous said,

    War is a dirty business… But for all that is messed up in the world, there is so much more beauty in the world… (like my ass driving in the right hand lane in City Centre) Doh! 🙂

  5. Anonymous said,

    thanks fluffy for sharing this. yes we do not truly understand the sheer terror some people are living every single day. We are so blessed to be living in a country where we for the most part do not have terror around us. i say for the most part because although we are not being bombed continually, still we see on the news other terrors around us such as murder and violence. I am so thankful that these things have not touched my life and family personally but thinking of those who it has truly is upsetting.

  6. Anonymous said,

    Wow. I ha no idea you were so “close” to it. Yes…It’s an ugly world, with moments of beauty. we, who see the ugly, have the responsibility to see,comprehend, rememember, and report, this beauty, every chance we get. Be it a photo, a memoir, whatevwer…keep it going. Make the world aware

  7. Anonymous said,

    And obviously you DO spare a thought for them (who ever “they” are)

  8. Anonymous said,

    My fiance’s mother went through the same thing during WWII in London. She and her mother would go to the rubble of the bombed buildings and remove bodies to go for burial. I really think that this has shaped her into the compassionate and amazing woman that she is today. Hearing her stories does make one thankful for not being exposed first hand to such violence and terror. Thank you for sharing what you have seen and your thoughts on the experience…..

  9. Bart said,

    Hi Fluffy, I think this is a very good reminder you’ve brought up about how lucky and blessed we also are here in the USA, we also only see the “cleaned up” and edited versions of the conflict overseas. I think people would be shocked if they saw all the unedited versions of the horrors that are going on. Hopefully all this madness will end soon.


  10. carebear said,

    hi, thanks for sharing that must be horrible i feel for you i was teary eyed i agre the people there must go though hell i feel for them and we should really be more open to what is happing. i just think of all the little children clining on to there mommies and crying in fear every time they hear gunfire or bombs. its got to be a terrible thing to have to live with day to day. have a great weekend.

  11. Anonymous said,

    Ty my friend.War is horrible an people living in a country torn by war suffer things I can only imagine.On this Memorial Day weekend lets remember an honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.So that we may be safe,I pray one day people every where can live in peace.(((Fluffy)))00 god bless..

  12. Anonymous said,

    i sat here, and closed my eyes. i tried to imagine the sounds of war, the uncertainty of tommorow, the fear and desperation, the loss of friends and family. All in my own little peaceful corner of rural America. Fluffy, i cant even wrap my mind around it. i have family in Iraq right now, so i tried to take the fear i have for him, increase it to emcompass the rest of the ones i love and cherish, and it made me feel physically ill. i cannot even begin to comprehend how people who live in a country where war is being waged keep sane. i hope i never have to.

  13. Tawaka said,

    My father fought in three wars, WWII, Korea, Vietnam. I remember he would never talk about the time he served, but my mother passed on something he would say behind closed doors: “No one hates the face of war MORE than a soldier”. From what you must see in the unedited photos, I believe that must be true. Thanks for reminding us that these soldiers are humans with heartbeats, blood running through their veins, dreams cocooning, hopes living, and that they are fathers, brothers, husbands, brothers, friends. Sometimes the way it is portrayed on the news “X number of soldiers lost their lives..”, unfortunately, it becomes so rote, so much “the same”, that we forget that these are REAL lives being lost. I am certain that you, doing what you do, and seeing what you see, would never lose site of this at all.

  14. Anonymous said,

    So true, most of us are so lucky and blessed!

  15. JD said,

    We all go about our lives,some get through fine with barely a ripple some go through hell,the question is if we are all so intelligent why do we still do these things to each other,guess we must be stupid. I was in central London with my wife on the day of the Bombings July 7 2005 the day that unfolded I shall never forget,It was a reminder that any where at any time your world could be blown to pieces,we were lucky to have not been victims the difference between was a mere 15 minutes. I think of those not so lucky,It’s hard to count your blessings sometimes when you see so many suffering but count them we must, Live Love Laugh .

  16. Anonymous said,

    I remember after 9/11. I live near a military base and they had practice maneveurs here. Those army helicopters were loud and we heard them constantly. It made you think of all the people in the war-torn countries that hear them all the time and I knew how lucky we are.

