Something that does annoy me…

February 13, 2007 at 4:56 pm (Uncategorized)


I don\’t have a car. So I catch a lot of public transport.

What is up with the lazy arsed youth of today?

I saw old people getting on the bus this morning and no one wanted to give up their seats for them. Not even teenagers in their school uniform.

I was standing too so I couldn\’t, but I always would offer my seat to anyone who seemed like they may need it more than myself.

Now everyone just sits there with their damn plugs in their ears and ignores everything that is going on around them.

It is truly a sad reflection of today\’s society that young people will not think about anyone else but themselves.

Older people have fragile bones and if they fall over on a bus that could mean a broken hip, or even worse.

I think they need someone on the bus with a cattle prod to get them off their butts to do the right thing.

And its not only for the old person, you should feel like doing something good for someone else because it makes you feel good too.

Thats all for the moment.


Happy Valentine\’s Day everyone!!!


Love Me xxxx



  1. Anonymous said,


  2. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    I’m a big believer in karma…and I think you get back what you put out, so I always try to put the best out there….!

  3. Anonymous said,

    I use to take public transit all the time. On occassion I’ve seen the bus driver stop the bus and say he’s not moving till someone gives up their seat to an elderly person. Kudos to him.

  4. Anonymous said,

    There isn’t much public transit where I live. I have my own vehical but this afternoon there was a very elederly couple comming up to the entrance of the store I was just leaving. The doors do not open automaticly as do a lot of stores, so I held the door for them. The stoor used to have doors that opened automatically when it was a grocery store now it is a store that sells discounted items from close out sales. So its kinda bare bones and the doors are hard to open even if your not aged. You really have to yank them open, I just couldn’t see the both of them doing that.

  5. Anonymous said,

    You see this in many instances. I jumped all over my son a while back for cutting in front of an old woman at the grocery store. When he’s with me, he steps back now and gives them room … sometimes i think they just aren’t taught any better.

  6. Bart said,

    Thats very sad, the ones who sit on their ass and ignore the older people should realize that this is someone’s mother, grandmother, etc and that one day they will also be old too.

  7. Anonymous said,

    I know how you feel, though I dont drive a car but being disabled when I see people who arent disabled or helping some who is disabled getting into a disabled parking Lot and wondering Why I’m pissed and they get a 300 dollar ticket

  8. Gerard Singh said,

    Just surfing in … hope you don’t mind the intrusion :o) I was having this same conversation with some friends just the other day about the youth of today. Mind you, I like to think of myself as ‘still young’ LOL. Well when I was ‘younger’, I would always give up my seat to any person young or old who needed it more than I did. Hmmm … with all that goes on with the younger ones these days, I can’t help but wonder if mankind is actually heading in the right direction!! Anyway … you have a wonderful Valentine’s day. Be safe always and God bless.


  9. Anonymous said,

    Narcissistic little brats. All that “self-esteem” they’re taught at school these days makes them think they’re the center of the universe.

  10. Trippinjimi said,

    I guess it’s a reflection of our western society, the me me me society i like to call it. We seem to be the only culture on Earth that neglects our elders and ignore’s the fact that we’re all going to get old and die. I was brought up to respect my elders and it’s something that as i get older i value more and more.

  11. Anonymous said,

    I just found you on Yahoo. You were on the best blogs or something like that. You have this in commom. I do not understand why todays youth places the ones over 30 in a pot of used up lives. I find a lot of wisdom in these mature people. I do not look at a person as an age. I look for the soul, their spirit, and compassion for life. I have seen so 60+ people that are as active mentally and physically as someone in their upper 30 or mid 40. I was raised to respect older people (I really do not like using this phrase but for the lack of words I will use it) and to listen and learn. Maybe I have not bored you too much. But this is an issue with me at the present time. P.S I am going to request you to be my friend I hope you will accept. I love talking to intelligent people.

  12. Nigel B said,

    I’m afraid this is the so called society of today. The younger generation have no respect for their elders in any way whatsoever. When I was younger I would have been told and I was disciplined. Nowadays, parents, teachers, even the law are not permitted to raise their voices to or contradict children or they are taking away their human rights and can be prosecuted for it. Who imagines these ridiculous laws anyway??

    Glad to see I am not the only one who sees these things.

