It’s Hard to Ignore…

January 30, 2007 at 4:26 pm (Uncategorized)

all the love I feel from my friends in 360 land. I thought I could but I can’t.

So I will post here occassionally, but you won’t have as much of my time as you used to.

I am not going to let it take over my life again, but I really do miss you people.

I don’t know what I will do with my other blog yet. I will have to put more thought into that one.

Anyway I am at work so I must do some.


Love Me xxx



  1. Trippinjimi said,

    I’ve allways thought that quality was better than quantity. Its realy great to see your lovely smiley face back on my page again. You look happy, i hope you are the cat that got the cream. Welcome back.xx

  2. Anonymous said,

    missing your musings too, whereever and whenever is cool with me. You’re a joy to read.

  3. *Walmie* said,


  4. Bellemai said,

    We’re glad to have you back, however you choose to come… and whenever!

    “Love YOU”

  5. Anonymous said,

    You just do what you have to do. We will follow you if you need, we will lead you if you need, and we will walk beside you if you need. You are a strong person that has much to offer. best wishes to you…

  6. JD said,

    Cool cat hey
    Sometimes ya gotta stray
    It Rocks you are back
    With that black fluffy cat.

  7. Anonymous said,

    great to see you again, I completely understand. I too take a break from time to time. Remember you are loved where ever you are. peace and serenity, Van

  8. Anonymous said,

    A very,very big hug and a giant kiss!!!If you could see me (i look like the cat in alice in wonderland!!)Anytime you feel you can spare for your 360 friends is mucho gracious.(((fluffy)))00you are sorely missed my friend!!God Bless and giganto hugs!!!I so miss that wonderful taste in music!!!All my best my friend!!!

  9. Anonymous said,

    howdy ma’am! I’ve been missin’ you! Great to see you again!

  10. Anonymous said,

    You know what?…here is your home our home,this community,i know that you feel…that’s the meaning of friendship…thanks for open your page again…I missed you dear friend!!!Hugs 4 you!!!Gatote

  11. nobody said,

    Welcome Back, missed you!

  12. Curtis said,

    missed you

  13. nobody said,

    Glad ur back,although I did visit your other blog.I jus had to check it out!!But ya know you belong here!! Smile its gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!

  14. vickie_bowie said,

    I concur with all, it’s nice to see your return. Please don’t let yourself feel pressured, write whenever you feel like it. Have a good day!

  15. Bowzer said,

    The Return Of Catwoman, cool!!! Wekk, don’t work too hard and have a great weekend, all of you, miaowwwww!

  16. Bowzer said,

    ‘Wekk’??? I mean ‘well’…LOL!

  17. Anonymous said,

    rold go…
    영어를못해서 …

  18. Anonymous said,

    Why do we blog so much? I have four blogs, five counting the one that no one knows about. One for being a writer, one for family, one for me and my son, and one at myspace, which is another writerly pursuit. Categorization is everything.

    Maybe it’s because we’re afraid one of the blogs will disappear. This 360 thing is still beta and it has the same name as that CNN show. So who knows? Who cares?

  19. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    It is better to live life in reality than cyberspace. Now I am off to cook for the rich and nearly famous!

  20. joseph said,

    Foremost, thanks for taking the time for us little people! lol
    You know, I too try to write instead of simply blogging.
    So I say…..Go with your soul!

  21. Stan said,

    Welcome back even if it is only occasionally.

  22. Anonymous said,

    Take it slow and easy. One step at a time. Stop and smell the pomegranites. Glad to see you’re back.

  23. Anonymous said,

    I am so pleased and happy for you. I’m glad to see you looking happy and healthy. I dont see the look that worried me so badly any longer. Keep up what you are doing to look so healthy. You look marvelous darling. I have a great song posted on my newest blog. If you like jazz. Maybe if you have time. I learned to post this is my very first U tube Post. I love the song and have dedicated it too all my friends. Not only is is sultry. Just a great talented lady as yourself. Its so good to see your face here once again. I hope you can just cut down and stay with us some if only once a month blogs. Those u tubes were great that you used to post. Your stories are greater and informative but You can send all friends the same message with just about over 300 clicks. This will save you some stress. I hope you will keep us updated now and again. We love and missed you so much. I know you need time for you and I hope you will just take what time you need for you and just give us a peek now and then. We all are crazy for you. You are intresting. I would buy a book or t shirt.

  24. Anonymous said,

    Glad to see you’ve come back, Dear Lady!

  25. Anonymous said,

    As you know you were missed here. It is good to see your site brighten back up. You will always be loved and missed, so don’t go. I see your link to the music. Is that what I asked about?

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