Be Careful

April 19, 2007 at 12:53 am (Uncategorized)


I just had a comment posted in my comments. It had no photo or name just \”Hug posted 4 seconds ago\” but the whole thing was a link.

When I clicked on it I went to a blank profile.

When I went back to my page, the contents of my page had disappeared, not the comments or my photo, just the middle section.

Once I deleted the comment it went back to normal.

So if you see a strange looking comment with no photo and no name that is a link, delete it straight away, don\’t click on it.

My guess is that somehow it had some code in it that caused my contents to get stuffed up.

So take care out there my friends.

I will be back with a blog post very soon, I promise, unfortunately my very very special friend Paul Addie has hijacked my computer as he has discovered MySpace. So I am lucky if I get a look in these days. But thats okay, he is an up and coming musician who needs the support to get his CD released.

So that is all from me for now. Love you all to bits.


Love Me xxx



  1. Nigel B said,

    Thanks for the warning there. Anyway, it is good to see you back on here even if only for this. looking forward to your next blog entries.

    Have a great Thursday,


  2. ZIGGY said,

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Very nice page

  3. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for letting us know about this!

  4. Anonymous said,

    Good to know you will be back soon. i’m missing your posts!

  5. Anonymous said,


  6. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    thank you for the warning and thank you for telling us you will post soon again another blog…i am always curious about what you are writing…
    wish you wonderful time….

  7. carebear said,

    thanks for the warning

  8. A W said,

    thanks for the warning

  9. A W said,

    thanks for the warning

  10. Anonymous said,

    hi fluffy, went and checked out pauls my space page, had a read, im glad he is having a good time using your puter. lol. sounds like he is quite the musician, ish i could hear his songs, darn 56k modem, loading a song, lol one hour+. hopefully one day we will be able to get broadband or the like here in the back blocks of the deep bushland. might have to impose time limits between the two of you to take turns. lol. thats what i do with the kids. ha ha. thanks heaps for the warning as well. happy weekend to you.

  11. Anonymous said,

    ok that said wish i could hear his songs. lol. oops!!

  12. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for the heads up!

  13. Anonymous said,

    Im glad that your page came back to normal. I hate all the spam i get from scammers and other people wanting to rob me. The internet was a good idea, like all good ideas bad people take advantage, hug

  14. Alicia said,

    Thank you for posting this. It is always good to share with our friends anything that might harm them.

  15. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the information.

  16. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the info

  17. Anonymous said,

    thanks for the heads up on that comment issue. I’ll be even more careful.
    Great pic of you and your fluffy friend!

  18. Anonymous said,

    You are such a wonderful person to help people like this. You are just precious.

  19. Toni A said,

    Thanks for the heads up. I had a quick listen to your friends song on My Space. Very nice! Will have to revisit when I have more time.

  20. Reymundo, Gabby and Lauren said,

    Thank you for the info.

  21. chandrashaker b said,

    Nice to see your page. Thanks for info.

  22. Anonymous said,

    Thanx for the alert, Kool tune Paul, and I’m much better now Fluffy, thanx fer askin’!

  23. vickie_bowie said,

    “Unfortunately” Paul has hijacked your computer? A hot, talented musician making himself at home at your place…somehow I don’t think you mind all that much…hehehe and wink wink!

  24. Curtis said,

    tell paul to get his on computer lol

  25. enzo said,

    Forse non capisco bene, ma mi piace la tua faccia.

  26. Anonymous said,

    Peace, Love, and a Happy Weekend! 🙂

  27. Anonymous said,

    hey, thanx 4 lettin us no! saved alot of trouble lol

  28. Anonymous said,

    Whoa! Spooky Stuff! Thanks for the Info!!! I would’ve been freakin out! Thank you so much for the headz up too!

  29. Anonymous said,

    makes a “link comment” of my own ……. will transport you automatically to my mind……. the big dark empty scarey place ……. dont be afraid the monsters arent real 😀 …..

    hope all is well with you, Im just catching up with a few friends I have neglected lately with all the chaos of the “real world” ….. hope your weekend was good 🙂 and your week even better

  30. Anonymous said,

    yeah, everyone ought to be warned about the c deleting virus and the “inside hackers.” they nealry got me few days ago. hit my firewall 379 times before i could even push the lock out
    that was 3 days ago. they almost got my yahoo module. i hate that cracking with malicious intent. what a waste. probably kids using dadys computer. it takes a lot of gigs to run what they are running! everyone be safe online. try to report incedents with any log you might have to security and abuse. always do that. play nice hehehe you all have a great day. btw fluffybutt- you are a great realist sketcher! very nice doodles.

  31. Anonymous said,

    That is good to know thank you for posting this.

  32. Anonymous said,

    first time I heard of something like that

  33. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the warning, I am going to copy your note and pass it on to my friends. Stop by for a visit at my page sometime.

  34. Ray H said,

    Glad you manmaged to sort out the problem. Lets hope you don’t get anymore silly links like the one you recieved.

  35. den l said,

    coolb… and yes it sounds like some kinda injected code.. well good to know it happens here as well as myspace.and thanks for the warning..I almost never pay attention when checking mesges.

  36. Anonymous said,

    I’ve not seen such a scenario but appreciate the lookout advice. Yakoke (thank you)!

  37. ღ♥ღLaurieღ♥ღ(my nickname from my grandparents) said,

    sorry to read you’re not feeling well either just been fiddling about on the computer can’t sleep fighting a cough an sinus here .
    I’ve got an orange tabby that feels I have been way to long here.
    Have a great day.

  38. Anonymous said,

  39. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for that bit of info! U can never b 2 careful on here!

    Btw; That’s a beautiful cat u have there! I had a black cat like that when I was n grade school and I named him “Duke”!

    1 day he found him a girlfriend and moved away withher I guess!

  40. Anonymous said,

    I’m sorry. Because I commented for the firest time. I have made a mistake. I do not understand a method of deletion.
    It is dear cat. I love a cat.
    Thank you for information.

  41. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the warning. I appreciate you. Also, you look damn cute.

  42. Luís Guerra said,

    Nice kitten, reminding me of my last cat… exactly the same.

  43. Anonymous said,

    Your Cat looks just like mine, His name is Simon

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