  13. Anonymous said,

    Amen sister! Same here on the tube — what’s with a$$holes that won’t give up his seat for a pregnant woman? Even when she ASKED him to? (Yes, this really happened — poor woman had to work her way through a crowded lurching tube to the one seat that someone gave up in the middle of the car). Nice, eh? And the dick who wouldn’t give up his seat was OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER! GRR! I’m with you, it gets on my nerves the lack of common courtesy. 🙂 Anyway, happy Valentine’s hugs to you too!

  14. Anonymous said,

    Down here in Melbourne they don’t let you exit the train first in an orderly fashion..They ‘ALL’ run on the train like cattle in a heard, as we try to squeeze past them and exit gracefully.Some of us have disabilities as well and shouldn’t be pushed about.Life has become so DAMN fast for the youngster’s.I dread peak hour and I use my bike for 3 things..A Walking Frame,To carry my shopping in and then to Ride it for exercise and to clear my mind.Bugger trying to take it on a train though.!!

  15. Anonymous said,

    I catch the bus all the time and its the same, and it cleary states on the window in the front of the bus about giving up your seat for edlerly or pregnant people… Even the bus drivers here (WA) are not so nice, most of them wait till the elderly are seated, but some … dont and take off Ive seen a few elderly people almost fall on the ground… But again no one does anything, and just look out the window hoping the eldely doesnt say anything to them…

    The other week an elderly lady got on the bus and there were about 6 teens sitting in that spot. the elderly lady just stood there and pointed to the window making one of these teens read it. Need I say, they moved…

    Great blog
    Late Nite Attitude

  16. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    yes its true…. but sometimes i can understand, some old people arent very friendly to the young ones and they are not all so.. many young people are friendly…
    maybe they dont see by their parents, maybe there should be a new subject in school — behaviour —- in former times they learned..

  17. SPECTER said,

    now in defense of some of the younger people, I was at the Florida state fair this past weekend, and saw many polite and considerate young people……just goes to show….not all are bad

  18. Anonymous said,


  19. Anonymous said,

    true fluffy. fortunately there are some of us as parents who have taught our children to be more polite and courteous toward others.
    my sons both when walking with me down the street walk on the road side of the pavement( do other people still teach their sons to do this when walking with ladies ??) and will offer seats to others on a bus/train. they have even pumped petrol for old ladies when looking out the window of our car noticing them having trouble (while happy to sit there when i fill ours as parents have to teach our own children manners it is not up to the school system as some seem to believe.

  20. Curtis said,

    We got same problem over here, I was brought up to respect your elders, don’t see that today, sad

  21. Anonymous said,

    They’ll be old like us too one day! 😉

  22. Anonymous said,

    So this isn’t something that just affects the youth in the States? hmm.. that’s not good… Well, anyways, it’s those of us who are parents of the youth of today who hold the responsibility to teach the ethics and morals needed to respect our elders. If we don’t do it, the problem will only get worse.

  23. Anonymous said,

    wow I thought American kids were the only ones with their heads up their asses. I see that same kind of stuff here and it bothers me. People are becoming more and more aloof and self-absorbed it seems, and not just kids. Oh well, the way things are going in the world it’s probably all going to come to an end pretty soon.

  24. Anonymous said,

    i thought I was the only one that this situtation bothered. I’ve almost gotten into physical fights and have been cursed at by kids for 1st asking them to let an elderly person sit , then I will tell them exzatly what I think of their behavior of not giving up their seat.
    The world is saddly populated with these people and i just hope one of them doe not “beat my faggot ass up”(I’m not even gay)for feeling it’s right to give my and all other youngsters seats to elders.
    58 yrs old and still standing

  25. Anonymous said,


  26. Anonymous said,

    Chic, this is a great blog and I agree with you 100%. Our elders deserve our respect. And one day, those same teenagers, will be elders too….

  27. Anonymous said,

    peeps are arses love. Thats where I’d likely pick one of the little snots up by the scruff and give his chair to some one who needed

  28. Steffie_Crumpet89 said,

    I know some young people dont stand up for the elderly. I am only 17 but i know that myself and all of my friends always stand up for them, also pregnant ladies, people with small child etc etc. no offence but it gets really tiring people always assuming because a small amount of teenager do something that all do. Its really annoyinh

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