I want to know…

April 2, 2007 at 2:11 am (Uncategorized)


what kind of Easter Eggs this bunny would deliver? What do you think?


Love Me xxxx


P.S. This is a real rabbit, bred in Germany.



  1. Bowzer said,

    OMG!!! Well, my guess is it would go into partnership with several ostriches and a paint factory!

  2. Anonymous said,

    i think it’s used to hunt Lions and Grizzly Bears actually.

  3. Nigel B said,

    Big ones I should think, isn’t that the Llind Bunny?

  4. Anonymous said,

    I’ve got it!Bunny eggs!!!

  5. Anonymous said,

    I think the answer would be “Any kind he wants to!”; that’s one big wabbit! 🙂

  6. Anonymous said,

    Bred for Monty Python Sketches no doubt….. lol

  7. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    Boy….that rabbit would scare Alice right out of the looking glass!

  8. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    ostrich eggs of course… 😉

  9. Anonymous said,

    he’s BEAUTIFUL! I’ve heard of the Giant Rabbit breed, but had no idea he was SO BIG. Unless that man is Very Small Indeed. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  10. Curtis said,

    take a big pot to cook that rabbit,never seen one that big before lol

  11. Anonymous said,

    That’s one huge rabbit!! Imagine the chocolate rush you could get off those eggs!

  12. Anonymous said,

    Gosh what a big bunny. I think it would have ostrich size eggs too.

  13. Anonymous said,

    WOW! Look at the size of those feet, errrr paws, errrr… Just what do you call ’em on rabbits? Haha! Have a great week!

  14. Anonymous said,

    I never could understand what a Rabbit has to do with eggs? I’t always puzzled me?

  15. Anonymous said,

    Good lord that is a big bunny.

  16. Anonymous said,

    I think its used for finding lost friends on the planet say if you get a chance post on my 360 id love it you are the best glad your back kidd aka Carl

  17. Anonymous said,

    I think its used for finding lost friends on the planet say if you get a chance post on my 360 id love it you are the best glad your back kidd aka Carl

  18. Anonymous said,

    Blame it on our great German carrots! LOL

  19. Anonymous said,

    Hi Fluffy,
    Welcome home.
    I have that photo as well.Great minds think alike again.
    He is going to feed Asians with that beautiful creature.Oh No!
    Shame on him.
    L Mich

  20. Anonymous said,

    Wow. Big ‘uns be my guess. say… ya know why the Easter Bunny hides (her?) eggs? Cuz (she?) doesn’t want anyone knowing (she’s?) boinking a chicken!

  21. joseph said,

    Huge Eggs…Very Huge Eggs!
    Forget the eggs…imagine the size of the spermicidal flagella that would be required to procreate with it! lol
    Joe 🙂

  22. Anonymous said,

    That’s a BIG bunny! When I was young we used to raise rabbits… just imagine the size of cage that bunny would need! I wonder how much it eats and boy would he feed alot people when it comes to stew time!

  23. Anonymous said,

    Darn…that rabbit brings back memories of one of those old b-rated movies…Night of the Lepus…about the huge rabbits terrorizing a town. Ok…I’m going to go and have some nightmares now…LOL


  24. Toni A said,

    What a gorgeous animal. I so want one as watchdog or is that watch rabbit.

  25. Bellemai said,

    Wow. That is one huge bunny! Don’t you just want to rub his fuzzy ol nose? Wonder if he’s friendly! Wowzer.

  26. JD said,

    That’s not a big rabbit,the guy pictured is a German dwarf,Look at the size of his armies, I guess that rabbit is his Hunny Bunny

  27. Anonymous said,

    That would be one Gigantic Cadbury Egg! OMG! That Bunnys head is as big as the man holding him! Whoa how much Miracle-Gro Grown carrots does that bunny eat? LoL Holy Smokes!

  28. Anonymous said,


  29. Anonymous said,

    If that bunny left eggs, surely they would be very large CHOCOLATE eggs and the yummiest of sorts OR his cage would need cleaned out quite often!

  30. Anonymous said,

    you gotta be kidding! whoa!

