More Mouse Catching Antics….

February 26, 2007 at 5:11 pm (Cats) ()


Fluffybutt has decided to wage her wrath on the mouse community of my back yard.

Sunday night she appeared at my back door meowing loudly with another mouse in her mouth.

She showed it to me and then dropped it in the backyard again as she did last week.

But Harvey wasn\’t around to steal it. Instead Truffles decided that she should play with it for an hour or two before eating it.

So here is a photo of Truffles at my back door on the deck, with said mouse. Poor itty bitty mouse.

So now I have a crack team of assassins at my disposal, so mice of the world, beware!!!


Love Me xxxxx



  1. jackaloopa said,

    i actually had a dog who caught mice just like a cat…wish i had taken photos…

  2. Anonymous said,

    poor mouse, but what a proud kitty. My cat did the same. Great job!!!

  3. Anonymous said,

    She shall become the terror of all Aussie…(((Fluffybutt)))00 ty for the share…god bless..

  4. Anonymous said,

    I’m so thankful that our cats are too lazy to catch mice…it would freak me out too much.

  5. Adz said,

    Lucky we don’t have mice around our place and my kittens do not go outside. We live next to a very busy road and i don’t want them to end up under a car. But poor mouse. May it be a warning to the next one that is trying to be brave!!!lol!!!:0)

  6. natashanoelani29 said,

    my cat stands on guard everyday watching my son’s mice in their cage. lol

  7. Anonymous said,

    awww, what a cute kitty. my cat does the same thing with ground moles. Sometimes she leaves them in the house, though. Not a very pleasant way to wake up when you go to get the paper and you accidentally step in dead mole remains. Blech.

  8. Anonymous said,

    We have several cats here that are great mice catchers but then I do live on a ranch with a big barn and there are all kinds of mice in it because of the horse food. Great job kitty keep it up and your human will be mose free.

  9. Anonymous said,

    Adorable picture, even with the dead mouse!

  10. Anonymous said,

    At least she’s taken care of the mouse population. Although I’d hate to see them when she catches them.

  11. Bowzer said,

    Errrrrr…your crack team of assassins DO stick to just mice, I hope? *dog backs away slowly*

  12. basket_1960_420 said,

    well you have a great cat most cats are to spoiled to do someting like that lol

  13. Anonymous said,

    He really did taw a puddy tat.

  14. Anonymous said,

    Can cats meow while having a mouse in their mouth? Hmmmm? πŸ˜‰

  15. Anonymous said,

    Fluffybutt is going back to his primal mind.

  16. Anonymous said,

    Fluffybutt is going back to his primal mind.

  17. Anonymous said,

    Lucky you, my cat Basil left a mouse near my bed in 2 pieces the other day. I guess one half for each of us? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  18. BUXOMBLNDE said,

    Well I live in a second story apartment, partly so I don’t experience my cat bringing a live mouse to me….However, my cats do have plenty of toy mice to play with and it is actually quite irritating…It never fails right when I lay in bed and am either in that really deep sleep or just about to go there she will come running in my room crying like crazy…It is obnoxiously loud and irritating…Definitely not something I love being woken up to…Sometimes I don’t hear her and others I hear her but pretend to be asleep yet…If I ignore her she spits the toy out of her mouth so it lands in my hair and will scare the crap out of me…The first couple times she did it I literally jumped out of bed and ran for the light only to discover it was one of her toy mice!!!! I would absolutely freak if she ever brought a real mouse to me!

  19. Anonymous said,

    poor poor mouse

  20. JD said,

    What a nice mice that was,looks really healthy apart from being dead.
    RIP mousecateer, tis the way of the world.
    My cat is looking for another life, hope she’s got some left.

  21. Curtis said,

    mouse busters lol

  22. Anonymous said,

    Send the cats over to me. I’ve still got my mice and no sign of a kitten for another month or so.

  23. Anonymous said,

    Good kitty. I need one like her. Mice appeared in my house seemingly overnight and they’ve invited all their friends. I’ve set traps, but only caught a few. I need a good cat to help me out.

  24. Anonymous said,

    Don’t you just love it when your cat’s bring you presents (Dead rat’s and mice) in the middle of the night? My two cat’s do it all the time.

  25. Anonymous said,

    Thats one Fluffy attack cat!

  26. redheadgirl 4 said,

    I’m sorry, I feel sorry for the poor little thing, especially since it was out in the wild, just trying to live, and not intruding on anybody’s house. 😦 I love cats, but that picture made me so sad. 😦

  27. Anonymous said,

    Good kitty.. job well done!

  28. Anonymous said,

    poor mouse :(*

  29. Anonymous said,

    He only protecting his mummy..You and his turf..Good picture by the way.
    L Mich

  30. Anonymous said,

    My kikies only wish they could go outside to bring home prize catches.

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