March 7, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)


I love possums. They run across my tin roof in their jackboots at 3am. They climb out of my laundry and into the trees in my backyard at about 7pm.

Where I live we have two kinds of possums. Brush-tail possums and Ring-tail possums. The brush-tail possums are larger with tails like brushes and the ring-tail possums are smaller red possums with less hairy tails.

Anyway I just love them. And I was telling my friend Bowzer a story about how I was living in an amazing house on top of a hill, and it had a wrought iron gate on the front so you could leave the door open but lock the gate when it was hot especially at night.

Well, one night we had left the front door open and locked the security gate to get the breeze. My mother was living with us too and my sister had come to visit from another city.

Mum had an area to herself where she would watch telly and sew etc. , so I went to say goodnight to them and they were both snoozing on the couch.

But behind them sitting next to the fruit bowl was a possum snacking away, mandarin in one paw and an apple in the other. It was so cute. It had snuck in quietly and was munching as they slept.

After that we used to put some fruit outside for them so they wouldn\’t come inside, but they did sometimes anyway.

Well today I was going through my files and found the photo of that possum. So here it is. They are just adorable little critters.


Love Me xxxxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    He is cute.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Thank you for a wonderful little story – I loved the observational nature of your experience.
    Keep writing!

  3. Anonymous said,

    Well I have learn something new. thank’s for sharing. the litle possum his kind of cute..

  4. Anonymous said,


  5. ~* Raenie *~ said,

    What a cute little critter! I never knew that possums could be so friendly. Always thought them to be “wild”.

    That possum, in the house, must have been thrilled to have found such a nice “snack station”! :0)

  6. Anonymous said,

    i love ya honey but I have to disagree here. im afraid of possums. they give me the heebie jeebies.

  7. Anonymous said,

    we only have ring tailed around here. cute blog..hugs

  8. Anonymous said,

    I love it!!

  9. Anonymous said,

    Thank you. The story is a wonderful. :-)))

  10. Anonymous said,

    I love animals! I used to bring home so many strays that I would get in trouble…LOL My little one shares the same love…we already have a cat, 2 dogs and a hamster…she has asked for a kitten and bird for her birthday…LOL I’m sure that she will be like me and be bringing home every stray animal she finds.

    We have possums here…and everyone things they are the ugliest things…now, I admit that they have some yucky looking hairless tails, but they are the cutest things. The one in your pic…I would have wanted to pick him up and cuddle him…He is just too cute!


  11. Anonymous said,

    granny loves opposums too …… specially slow cooked with cabbage 😀 …… and just for your general information raccoons and oppossums are the number one carriers of rabies …. watch from a distance

  12. Anonymous said,

    Go to my page as I did an post on Possums months ago.I love ALL our native animals and put about 3 of them on my page week.
    I feed about 101 possums on average nightly across the road in Catani Gardens..St Kilda,Melbourne.
    They are so tame and cute.!!

  13. Anonymous said,

    where do you live? we have possums here but they don’t look anything like that!

  14. Curtis said,

    The possums over here look a little different

  15. Anonymous said,

    Sorry, but what you have there is not a possom. Possoms have ratlike hairless tails and a long pointed snout with long k-9 like teeth, grin, bear their teeth and hiss a lot. I can’t remember what this animal is called, but it’s certainly not a possom. Thank you.

  16. Anonymous said,

    Those are so cute! I wish the possums in the US were that cute! I had a sugar glider for awhile..she was a sweetie! I miss her dearly.

  17. Anonymous said,

    Our possmums here in the states look different and they are mean! One night I heard a racket outside and when I looked out there was one little possum running across the front yard with a Fuji apple from our tree in his mouth. Hahaha. My husband had accused our granddaughter of taking bites out of them and leaving them on the ground. Was his face red to find out it was the possums. LOL

  18. Anonymous said,

    Whoops….typo….I meant possum, actually opossum. 😀

  19. Anonymous said,

    do your ‘possums taste as sweet as ours here in the states??? God knows how many mountain and river bottom kids have fought their siblings over who gets to eat the head.

  20. Bowzer said,

    That is indeed a very cute little feller! And quite a feat to be able to eat those fruit, one in each paw! If these guys ever want to visit Malaysia, please let them know my dog house is always open – but please bring your won fruit, I’m not into all that healthy stuff : )

  21. Anonymous said,

    Once upon a time when I was learning to drive, I was headed down a curvy rural Kentucky highway with my mother in the passenger’s seat. I see something in the road ahead in the dusk, and being an animal lover, slow down. As I approach said thing, I discover that it’s a prickly faced opossum, doing a confused “Oh my! Headlights! Run to the left, No! Run to the right, No! Run to the left, No! Run to the right, No!” etc. you get the idea. I completely stopped the car, waiting for the ugly bugger to decide to play dead or run off. We sat for a complete minute while it made up its little pea-sized mind.

    Opossums are stupid, ugly, and mean. When I first read your entry, I thought that the whole thing was sarcastic, since they wake you up at 3 am with jack boots and break into your home. But hey, I could be wrong. If you really love the things, you’re a great person with better karma-building skills than me!

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