Its Crazy Doodle Time Again…

April 10, 2007 at 7:00 pm (Art, Doodles, Drawing) (, , )


Here for your enjoyment is my latest crazy doodle, drawn on Good Friday at a friends of a friends house, being the only woman surrounded by about 6 males talking about music. Hmmm please don\’t analyze this!!!


Love Me xxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    Awesome!!…I love it. I wish I had time to start drawing again. 48 more weeks of classes and I’ll have my free time back where I can draw.

  2. Toni A said,

    You truly are talented

  3. Bellemai said,

    definitely interesting looking! I won’t analyze it enough to hurt, but it looks like you had time on your hands!

  4. Anonymous said,

    Your drawing is beyond any talent. Ive seen alot of art but never any drawing so smooth, clean and pure. That is amazing. You must have drawn this from your heart and soul. Keep drawing hugs to you

  5. Nigel B said,

    That’s only a doodle?? Get it framed and take it to a publisher or do some more and sell them at £100 each. You have an excellent talent here and should exploit it.

  6. MykelO said,

    The look in the “birds” eye and the mutliple forked tongues on the “serpent” don’t need any interpretation.

    You will have to find more attentive and appreciative males!

    Happy daze, Michael.

  7. crly said,

    i love it! your friends’ conversation must have been truly stimulating 🙂

  8. Curtis said,

    art wasn’t one of my talents, can barely read my on handwrighting, more gifted in music, you are surely gifted

  9. Anonymous said,

    ooooh… i DO like that!!!

  10. Anonymous said,

    YAYYYY!! i love crazy doodle time. lol. its been too long fluffy.
    oops was so excited i nearly forgot to look at the doodle. lol.
    it is a beaut. and no ok i wont analyze……….hhmmmmmm, yes very moving, the……. oops said i wouldn’t analyze. love you my friend and your beautiful art work. xxxx

  11. Anonymous said,

    I admire people with artistic talent. That was good.

  12. nobody said,

    You are so freakin’ talented…

  13. Anonymous said,

    awesome doodle! Would love to see what you produce when you do apply your obvious talent. (I really REALLY want to anylize it. Can I? Can I pleeze? PLEEEZE?!)

  14. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    lovebird meets snake… i know your doodles.. they are always great..

  15. Anonymous said,

    How’s come anytime I doodle it just looks like rubish? I can seriously make something out of yours. No fair!

  16. Anonymous said,

    Imagine, creativity and a beautiful woman, no wonder you were surrounded by 6 males LOL. I love the pic. Do you sell your work? You should, your work is very interesting. Love the site as well.

  17. *Walmie* said,

    i wish i had some talent for art your doodle is amazing !!! your actually work has to be mind blowing all that and your beautiful too shame ya an Aussie LOL xxx

  18. Anonymous said,

    My “art” is limited to cartoons…of which I am infamous to family and friends…hardly sensitive and artistic likes yours…wonderful..I love the contrast in it..balance between delicacy and threat, giving and taking, flight and rooted or chained, etc….p.s. my grandfather was from Lithuania..what part of Russia did your family come from?

  19. Anonymous said,

    I like your picture. 🙂

  20. Anonymous said,

    Inspiration is the finest of all arts. 🙂

  21. vickie_bowie said,

    Wow, that is really fantastic Fluffybutt…I can picture it as the design on an avant garde wallpaper, or even on china…perhaps with a silver or grey background…or it could be an illustration in a book, or how about on fabric, I can see it on some upscale designer’s clothing. Ooops, am I getting carried away? LOL

  22. carebear said,


  23. Anonymous said,

    i love it…i’ve a piece of pottery i found in an antique store that has a somewhat similar bird pattern (but not the same)but i adore yours, esp the fish (i’ve had a thing for fish patterns-both realistic and whimsical-for a couple of years now-i don’t know what or what that’s supposed to me , laughs

  24. Anonymous said,

    (and yes, i realize that’s probably a snake, but i still love your ability-such a great talent-i’m very envious

  25. Anonymous said,

    I Love It!

