A New Poem…

February 25, 2007 at 2:52 am (Poetry) ()


Feelings came upon me gently

A soft caress across my cheek

Unexpected, caught off guard

No need to play hide and seek


And some how there is knowing

Deep down within our souls

Profound, serene, safe and secure

As destiny takes the controls


We both know there’s no denying

Of what’s gone on before

Disappointment, pain and grief

Are with us forever more


But as the time ticks over

And the beast starts to retreat

Liberation, cure and relief

Now life seems more complete


No longer we lie bleeding

Flowers bloom where once was frost

Tenderness, love and desire

We’ve found what we once lost.




Love Me xxxxx



  1. nobody said,

    Wow nice work!! Are we by chance in love???

  2. nobody said,

    Ok I ask cuz people sometimes share poems long after they are written…

  3. Anonymous said,

    awwwww,thats a great poem..thank you for sharing…hugs and kisses for you …xxxxx

  4. Mac said,

    Very beautiful, Fluffy 🙂

  5. Nigel B said,

    Awww that’s beautiful

  6. Anonymous said,

    How romantic! *sigh* 🙂

  7. Bowzer said,

    Nice! Tender and heartfelt. It’s looking good, FB! *wink*

  8. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    i love your poem, you show so much of your feeling… and its seems you are happy ….
    thank you Fluffy for sharing

  9. Anonymous said,


  10. Anonymous said,

    You share your poems with such strong words and openess.
    You’ve been on a long journey and the pain of loosing someone close must seem like an eternity to you.Please ‘Hang in There’.
    Nice background on your page as well.
    L Mich.

  11. Anonymous said,

    wow, excellent – artistry at it’s finest, thanks for letting me read it, I really enjoyed it!

  12. Anonymous said,

    It’s very beautiful and I could relate to it in so many ways!


  13. William J said,

    excellent prose!

  14. Anonymous said,


  15. JR H said,

    wow very good thanks for sharing
    come read if you want

  16. Anonymous said,

    Once again, my friend, you have written in a way that many people can relate to while still keeping a sense of mystery about things. A sign of a good author.

  17. Anonymous said,

    the melodic rythm is interesting…but i don’t completely get the point….i guess that is jsut me though…poems are nothign but encrypted expressions that we can’t otherwise xpress

  18. JD said,

    Wild thing ,you make my heart sing,you make everything groooooooovy.
    Cool writing from a cool cat.
    Rock on JD

  19. Anonymous said,

    very pretty fluffy

  20. Relapsing said,

    looooooove your poem. see mine:
    1. go to poetry.com
    2. search adrian lloyd archer (there are two adrian archers, imagine that)
    3. it’s called “that something”
    4. enjoy

  21. Queen of West Majinney said,

    What a fitting poem for us Northerners getting ready for Spring with flowers soon to be blooming where we’ve had such a hard winter! In Denver, Colorado, we had the second longest lasting snow (staying on the ground) ever recorded. It’s time we see flowers blooming! Thanks for sharing, I know this poem has meaning on so many levels for you personally, but it was what I needed too!
    Thanks again,

  22. Anonymous said,

    Very Touching 🙂 Warm Florida Greetings to You 🙂

  23. jackaloopa said,

    beautiful…thank you!

  24. Anonymous said,

    You have beautiful soul and this appear whatever you do. Lovely poem sweetheart. Hugs you

  25. Anonymous said,


  26. Anonymous said,

    This is beautiful. -j-

  27. carebear said,

    thats a very heartfelt poem. thanks for sharing

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