Thank You All…

January 18, 2007 at 2:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay. Thanks everyone for all your lovely messages and indeed thank you for your support, love and friendship while I have been on this journey and a part of 360.

But it is with sadness that I tell you I must move on and do other things.

It is not that I don’t appreciate everything I have here. I do.

But I geniunely feel I have out grown 360.

On Wednesday night I had a visit from my late husbands mother. I had not seen her since his funeral.

While she visited me I was fine but after she left I cried and decided it was time for me to stop writing on 360.

Even as I write this I am crying.

I need to move on. I do want to continue writing but not in this forum or in this way.

When I have set up another blog I will let you know where it is.

Until then I will leave this blog up but will not be adding any more posts to it, except for this entry.

If you send me messages I will read them but I can’t guarantee I will get back to everyone. I will get back to as many people at a time as I can manage.

I do need a break from this altogether though so please be patient if you want a response.

Once again THANK YOU for always supporting me, I certainly never expected that so many people would like me and be interested in what I do and have to say.

All my Love Me xxxxxxxx



  1. ashes said,

    hello.. no need to add me to freinds.. but if you could send a simple message so I may use it to come back now and then. I would apreceate it. please feel free to erase this as well..

  2. Anonymous said,

    I am glad to see your back…even if it only ocasionaly. I enjoy your page, So many focus on the distonation, having not a clue to what or where it is, it is as you say the journey. we get cought up in where we think we are going and miss the whole trip. sometimes we need to stop and just look….listen. this prob dosent make any sence…but it all part of the journey none the less……ramblings of an old soldier, anyway have a good day, glad ta see ya still around

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