  26. Anonymous said,

    Really Cool. I listen to music when I draw, or doodle.

    I don’t smoke when I do this. I’ve really cut down my cigs! Seeing someone else’s doodles gives me inspiration…and Exhalations, too!

    Cheers..xx..@<…love, Res/adam/Bill.

  27. Anonymous said,

    Odd the serpent when surrounded by men LOL I love it! You are interesting as always

  28. Anonymous said,

    It seem the carpet!!!

  29. Teressa Shannon Dillinger said,

    Hi Fluffybutt! I saw ur blog on the interesting 360’s, so happy I stopped in, YOU are very talented artist, that is not a doodle, that is really artistic, I would love to see it in color on a pottery.I love your blogs, could read all day. I would be honored to be ur 360 friend, please drop by my page any old time, and do more art hon! Glad to meet you. I am judy in Tn. You are very talented and interesting., thanks so much for sharing with us.

  30. Anonymous said,

    Very nice art! Keep it up! have a great Sunday!

  31. Bowzer said,

    Love it! Looks like a lyrebird talking to a land-based moray eel-flower…errrrrrr, which is fine, of course!

  32. Betty V said,


  33. Anonymous said,

    What a beautiful picture..

  34. Anonymous said,

    Very intesting doodle. You are quite talented. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Anonymous said,

    I wish I had an ounce of your talent !!!! You have a great gift ! It is beautiful !

  36. Trippinjimi said,

    I love your doodle’s Fluffy, but i always feel guilty, i haven’t drawn anything for years.

  37. Aamir said,

    Is that a peacock on the top? You like drawing curves! Are U a Libra? Just wondering….!!! Good drawing by the way!! Take care

  38. Biff said,

    Of all the gifts a person can be blessed with, artistic talent is the best of them all. Art can be enjoyed by everyone no matter thier background or culture or education. Art can be created anywhere with relatively simple tools. Art can be spontaneous. Art can be enjoyed instantly. Art can be appreciated no matter what its stage of creation is, whether it is in-work or completed.

    You obviously are blessed with an abundance of artistic talent. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  39. Frank C said,

    Interesting reading the comments here. I often work using squiggles and doodles.and find interesting what comes from peoples unconscious. This has some nice design and flows well.Your experience comes through. Thanks for sharing here.

    On a second note any way of describing that strange comment that affected your page? Strange is too general a statement to know what to look for.

  40. Anonymous said,

    Wow, that is awesome. Like to see more.

  41. Anonymous said,

    that would make a good tattoo Miss Fluffy.

  42. Daisy said,

    Man, now I have to make peace with the fact that even my doodles are inferior.LOL That is beautiful though.

  43. Anonymous said,

    Well I’m going to say it looks like you were in a room full of too many men and w/ all their talk of cars, women, beer, sports and gee what have I missed, oh yes, *golf* coming up, I’m certain you’ve drawn a picture of a female about to bite a head off while the other offers up a twig as protection to hide behind it, lol

    I’ve been looking for you forever and finally found you again! Good to see you’re still here!

  44. JAMIE H. said,

    first of all i love the black cat have 1 just like it his name is TOM and also i love your doodle,youd make a great tattoo artist.just wanted to say HELLO from the USA and great blog.thanks for the info on the comment with no pic it is here to.well catch u later.

  45. JAMIE H. said,

    first of all i love the black cat have 1 just like it his name is TOM and also i love your doodle,youd make a great tattoo artist.just wanted to say HELLO from the USA and great blog.thanks for the info on the comment with no pic it is here to.well catch u later.

  46. Anonymous said,

    wow….wow wow wow!!! u r absolutely talented! that is just amazing!

  47. LadyExpat said,

    Great doodle. You are talented!

  48. Anonymous said,

    hey@@ your doodles are actually you know that?I am sure you do ..wink wink

  49. Anonymous said,

    Do you have a Deviant Art account? I would love to see more of your artwork

  50. Anonymous said,

    SOO Awesome!

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