The Tale of Duncan the Dog and his Mate….

March 11, 2007 at 6:19 pm (Weird News) ()


I saw this story on t.v. this morning and just had to share it.

Its about a man and a dog and how they ended up together.

Tale of true soul mates

Effort under way to reunite Australian visitor, rescued dog

This is a story of an Australian man who loves a dog from the American Midwest so much that a small-town police chief is raising money to keep them together.

It\’s a story of how the man and dog saved each other.

It also may be a story about how an angel disguised as a dog met a man in Spokane through divine intervention.

Sound over the top?

It\’s not to Kevin Greer, an Aussie with failing health who says he found a second chance in Duncan, a black Russian terrier that was homeless and hurting in rural Missouri and got his own second chance.


\”He sends out this aura to people, everyone he meets,\” Greer said of Duncan. \”He\’s got a little bit of angel in him.\”

Greer, 69, a wrinkled, tanned outdoorsman grew up in the outback and has a deep love for animals.

Four years ago his German shepherd, Mona, died at his home, outside of Brisbane, Queensland. He was devastated.

\”There\’s not a day that goes past that he doesn\’t talk about Mona,\” said Greer\’s daughter, Lisa Rosier, a Spokane resident.

Later, Greer suffered a heart attack and underwent triple-bypass surgery. He had a stroke, and doctors operated twice on his neck to clear the arteries. He emerged with a damaged vocal cord, leaving him unable to talk above a whisper and pushing him into coughing fits.

He was then diagnosed with lung disease and a growth in his skull that gives him headaches and vertigo.

A follow-up operation allowed him to speak in a weak, raspy voice. Greer, a normally social and active man, was weak, and embarrassed about his voice, he said.

He became a recluse, he said.

Meanwhile, an ocean and half a continent away, a farmer in rural Missouri saw what he thought was a black calf among his cattle. He found a dog, malnourished and tick-ridden. The dog had a ¾-inch barb embedded in his paw, and pockmarks on his chest that looked like he had been shot with a shotgun, Rosier said.

The farmer took him to an animal shelter, where he was saved by a couple that named him Duncan and contacted a national black Russian terrier rescue association, Rosier said.

\”He was very thin. He was covered with ticks and burs and mats all over him,\” said Sonja Hicks, who, with her husband Gary, rescued Duncan, who is about a year and a half old.

That national rescue association notified Rosier, who had signed up to rescue a dog. Rosier flew Duncan to Spokane on June 14.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Greer was preparing to visit his daughter. He arrived June 15.

Dog and man met at Rosier\’s southeast Spokane home.

\”We both arrived at the same time. We just clicked,\” Greer said. \”We became bloody mates.\”

The dog changed Greer.

He started telling jokes. He painted the back deck. On walks with Duncan he started talking with neighbors and taking different routes so he could meet new neighbors and see new areas, he said.

Greer also changed the dog, who became more healthy and vocal.

During some of his walks with Duncan, he went barefoot so he could feel what the dog was feeling, Rosier said.

Greer, a man who had to put down animals on the farm and is accustomed to blood, almost passed out when a veterinarian gave Duncan a shot, Rosier said.

The two became so close that Greer began to dread leaving the dog when he flew back to Australia on Aug. 9.

It was clear what had to be done, Rosier said. She had to send Duncan to Australia.

\”It\’s more than a coincidence,\” she said. \”It\’s obvious they\’re meant to be together. I told Dad, \’We\’ll make it happen.\’ \”

\”I think Duncan was sent to Dad to say \’you have a few years left,\’ \” Rosier added.

Greer, when asked last week how he felt when his daughter told him she would try to keep the pair together, became choked up and had to retreat to a back room.

But sending the dog to Australia is easier said than done. All told, it\’ll cost about $4,000 to get him the required tests, have him flown there and board him while he\’s in mandatory 30-day quarantine in Sydney, according to a cost sheet compiled by Rosier.

Rosier, who works for the Cheney Police Department, told her boss, Chief Jeff Sale, she was going to have a garage sale.

Sale had bigger ideas.

So far, he has opened the Duncan Relocation Fund account at Spokane Teachers Credit Union and solicited Cheney businesses for donations. He told the City Council, which passed a resolution supporting the effort.

Though he has yet to hear back, he mailed a letter last week to Qantas airways asking for free or reduced-cost airfare for the dog. And he talked with the local American Legion about closing a city street and putting on a fundraiser, complete with music and food, on Oct. 7.

He hasn\’t heard back yet, but he contacted the Seattle Seahawks asking for free merchandise that could be auctioned off, he said.

Sale said he did it because in his decades in law enforcement he\’s seen how a sequence of unrelated events can lead to tragedy.

\”This is one where a certain sequence of events brought two souls from different parts of the world together at the same time for a good outcome,\” he said. \”And I would just like to help perpetuate that to make sure that that continues on.\”

As of Tuesday morning, Sale said he\’d received $355 in donations. Because he has yet to hold any large events, he\’s hopeful they\’ll reach the goal.

Sale said any extra money would be donated to Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service.

Greer left on Aug. 9, and Duncan is here until at least mid-December, when Rosier hopes to fly him to Sydney for the monthlong quarantine.

After Greer left, Rosier said, Duncan wouldn\’t eat for a day and had trouble sleeping.

If Duncan makes it to Australia, Greer plans to take him around to hospitals for veterans and the elderly, people he thinks could benefit from time with Duncan.

\”He wants to share that with others who might be thinking about giving up, too,\” Rosier said.

But the wait is going to be hard for Greer.

\”It\’s gonna be the roughest time in my life. It really is,\” he said.

\”When Dad left the house, he had tears running down his face,\”
Rosier said.

\”He\’s a tough old bugger. I\’ve never seen him like that.\”

Well the good news there was enough money raised and Duncan has now been moved to Australia and reunited with Kevin.

I thought after my Ode to Truffles a story about a lovely dog would be nice too!

Love Me xxxx

Photo of Duncan waiting to go to Australia.



  1. basket_1960_420 said,


  2. Anonymous said,

    My Hats off to Chief Jeff Sale and all the fund raisers who donated the money needed to reunite Duncan and Kevin What a nice ending… Wishing you a Great Week! Thanks for the great story Fluffybutt : )

  3. Anonymous said,

    What a great story! I love my pets, both cat ‘n dog and I would give up too if I could not be with them.

  4. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    What a wonderful story reading it brought a lump to my throat. Having a special pet means so much in our lives.

  5. Bowzer said,

    Yes indeed, thank you for such a wonderful story! I often tell people there’s a little bit of angel in me too. They don’t believe it, of course…sob…*mournful howl*

  6. Anonymous said,

    I’ve got a few tears my eyes right now.
    God love them both.
    L Mich.

  7. Mrs. Chrissy Vas said,

    What an uplifting story! Such a great way for me to start my Monday.

  8. nobody said,

    That is so fantastic, Thanks for a great story to start the day! I have a cat that is a rescue, and a dog that is a rescue, so I related to both of your posts! I don’t know what I would do without my furkids!

  9. Anonymous said,

    that’s a wonderful story. makes me appreciate my little charlie bear that much more. thanks for sharing.

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