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February 11, 2007 at 1:39 am (From the Vault)


Something I don\’t tell a lot of people is that my great grandfather on my mothers side was an Austrian Count.

I don\’t usually tell people because I don\’t know much about him except his name was Von Radgio (I am not even sure how that should be spelt) and that he wasn\’t a very nice person, quite violent from what I understand.

My great grandmother needed to get a divorce from him, which was unheard of in those days, so she stood in the crowd as the Tsar passed by and threw a letter into his carriage. She was immeadiately arrested but then released after the Tsar read her letter and granted her a divorce. Pretty amazing story!

This was his cutlery, if you look at the close up you can see the letter \”R\” with a little crown above it. My mother kept it and divided it up between us kids many years ago. So we all have a few pieces.

Her family used to use this cutlery for as long as she could remember.

I am not sure how old it is but it would be at least as old as when the last Tsar ruled Russia. So about 100 years old, maybe older.

Its very nice to have it and I will cherish it forever.


Love Me xxxx


P.S For those of you who were wondereing, they were living in Russia at the time. My great grandmother was Russian.



  1. ged said,

    Very interesting.You can now find out a lot about your ancestors from
    census records and parish records,if you know where he lived and can
    find when he lived.The Mormans have a website on finding ancestors if
    you want to find out more for free.

  2. [deleted] said,

    Beautiful pieces. You shopuld cherish them forever. We all have ancestors who I’m sure we wouldn’t be very proud of. Heck I have family now that I’m not too proud of! LOL.

  3. Bowzer said,

    Well now, that is certainly a wonderful story with the letter! And it makes these already-interesting cutlery pieces even more charming. What an exotic background you have, lol!

  4. Anonymous said,

    I have enjoyed the kast 2 posts greatly thank you for sharing!

  5. Anonymous said,

    very interesting but you will always be royalty in my heart.(((fluffy)))00.ty for the share..

  6. Nigel B said,

    hmmmn.. Interesting family history. We all have someone in our ancestorial tree who we can delve up, some good, some not so good. It is the make up of all these different characters that builds on ours. If I drag up my past I find that a distant relation was Sir William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army…..

  7. Curtis said,

    Its kind of fun to look into our past, and they way life used to be, not near as easy as it is today, I have somethings past down, I cherish but also feel responsible for, either my great grandfather or great great was a major in the confederate army in the civil war between the states,things would probably be alot different had the south won, but find it intersting to look at the past

  8. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    very interesting background, maybe you want to find out a bit more. And keep the cutlery in honor.
    Fluffybutt… a bit blue royal blood inside? Smile… maybe you would be interested how he come to Australia…but what i found a bit strange, you wrote, a austria count, but austria wasnt ruled by russia Zar, austria was ruled by own royalty.

  9. Anonymous said,

    I loved this post…I enjoy seeing and shopping for antiques here in Northern Virginia. We’re glad to have you back posting again…Take Care….

  10. Anonymous said,

    it’s good to have family heirlooms. too many people don’t care about that kind of thing anymore, especially here in the U.S. Between being a melting pot nation and picking up and moving all over the land, many Americans have lost sense of their roots. Keep the cutlery and anything else well and if there are cildren in the family make sure they know their history.

  11. Sebastien said,

    Very impressed. it s good to have a friend who has a bit of royal blood in her vein. I am a frenchman and some members of my family have started some research about our ancestors in France. So far we found a little bit of everything like very well known architect, aristocrats and even an english soldier(in the 15th century). I hope you will try to find some more information about your austrian family. It s very exiting!

  12. nobody said,

    It’s so cool that you have a piece of family history and a truly great story that goes along with it! Being adopted, I always wished I had a real family history, and no-one in my adopted family ever talked, so I know very little about them or my adopted ancestors. Cherish your history always!

  13. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    Does that mean that we have to call you countess from now on? Family history can make the past seem so alive. I have walked a battle field where my ancestors had fought.

  14. Tiny Tim said,

    I can only agree with Roses, I can’t understand what possible connection there would be between the Tsar of Russia and an Austrian Count. I suppose he could have had a word with the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as the Royalty of Europe were and still are related in may ways, still it’s a good story and all stoies improve with telling 🙂 Sadly nothing of note in my family history 😦

  15. Anonymous said,

    I am so jealous. I have nothing of my family’s history. My mother was adopted by her Mother..all I know about her birth mother is that she was their farm hand. My Fathers birth Father passed away when my father was very young. Then my Father passed away when I was under 2. All my Grandparents are passed and being the only Grandchild on my Fathers side, you would think they would have left me some trail as to where they came from. I have nothing. no memories….nothing. You are very blessed.

  16. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Anonymous said,

    How very interesting and what a treasure. My only claim to fame is that I am related to one of the U.S. Presidents. William Henry Harrison. He was president for only 90 days. He died of pneumonia after playing in the snow without proper clothing for the cold weather and all because someone called him a whimp. I guess he had to prove something.

  18. Anonymous said,

    wow, i love your story behind it, very interesting, thank you for posting it.

  19. joseph said,

    Hey, that was a cool post. It is a shame most people do not know their ancestors. I also think the cutlery is simply gravy on the cake!

  20. HBD said,

    Family History is soooo Interesting, but besides that, it’s great to have pieces of their lives to pass down. Perhaps when the “Traveling Antique Show” comes to a city near you, you can have the items you have pictured authenticated(how old), and see what their monitary value is!!! LOL

  21. basket_1960_420 said,

    thank you for sharing and it was very interesting hope that you have a great day and a happy valintines day denise

  22. Trippinjimi said,

    Allways something worth reading on your page Fluffy and this was no exception. A cousin researched our family tree some years back and found that we have an ancestor that fought with Robert The Bruce. I guess if you think about it, if you go back far enough we are all related to each other one way or another.
    Hope everything is cool and groovy in your

  23. david d said,

    lovely story – the irony is that you can only have one or two dinner guests at a time. i guess i will have to wait for my dinner invitation for a long time.

  24. Anonymous said,

    I love this! You are so lucky to have the stories of your family that you do. Great post!

  25. Anonymous said,

    So … do you know what was in the letter?

  26. Anonymous said,

    You should send that story to, she is a Russian Girl I know and think she would like the story.

  27. Anonymous said,

    well I just updated my personal page ,or started to when I came acroos a page with three women s {blogs}? yours was first nice stories the cutlery and letter were very nice I also liked the mouse story thanks for showing me a litle of how to do it

  28. Anonymous said,

    You have so many comments, you hardly need another, but wouldn’t you give your eye teeth to read that letter? And to hear your grandmother’s side of it? This is so interesting! I’m glad you shared it. I think he was a vampire with that last name… hmmmm.

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