A Little Something I Wrote….

February 21, 2007 at 4:26 pm (Poetry) ()

A pathway followed

A road travelled

A track traversed

A lesson learnt

My patience rewarded





Love Me xxxx



  1. Anonymous said,

    so few words, yet says a lot ….. goes to show it isnt the quanity of the words but the quality so to speak 🙂

  2. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    Zapp is right…says a lot with so little.

  3. Anonymous said,

    ME LIKES..(((Fluffy)))00 god bless..

  4. Anonymous said,

    I’ve got to move down under you are a wonderful beautiful lady that I would love to get to know better!—Steve A.

  5. Bowzer said,

    I love a happy ending – so has something nice happened to FB, I wonder?

  6. Queen of West Majinney said,

    I love your poetry and stories. Gives me something to look forward to in my idle time at work! Keep it up!
    Kathy M.

  7. Uncle Walter said,

    Interesting how things work. The hardest thing to do sometimes when life moves around us is to be still…and patient…and hold faithfully to the knowledge that the right thing always happens.

  8. Anonymous said,

    Words to live by!

  9. Trippinjimi said,

    You wrote so little, but said so much. I hope one day that my patience will be rewarded as your’s has been.

  10. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    only few words but they say so much…

  11. laid b said,

    sorry about your disapointment. life goes on. hopefully sooner than later

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