Poor Fluffybutt was Really, Really Hot…

January 15, 2007 at 1:30 am (Cats) ()


Over the weekend here it was pretty hot, but it wasn\’t that hot.

The problem was it was humid, steamy, moist, muggy.

Everyone at work today said they were all cranky on the weekend.

And so were the pussycats.

Here is Fluffybutt lying on my deck, trying to keep cool.

Ahhh, that\’s what you get for living in a tropical climate.

So for those of you out there that are experiencing cold weather, think of us here in the tropics, sweating, even at night.


Love Me xxxxx



  1. Mac said,

    Ahhhh, poor Fluffybutt 😦 … Well, it’s currently 34 degrees F(1.11 degrees C) over here in California. Maybe I could put in a request with the weather bureau to send some cooler air your way 🙂

  2. Anonymous said,

    haha … I’d love to be in the tropics rather than in the cold. I can tolerate the heat, but cold weather is torture.

  3. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    Poor, hot kitty!…The weather is crazy here in West Virginia, it’s been 60 and raining for about 4 days now.

  4. Curtis said,

    humidity is real bad here in Florida during the summer or about 8 months out of the year, anyway winter time here now and high today be 75 but will turn colder later in the week

  5. Anonymous said,

    You ought to be glad you are not here. I think Fluffybutt would not like it. It is -3F or -35C. The wind is blowing on top of that, so there is a wind chill factor of -5F. We have to worry about our pipes freezing.

  6. Anonymous said,

    im not sure which would be worse. good and bad about both. right now my car doors are frozen shut preventing me from running any of the errands i had planned. thanks for the hug. sry about your ick day.

  7. Anonymous said,

    There is good and bad with both.But let me tell ya I’ll take your heat!!! I have bad arthritis and the cold here just makes me suffer.I need to move to a warmer climate.Oh well,we do what we must to survive.Stay cool and ty agai for your songs I love your taste in music…

  8. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    We experienceing Lake Effect Snow here in Chicago. The wind is howling at it looks like a blizzard outside. Meanwhile inside….the heater is stuck on high and it feels like a sauna. I imagine the weather in your part of the world is a lot like living in Florida in the States. Is the weather any better near the beach?

  9. Anonymous said,

    I’d gladly send you some of the snow fluffybutt to help you out – I’ll even deliver it personally. Just send the airline ticket, maybe accomadations in a 5 star hotel, and you can have all the snow you want. I know how terrible it must be to be hot instead of turning blue. My heart goes out to you!

  10. joseph said,

    When you said hot, steamy and moist – I thought you were going in a totally different direction! The weather here in Roswell, New Mexico has been going in a totally different direction too – This weekend we had ice storms, you know, the opposite of hot, steamy and moist! Either way, the kitties would have been miserable – Toodles 🙂

  11. Anonymous said,

    Your cat is named fluffybutt! ah aha haaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  12. Adz said,

    It is pretty hot out here too & one of my kittens also sleep on his back like that when it gets hot. I like the warm weather, but if it strikes 40 during the day, that is to much. They said we will get some rain from tomorrow, but I want to see it first before I believe it. Have a nice day & I like your kitties!!:0)

  13. Bart said,

    Right now in Florida the weathers great, mild to warm days, cool nights however the summers here are brutal, probably August and September are the worst, blazing sun and usually in the high 90’s mid day, I usually drink almost a gallon of water a day while working during the summer, I think you’d like it here right now so just hop on a plane and get on over here !

  14. Kayzzee said,

    AWWWW he is sooooooooo cute!! I used to have a fuzzy grey kitty too!!

  15. Anonymous said,

    Cute picture…it is snowing here.

  16. Anonymous said,

    That photo makes me want to rub that cat’s belly!

  17. Bellemai said,

    Oh wow! Tummy rub heaven! I do love a fuzzy tum. Mine do that in the summer here. Of course, East Texas is kinda warm most times, too. Not tropical, exactly, just hellish. Hope she got cooler as the night went on!

  18. [deleted] said,

    LOL. How CUTE!! Ahhhhh. I wish it were a little warmer here. It’s in the 20’s here, with a chance of an ice storm from what I hear. 😦 I hope not. Not again. 😦

  19. phil e said,

    add me to your messanger

  20. Anonymous said,

    i can stand those hot and humid climate but i can barely survive the cold winter here in turin italy. I was born and raid in kenya Africa were temperatures are plenty ha ha ha i mean +3o and a bove. Here in winter i freeze and when i dont know when guys talk they seem to be smoking eve if they dont have cigarettes! is kinda strange 4 me! cheer up Fluffybutt wake up and have fun!

  21. Anonymous said,

    I would love to slip and slide on your sweat you stunning female…from down under

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