Never Underestimate the Power of Thought…

February 3, 2007 at 5:08 pm (Uncategorized)


My mother used to love telling this story about me.

When I was five years old just before Xmas we were at the shops and there was a Xmas raffle. The prize was a large doll dressed as a bride that took pride of place in the shop window.

When I saw that doll I said to my mother “Santa is bringing me that doll for Xmas”

So she bought one ticket in the raffle.

Every other day she would ask me what I wanted for Xmas and every time I would say that Santa would bring me the bride doll for Xmas.

My mother was beside herself, she certainly could not afford to buy me such a beautiful doll, it was almost as tall as me, and dressed so beautifully.

So she searched high and low and bought me another doll, not quite as lovely.

Still every time we went to the shops, I would say “Santa is bringing me that doll for Xmas”

My mother knew there was very little chance that we would actually win the doll and she was very concerned that I would be so disappointed.

As Xmas drew closer she only became more nervous.

Then on Xmas eve morning, the shop calls her to tell her we had indeed won that doll.

So what a lucky girl I was, I ended up with two dollies for Xmas!

And guess what, yes, she kept that doll, the dress itself is long gone and now she has a dodgy eye, in a suitcase (along with the doll she bought) for all that time and I still have them, some forty years later.


Since that time I have found that occasionally things will come to me if I want them enough.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a pair of purple doc marten boots, but just couldn’t justify the cost of them to myself simply for a pair of boots.

One Saturday morning I went to a local charity shop that had advertised a big market day sale. I was looking amongst the piles of shoes and then, I saw them, a pair of purple doc marten boots. Yes they were a bit worn, and definitely not very new, but they were my size! They fit me!

They didn’t have a price on them though, so didn’t know what to expect when I went to pay for them.

I asked how much they were. The lady said, “How does four dollars sound?” I said “Four dollars sounds great!”

So now I have my purple doc martens.


However, I am still waiting to win the lottery, just like everyone else. I guess that’s the problem. We all want to win the lottery, so there are many people’s thoughts out there to compete with.


So I say, don’t think about what you DON’T want. Only think about what you DO want. And maybe someday you will get it.




Love Me xxxxx

P.S. The photos. My brother (RIP), myself and the two dolls at Xmas. Me with the doll today.



  1. Bowzer said,

    Great story! And lady luck seems to like smiling on you, so one day that lottery dream may come true…or you will find something less financially valuable, but no less valuable…

  2. Anonymous said,

    I love happy endings. You are on the right track now with your life. It makes me feel so good to know that. maybe the memory of that doll is a shape of things to come.

  3. Anonymous said,

    LOL I had the same doll and we danced. She was taller than I was. I loved it cause we held hands and walked all over the house. It was grand.

  4. Anonymous said,

    Wow 4 dollars. I just wanted some boots and I’ll be danged if I walked by a box of them thinking 259.00 Is just too much I found some for 9.00. Can you believe it! we just think alike. Mine were black I’m wearing them right now. New shoes! I love them.

  5. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    How neat that you still have the picture and doll today! Thanks for the smile!

  6. Anonymous said,

    what a beautiful memory for you fluffy. you were a beautiful little girl and now a beautiful lady. perhaps you could find your doll a new dress and have her eye fixed at a doll hospital. (yep they do have doll hospitals)

  7. Trippinjimi said,

    Thats a lovely story Elizabeth, and i to am a sucker for a happy ending. I also believe in the power of positive thinking. Whatever we concentrate on in our concious mind will grow in our experience.

  8. Bellemai said,

    Congratulations, dear, on the boots, and the single-mindedness it takes to want, remember, and look for, something specific! Kisses to the kitties, dear, and a hug for you, our own special one.