  17. Curtis said,

    not sure about where you live but I have been looking for another attack over here and I do believe if we pull out of Iraq, just a matter of time before we are hit again.

  18. Anonymous said,

    This is so true, no matter how many times we count our blessings we can never come close to knowing exactly how lucky we actually are. I really do feel for you having to look at those images, its bad enough seeing them on screen after editing. I respect your strength for being able to do it. Take care.

  19. jackaloopa said,

    what you wrote here puts life into a perspective that i know i don’t see when i’m wallowing in life’s challenges…thank you!

  20. Anonymous said,

    having “been there” myself …. not Iraq but in other “battle fields” I know what you mean about knowing what the world doesnt about war and its effects … we do have it lucky in our safe homes and jobs … all of us not “at the scene” … Thank you for reminding us and I also know what your mother went through … I kinda had same problem awhile with gunfire … Im a countryboy and a “hunter” … well was before the illness…. anyways thanks for the blog kiddo. Keep them coming

  21. standing bear said,

    DIDO, Like zapp i know the hardship of being there( other campaines ) and seeing first hand at the carnage of war. how soon we forget that we really do have it made on easy street,for the time being!!!! it makes one wonder just how bad could it get here on our door step?? i say pretty damn no i can’t stand any loud noise sence i returned home i hate july 4th an new years day, i suffer from (PTSD)

  22. ENOCH said,


  23. Anonymous said,

    I definately feel you there! Great blog and it really strikes the reality of it all.

  24. Anonymous said,

    So sad the news lately in Iraq…we just got news today of a service man in the marines from here in Hawaii a soldier Last name Correa was killed by an improvised explosive along with another marine a few days ago…and some of my friends are still there and another just got back from doing two terms there, I Hope we can start to restore Peace and Order in Iraq and all the Middle East.

  25. Anonymous said,

    i have friends who are actualy serving out there so yes it is soemthing that we at home just do not understand what they have to endure each day.
    take care Ossie

  26. Anonymous said,

    I know how you feel and how all the horror in the world can affect you. It is hard to digest and some pictures are stuck in your mind for a long time. I am a positive thinking woman but sometimes when sadness hits me I find love, laughter and compassion in my friends here on 360. Wishing you a good time ahead.

  27. Shari said,

    Thanks for putting another spin on things. Sometimes we (I) tend to get too focused on things that just don’t matter.. & forget to be thankful for what we are really blessed with. Thanks for being bold & brave enough to post this even though you hurt. May God bless.

  28. Anonymous said,

    Those who live comfortable are uncomfortable with those that don’t live in comfort. Those who live in comfort, tend to take everything for granted, their spouses, their children, and their freedom.

    We see the pain and misery of others and think that it can not happen to us. But there are far too many people living beyond their means, and may only be a pay check away from being homeless or a few minutes away from the terrorist bomb going off.

  29. Marrien said,

    It´s very nice written. I agree with you. I´m not enough strong to watch TV where I could see these horrible news. I´m a nurse and I understand when somebody will die by hard illness…It´s difficult but it´s possible to take it as reality for me. However I see forces and wouldbe courrage of young men who are able to kill and to destroy lifes of innocent people I´m not able to accept it… Realy you are right thanks for sharing this topic.

  30. Annaw said,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I wish we could find a way to bring peace. Not only in the Middle East but also in Darfur. I too, know what it is to have seen things that others don’t. Not in war but at home. For six years I worked in child protective services. It’s not just in war that children are maimed. Don’t cry alone. You need to talk about the things you see in those photographs.

  31. Mike said,

    hello. im just a random observer, your picture and the begining of your blog were part of the ad scroll when i was checking my page. it caught my eye, and in reading your post, i was reminded of times when i was put into situations to graphic to descrbe, and too ugly to try to remember. i empathize with the feelings you describe in your post. certain things humans do to one another are sometimes more than a soul can stand. the onlyh way i have ever been able to reconcile those things is by trying to always look for the beauty of the world and of life, and mostly in the small overlooked things that happen everyday and go nearly unnoticed. it helps me, in any event.

