Now Something Really for Valentine’s Day…

February 13, 2007 at 8:01 pm (Poetry) ()


Oh to be a pussycat

Lying on the bed like that

Sleeping, sleeping all day long

What could possibly go wrong

If I could just take her place

The gentle look upon her face

Sweetly purring and oh so free

There\’s one thing I\’d do differently

I\’d turn you into a pussycat too

So I could just lie here with you

All curled up in a warm embrace

Never moving from this place.


Love Me xxxxx



  1. teresa r said,

    aww what a cute picture. what a cute poem. you write such cute poems i cant wait unitll i read some more of them. happy valentines day take care my awesome friend teresa resheske

  2. Lea said,

    Now that is the truth.

    Ahhhhh, the life of a cat!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, please be well!

  3. Anonymous said,

    What adorable babies you have there. It would be nice to have their life – eat, sleep, play, repeat 5 times a day.

  4. Anonymous said,

    Awe.. love the kitty pics 🙂 Their adorable.

  5. Anonymous said,

    Happy Valentine´s Day

  6. basket_1960_420 said,

    such the life hope that you have a great day densie

  7. Anonymous said,

    awww and a lucky pussy cat I’d be..(((Fluffy)))00 GOD BLESS..

  8. Anonymous said,

    Thats better than any ‘Hallmark’ Card I’ve seen.I’m melting as they are so cute.I too posted A Joke, A Yarn, and Wrote of my first love being ‘Shorty My Persian Cat’ today.Great minds think alike.I’m now using 360 Thanks to You.!!Also that was a great card.’Happy Valentines Day’ back.

  9. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    Awwww…there is nothing sweeter than little baby kitties!

  10. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    they are so sweet.. when i watch them, i want to snuggle with them….

  11. So Long said,

    Oh to be the pussycat for thee
    Snuggling in a hammock, just you and me
    Watching the sun drop deep in the sky
    Occasionally checking up on you, just with one eye.
    The warmth of your body next to mine
    Just a purrr in my throat, no reason for a whine.
    To live footloose and fancy free.
    without a care in the world, Just you for me.

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Love ya

  12. Anonymous said,

    Ahhh…So cute!

  13. Anonymous said,

    lovely poem fluffy and those two cuddling kittens are the icing on the cake. hope your valentines day was special. xx

  14. Anonymous said,

    You have some of the cutest animal pictures. Awww. They make me want to adopt this cute little puupy I saw!

  15. Anonymous said,

    Wishing you love and catnaps throughout the year. Great and gentle poem/photo.

  16. Curtis said,

    this big cat is ready to snuggle lol

  17. Anonymous said,

    I just decided, I’m going to get me another cat. The last one I had was a big mess but I think it was just her – not the species in general.

    You don’t think it would eat my baby chickens do you?

  18. Anonymous said,

    Very possibly the best Valentine’s blog I’ve seen this year!

  19. Mandy said,

    sweet picture, lovely poem x

  20. ashes said,

    nice. and wel worth the trip back here.. take care.

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