This may upset some people but I just have to say it….

March 12, 2007 at 1:55 am (Uncategorized)



Why you may well ask, speaking as a graphic designer, they are tacky, tasteless and trashy. Enough said I should think!



  1. MykelO said,


    Absolute ban with immediate effect!

    They drive me wild!

  2. Chiefmc said,

    Well I imagine that most of us don’t mind them. What is your reasoning for not liking them? You have not made your case Flutterbutt.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Here Here!

  4. Curtis said,

    sounds ok to me lol

  5. Anonymous said,

    Maybe trashy but also retro…I’m not a fan of them but I don’t mind them either. *shrugsshoulders*

  6. Anonymous said,

    yep i agree, some of them are pretty bad. but some are ok to look at from a non graphic designer point of view. lol.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Where is the petition so I can sign.
    These are usually used by people that can’t see what ‘ART’ truly is.
    I get more out of the environment or space and beyond.
    I promise you won’t see any on my page.!!
    Enough said my friend .
    L Mich.

  8. The Devil's Advocate said,

    Ban glitter graphics! One can say “I hope you have a nice day” without attaching a sparkly fairy picture. When you tell someone good morning in real life, do you also hand over a greetings card? Then again, I’m just a guy, so that girly stuff doesn’t appeal to me anyway.

  9. JEFF said,

    You are so right! along with the chain comments, the glitter must go!

  10. Anonymous said,

    damn straight!

  11. Queen of West Majinney said,

    How many tweeners are there??? Glitter graphics are great for the under 12 set, but let’s grow up and BAN the glitter!

  12. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    it reminds me to my youth.. we have so called Poese-albums.. as children… friends write in some poems, oh.. not pretty ones… really trashy, like… “in allen vier Ecken soll Liebe drin stecken” in all four corner should be love… and such things…. and we are used to glue flowers and childrenpics in color… really trashy… a bit like these glitter things… you are so right……

  13. basket_1960_420 said,

    hope your having a great monday some of the gltter graghics such as the pron i can see something wrong with but the cute one i see nothing wrong with well any way hope you have a great week

  14. midtownvineyard said,

    Someone out there in yahoo 360 please ban glitter graphics … they are tacky tastless and trashy.


    Is it a group that puts on a ban or someone?

    Is it in yahoo 360 that you want the ban or on a larger scale?

    Is it tacky, trashy, tastless people you want to ban or just their free speech through glitter graphics?

  15. Anonymous said,

    I like a good stir…………… Well Done 😉
    P.S. I’m not a fan of them either………….

  16. Anonymous said,

    I personally HATE using MySpace because of all the glitter graphics people tend to use. They take forever to load. By the time I load a page, I could have driven over to see the person! IF you want me to visit a page, I like it to be fairly simple to see, and that’s one reason I like 360 so much, I can select “read without theme” and often do (when a page becomes too busy.)

  17. Enchantress said,

    I can understand where you’re coming from, as a designer as well, there is a tendency to overdue the glitter effect and I always have problems with them anyway, especially with my animation program, but thankfully I am pleased with paint shop pro X, I don’t know what I would do without that!

  18. Bart said,

    Sounds good to me, I also wish we could ban all the dumb hallmark moment chain mail “friend’ messages and “tags” that get sent to everyone on a friends list, I get multiple copies of the same things all the time, if I’m so “loved” and such a good friend then someone can send a real message and not a boring mass produced mail, I’m not referring to you Fluffy but I have other people who keep sending the chain mail stuff, whats your opinion on these ?

  19. Anonymous said,

    you know what i hate about the chain emails? they always say “pass this on for good luck. if you don’t something bad will happen”. give me a break! i’ve deleted them from the start and i haven’t had any bad luck, that i’ve noticed anyway. also – those chain mail things are GREAT for spreading viruses/worm thingies.

  20. Nigel B said,

    yes, I totally agree with you on this. I have one in use on my myspace page but do not send them out in emails and spammy chain mail emails with the pass this on to all your etc… Hate them too.

  21. Anonymous said,

    i admit to being too graphically challenged to use them, so you won’t ever see any from me ~laughs~

  22. Gerard Singh said,

    Ha ha ha ha … as long as they don’t ban long blog entries! I’d be out of job then and would be forced to get work as a musician LOL!!! Hugs – Gerard

  23. Anonymous said,

    Of all the things to ban I should think “lol” “lmao” etc. should be amoung the first. I am a graphic designer too but a good one knows that not every design is right for every person. And I may be a bit old fashioned but I still believe the client is always right. There are a lot of people who enjoy them so who am I to judge.

  24. Anonymous said,

    Ya, I get glitter splashed about half a dozen times a day. Gag me with a spoon!

  25. Anonymous said,

    agree with you , ban them

  26. tully said,

    yep I have so had my fill of them too

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