  9. Bart said,

    Isn’t is amazing how the most valuable things sometimes cost the least ? I’m really happy that your back on here, you are a very special person and it makes me very happy that you are my friend,

  10. Anonymous said,

    AWWWW (((Liz)))00 what a wonderful story.I to wish I could win the lottery to go surprise the lady of my dreams sumtimes a want it so very bad.But to be honest I could never justify praying for something so selfish.And would it actually make me happy??There is the crux eh.I will go on dreaming for my lord does indeed know what is best for me.He has given me what I need not necessarily what my heart so desires.I think he will leave that one to the before mentioned lady.God Bless and ty for a wonderful memory share…

  11. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    it is nice to hear a story with a happy ending. It is nice to know that you some times get what you wish for. Purple Doc Martins sound really really cool. Of course I couldn’t get away with wearing them with out looking like a pimp…LOL

  12. JR H said,

    I love the fact that you still have it after all these years thanks for the story

  13. Muddy said,

    What a wonderful story!

    From the time I was 15, I wanted to visit France, but always knew it would be impossible because of the cost. So in 1990, I brought France to me by inviting a teenager to spend a month with us through an exchange program. We invited 3 different students between 1990 and 1995, and the last one came in both 1994 and 1995… and in 1996 I made my first visit to France. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew I’d be back… and now, through totally unrelated circumstances, I’m living here (which I never even thought of, much less dreamed of). Hopes and dreams aren’t just a waste of time… they’re just a different sort of thread in the fabric of reality.

  14. Curtis said,

    To win the lottery in florida have 1 out of 13 million chance lol

  15. swot said,

    what a loverly story ;o)

  16. Anonymous said,

    I wanted a Skippy doll, Barbie’s younger sister. It was when they first came out, probably mid 60’s. We were poor, but it probably took a year and my mom bought it for me. I was somewhere around 10 and now I’m going on 53 and still have it. Your story brought back memories.

  17. Anonymous said,

    “I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish.” From the Incredible Mr. Limpit. (An old movie staring Don Knots)

  18. kenza said,

    That was a touching story. I don’t know you but God Bless!!!!

  19. Uncle Walter said,

    What a wonderful story! Thanks for the reminder of what life and living should be about.

  20. Little 虎 said,

    wow! i loved that story. the thing is, i just shared something on the nature of thought and how powerful it really is. this is a real proof of what i was talking about. more power to you! (though i’m a stranger? 😦 )

  21. Anonymous said,

    That’s so cool – by the way, great song by the Cult, bravo!!!

  22. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    its said… think about good things and good things will happen, if you think to bad things, they will happen also… so i try to think to good things and… i must say some really really wishes i want… i get…
    but like you say, to win a lottery, to much people want to win
    but sometimes small things, they are only very important to you… they will happen.. a wonderful story… thank you for sharing….

  23. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the reminder of the power of positive thinking. It’s just what I needed right now.

  24. Anonymous said,

    positive thinking can go along way..hugs

  25. Anonymous said,

    good story, i liked the ending best though. an ounce of negativity weighs a lot more than a pound of positive. thinkink that you do want something can easily be drowned out by the thought that you can’t have it. want it enough and you will be capable of achieving it. best wishes in all your endeavors.
    ps. if you want to guarantee a lottery win, just buy all the tickets 🙂

  26. Anonymous said,

    Great Story!

  27. L D said,

    Wow, that was worth the time to read. Look forward to more…

  28. Fanta said,

    It is wonderful you managed to keep both dolls all these years.
    And I agree with you, when you say “think only about the things that you DO want”. Staying positive is very important. Not only because you will feel better, but also because of
    the type of vibes you are sending out to other people.
    Wonderful blog entry, Fluffy Butt!
    Take care,

  29. Anonymous said,

    How lucky you were! Two dolls………

  30. Nasty and Ugly said,

    “Since that time I have found that occasionally things will come to me if I want them enough.”
    I agree with you, young lady! Faith is what you believe and think of. Read Heb. 11?
    I´m happy to see how God comes to other´s convictions.

  31. Anita said,

    That is phenomenal that you still have the doll all these years later! Hope you are having a great day!

  32. basket_1960_420 said,

    well i hope that your having a great week andi love your story i thought that your drawing was pretty neat i really lke it well any way have a good one and see ya on the flip side denise

  33. Anonymous said,

    That was a very nice and well written piece.

  34. Anonymous said,

    What a nice story…the power of positive thinking. Great pics.