  32. Anonymous said,

    You have to be a person that views life as –a glass that is half FULL instead of half EMPTY, when you’re not working! Reporting the news— as you do can’t be an easy job when most of it’s negative.I’m aware of all the trouble in the world–most of us are! Your blog has made me realize your job isn’t as glamorous as we might think it is! I hope you have a nice evening and happy tomorrow!

  33. Anonymous said,

    Thanks, I needed to hear that. I’m not usually into self-pity, but I’ve been dragging lately. Plus, to top it off, my uncle John died, he had been just fine. He certainly didn’t LOOk 62! Really made me think about talking to some of my family more often, which, I have to go invite my cousin to my page next thing. Talk to ya later, Miss Rasha.

  34. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    Thank you Fluffy…. oh… I am happy I have not to see these pictures.. it is enough what we see in the news, in some films… on monday I see parts of a movie, showing us how young people in Palestine live… I write a bit about.. but you see so much all over the world, so much pain, so much violance…. you see in the peoples eyes.. the childrens eyes… the souls are all the same… no matter what kind of skin, what nation, what religion… what I can say.. I am really so happy to live in on the “sunny side” …. we should always think about this when we get angry or jealos.. Hope you will get throught this pics you have to select… hope your soul will get it… big hug to you Fluffy

  35. Anonymous said,

    Trust me there is hope for these people.
    There are some that are genuinely trying to restore normality to the lives of those that have suffered.

  36. swot said,

    we should never assume it could never happen to us. there is no us and them, only we. that is why we should fight for an end to war, peace is the only thing worth fighting for, to be fought with love, not bullets and bombs. “from a distance”…

  37. Bellemai said,

    I have often thought how lucky we Americans are, born in the late 40s and early 50s. When we hear thunder it’s a good thing: rain for the crops. So unlikely to be anything else. I had a friend who was also in Germany in WWII, she was in her late teens at the time, and actually belonged to Hitler Youth. (She said everyone did, or else, more or less.) She refused to celebrate Christmas because of a Christmas in the war, when her entire town, except her, had been evacuated. She was left alone in the town the whole week, and the trains and other transport wouldn’t stop, because they *knew* the town was empty. There was bombing all around, and she had no food. It affected her all her life. It didn’t make her a nice person, believe me, but I don’t think she could help it.

    You have my sympathy dear, it can’t be easy looking at those things, and with your sensitivity, I can see that the effects would linger. Take care, Fluff. We love you.

  38. bluelesc said,

    I really know what your saying, Im 32 and I lived war in the country where I was born . I saw the war every day and on the weekends when I visited my grandparents i saw all those dead bodies on the streets after a horrible night of fighting… Really now if U see it on the tv, or at least what they show u is nothing compare to been there, you appreciate life to the smallest part of it. Its hard but we have to make the differnce in this world.

  39. Anonymous said,

    I can’t imagine having to select photos from a war to put on the tv’s for families at home. That’s a very important job, not to offend. I don’r knw if you know this movie “Pay It Forward”. It’s one of ther best movies ever. It’s basically about doing a good deed for one person and then having that person pay it forward to the next. Get the box of kleenex for the end. What it and tell me what you think. It’s stars are Haley Joel Osment and Kevin Spacey, and I think Helen Hunt (maybe). Love and Peace.

  40. Anonymous said,

    Hi, I am new in everything…..I like your page…It’s been only five months since I have my Imac computeur..I am thrilled to know that there are so much to learn and to discover…….Thank you ……..19th June 2007 Paris. Jane.

  41. Anonymous said,

    Hi, I am new in everything…..I like your page…It’s been only five months since I have my Imac computeur..I am thrilled to know that there are so much to learn and to discover…….Thank you ……..19th June 2007 Paris. Jane.

  42. Anonymous said,

    Hi, I am new in everything…..I like your page…It’s been only five months since I have my Imac computeur..I am thrilled to know that there are so much to learn and to discover…….Thank you ……..19th June 2007 Paris. Jane.

  43. Anonymous said,

    Hi, I am new in everything…..I like your page…It’s been only five months since I have my Imac computeur..I am thrilled to know that there are so much to learn and to discover…….Thank you ……..19th June 2007 Paris. Jane.

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