  31. Anonymous said,

    i dont know about its eggs,but if elmer fudd saw that he’d become a vegan…

  32. Anonymous said,

    I’d be afraid that that particular bunny would eat the kids.

  33. Anonymous said,

    JEEZZZ I dont know if I want to hug it or hide from it LOL how fricken cute!! look at its bigg fuzzy feet! wow that would be quit a rabbit pellet lol. ok back on track..basket… it would have somthing wonderful for Ms. Elizabeth from bed and bath! and a bit of her Fav candys to munch on! Duh what did you think was in the basket! lol Happy Easter! It’s also my babys 2nd B-day!! wooohooo partaaaaa! God Bless!

  34. shats said,

    I don’t know what kind they would be but if he was sitting on it he can keep them!!!

  35. hismousiegrl said,

    that’s an incredibly large rabbit!! good grief!!!
    and what exactly DOES a rabbit have to do with eggs?

  36. Lanafalana said,

    wow, that made me giggle! what do you do with such a rabbit? just think if you heard munching in your garden one night and looked out to see such a rabbit. I think you would faint dead away not sure if you were in a alice in wonderland dream!

  37. Muff said,

    hopes everynight that Elmer Fudd isnt 40 feet tall after seeing that picture im sure there is no hope lol

  38. gelub said,

    me too

  39. gelub said,

    me too

  40. gelub said,

    me too

  41. Anonymous said,

    is it really from germany? i wont leave the house anymore, until easter is over *lol*

  42. Anonymous said,

    is it really from germany? i wont leave the house anymore, until easter is over *lol*

  43. Anonymous said,

    wow! his bunny footsies are bigger than my dog!

  44. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    I hope he does n’t get sent to North Korea…http://www.spiegel.de/international/0,1518,458863,00.html

  45. carebear said,

    WOW that is abig bunny i would think he would deliver very big eggs like ostrich. he is very cute

  46. Anonymous said,

    These were bred in Germany for North Korea where there is a food shortage. Did not work for two reasons.

    Firstly such creatures would have to be fed on food that people could have eaten in the first place thus making it all rather pointless.

    Secondly the breeding pair sent over were apparently eaten by the President!

  47. standing bear said,

  48. standing bear said,

    oooopps! i hit the wong key,he,he,he.Jesus,Mary,Joesph!!!!look at the size of those thumpers Rodger rabbit looks like he has some BBBBIG comp. if jesica ever layed eyes on this big fellow, eggs the size of basket balls if possable.look out elmer!!!! talking ’bout the rabbit habbit o.m.g (bear)

  49. Anonymous said,

    that is a very big and handsome bunny 🙂

  50. Arabda Bebab said,

    i believe those eggs would be BIG FLUFFYBUTT EGGS!

  51. Anonymous said,



    What can I say except OMG!

    Do you think he lives long? I wonder what his heart would be beating at and whether that’s healthy for him to be so big. How do you grow a rabbit so big? That’s not a real breed is it? What the heck do they feed them?! It’s not steroids, is it? Now that would be dangerous, poor thing. Awwwww

    He’s sure damn cute though!

  52. Anonymous said,

    I just looked it up online, so sad, they are being bred for food in North Korea, well North Korea asked him (Karl Szmolinsky) if he would sell the rabbits as the country goes hungry and lives on practically nothing.

    He was compelled to help but I’m sure it was a difficult decision… aww I hate to think they are being eaten, damn. And this was the only solution for Korea? Crap.

    Here’s all the links:
    Jan 10, 2007:

    Feb 2007: http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2007/02/hungry_north_ko.html

    Feb 2007:

    Feb 2007:

    It’s all very recent by the looks of it, so sad. I’m sad 😦 Well I guess people have to eat.

  53. Derose44 - Vicky said,

    probably the chocolate kind that my dog loves to eat….lol

  54. Anonymous said,

    Holy Moley!! My cat can catch any rabbit or varmit he chooses, but with that rabbit, he’d be clamoring to get into my front door and have kitty poo hanging from his hind end. Yikes!!! 🙂

  55. Anonymous said,

    Holy Moley! My cat can catch any rabbit or varmit he chooses, but with that rabbit, he’d be clamoring to get in the front door, and with kitty poo at his back end. That’s one big rabbit. 🙂

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