  35. Anonymous said,

    Whatta lovely story!

    Sometimes it’s really good to reminisce the past. And hey, it’s really nice that you still have that B&W photo after all those years!!!!


  36. vicky said,

    WOW,, great story!
    And u r great as well. A doll has been kept for almost 40 yrs.
    I have hardly kept anything of my childhood. There are some letters which my friends wrote to me, I kept them for several yrs. But at one day, when I was upset, I setted all of those on fire. What a pity!!


  37. Anonymous said,

    Great great story and oh so true. I beleive we get from our world what we ask of it. 🙂

  38. Beth (ARMY COUSIN) said,

    great story….

  39. Beth (ARMY COUSIN) said,

    great story….

  40. Anonymous said,

    loved your blog, reminds me of me

  41. Anonymous said,

    What a sweet story! Made me think of a doll I had called Baby Boo. She cried and wet. lol

    Saw you on the highlighted blogs and just dropping by to say hi.

  42. Anonymous said,

    Adorable story. I am such a sentimental person about childhood belongings. I have a bear that was given to me when I was very wee and he is practically flat and has one ear badly sewn back on…

  43. Frank C said,

    Now it is time to visualize a bloggie. It is your catchy name. Ok I think you come across as real. You have variety, don’t take yourself seriously and you get lots of response from your friends. Oh yes and I do learn things here.

  44. notagain49/M.M said,

    What a great story!I just stopped by to say hello and I love your screen name!Be good to yourself.BlogStream is a nice blog site with some nice people there.Mike

  45. Bill said,

    The Beige looking cat that you have has some very beautiful eyes. We have a black cat (wild) running around the apts. where I live that my son and I feed that has the exact same eyes. Would like to be able to get the black cat and have him for a pet but would not force anything on him (or her). I have never been into cats but my son has, he’s 25 now. He and his last girlfriend had 28 cats where they lived out in the desert. Sure was a lot of them, but now I would like to have one. They are surely independent and very mysterious. Well, that’s about it for this comment. Thanks.

  46. [deleted] said,

    Great story! I think we get too caught up in what we don’t want and that tends to take a toll. I believe in the power of thought as well. I just haven’t been focusing on the right things hard enough. ***sigh***

  47. Anonymous said,

    You obviously touched a lot of people with your reminiscing here. I cant think of any like expreiences from my childhood (or dulthood) but I do try to allow or cause these moments for my children.
    p.s. you are mentioned in my blog entry for today.

  48. Anonymous said,

    I believe it’s refered to as the power of manifestation. We all have this power to manifest the things (or events) we NEED to fulfill ourselves. As long as it’s positive,and unselfish (as in no one suffers for your gain)we have the ability you manifest that which we desire. I’m no mystic, sage or anything like that (I am aware, though)but I read a book years n years ago called (sheeyit, I forget what it was called!) but the author is (lol) Ruth Montgomery, and that is one of the topics she wrote about. To demonstrate this power, she convinced me to practice on clouds. She explained that the native american ritual “rain dance” is a true phenomenon, based on the same principle, and though it is possible for the average person to accomplish this,(manifest rain clouds) it is much easier for the “novice” to make little clouds disappear! Well! I’ll tell ya…I got pretty good at making little fluffy clouds disappear. It takes a positive attitude, a peaceful frame of mind and FOCUS.(Key ingredients) I never was able to make one APPEAR, and I must say,after such intense concentration I wasn’t sure if I was deluding myself, but damn if little fluffy clouds didn’t vanish time after time. Since those days I have sought out much more knowledge, studied esoteric laws of nature (nature of the cosmos, not “mother nature) and have learned that this power of manifestation is pretty basic.As you experienced yourself, at a young age, and what we are capable of, and the reasons for it, are much more powerful and profound. wow…this is the longest comment I’ve made to date! Your story touched something in me. I hope mine touches something in you.

  49. Anonymous said,

    Excellent story with the perfect title. Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on your blog nomination award!!


  50. Anonymous said,

    i myself do believe that thoughts can be powerful

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