What’s the Time Mr Wolf….

January 14, 2007 at 5:53 pm (Uncategorized)

The time where I am is…………



  1. Bart said,

    8:58 pm

  2. ☮ Sky ☮ said,

    How cool!

    9:02 pm here

  3. Mac said,

    6:09 pm here

  4. Anonymous said,

    the time where i am is 2.23am

  5. Truculent Trencherman™ said,

    @ 12:37 PM on Monday…it is 8:37 PM on Sunday (CST)

  6. Bellemai said,

    well, THAT is cool! I like it! your clock says 1:12 p.m., mine says 9:12 p.m. – Sunday. I’m assuming yours is Monday. I’m a little shaky on the time differences, obviously!

  7. binn said,

    well, i’m very interested in this clock…tried to make one for my own blog but failed…please, if you dont mind help me out how to get one for my page….
    Thanks so much.

  8. Anonymous said,

    Your’s says 11:10 while here it is 6:10 AM. You always seem to get the interesting things for your page.

  9. [deleted] said,

    Yours says 3:34, I’m assuming that’s am. Here it’s 12:34am.

  10. [deleted] said,

    Hmmm…now that the hand moved I see it says PM. Where the heck are you?!? LOL

  11. [deleted] said,

    OOOOOOOH … AUSTRALIA! I feel so dumb now. (slinking away now) LOL

  12. 75/Stingray said,

  13. 75/Stingray said,

    I like your clock, Very impressive I love it & well done girl!! I’m just looking for my son, how is over in Iarq. Have a good day, and look up all is well. LOVE!

  14. Anonymous said,

    Real cool your clock, for you it is 7.45 a.m. you may be at work or preparing to go, while I am preparing to go to bed, here it is 10.45 p.m. Have a wonderful day !

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