My First Ever 360 Poll…

January 12, 2007 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized)


Would you buy this T-shirt?

P.S. Yes. I am taking the piss out of myself.





  1. Anonymous said,

    I want TWO of them!

  2. basket_1960_420 said,

    do they come in any other color me and white dont get along lol have a good day

  3. Anonymous said,

    It would be great, I don’t know how many people would end up asking me why I like hairy butted women…but I would get the true meaning at least (let the others wonder, that’s my theory)!

  4. Bellemai said,

    Does it come in HUUUUUGE?! If so, I want a couple! I cant’ see the questions either!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Yeah I am trying to fix that.
    1. Yes. I love it.
    2. No way. Are you freakin’ insane crazy woman.
    3. Depends. Does it come in any other colours?

  6. Cheri said,

    I want one!!!

  7. Dollar Billy said,

    My ideas for your shirt.
    1. Make then in other colours.
    2. Make them available without the dog paw.
    3. Send me several right away!

    – Billy

  8. Anonymous said,

    If I was to wear that shirt without the context of what it means… Well… Some rather voluptuous women might decide to slug me for being a pervert :/

    Otherwise, Sure I would!

  9. Anonymous said,

    LOL tragicfame….I was thinking along the same lines only because I’m a woman it’s possible I’d be hit on by the bisexual or lesbian “fluffybutts” of this world and have to say no and explain its context. I’d wear it proudly though…LOL it’s cute!

  10. Nytfallen said,

    Lol…Nice shirt! Where I would be wearing it that shirt could mean a number of things…If you got one in black and yellow I would but it.

  11. Anonymous said,

    Of course you know I want one.

  12. Anonymous said,

    you should try dancing arround the poll I Love Fluffybutt. So beautiful. But truffles Looks just like her mum.

  13. Bowzer said,

    I’ll take six, please, including one with the alternative spelling ‘Buffyflutt’, and one with my own paw print on it. Woof!

  14. ♥♥♥ r o s e said,

    i like the design, but i dont like this kind of t-shirt.. maybe you can create a beachdress… or a top…. the read heart and the black cat prints fit wonderful to white

  15. Curtis said,

    send me some, would be proud to wear them in jacksonville, florida

  16. Anonymous said,

    I gotta shirt for sale too you wanna see pic on it?

  17. Anonymous said,

    OMG, FBB, you could sell these world wide! Start a real trend! A trend only the blog world would get but nonetheless cool. Make em and I will buy one!

  18. William J said,

    if just one person buys one and then another person buys one and then more people start seeing them, everyone will want one and it will be like a movement!

  19. Bart said,

    If I buy one will you deliver to me personally ?

  20. Trippinjimi said,

    White is definatly not my colour. Black and yellow sounds good.

  21. Anonymous said,

    I love fluffy butts!!!! I have one of my own to show off. PURRRR

  22. Anonymous said,

    I love fluffy butts!!!! I have one of my own to show off. PURRRR

  23. Anonymous said,

    I love Fluffy Butt, but I’m a no logo girl. Nothing personal, I just don’t want to be branded.

  24. Stan said,

    Love it. Thought I don’t wear T-shirts. Maybe a Golf shirt……

  25. Anonymous said,

    Can I get one with you in it? LOL!

  26. Restless River Seeks Open Sea said,

    Love em fluffy butt shirts and gotta have soemthin’ to show for it! How much ya sellin it for…?

  27. Anonymous said,

    Great T-Shirt!!! As usual you have made me giggle when I stop by and read your blog!!

  28. Aamir said,

    Are these T-shirt long enough to cover my butts? LOLzz…

  29. Anonymous said,

    My friend wants one too. See I told you you could finance it. Good luck.

  30. Anonymous said,

    No you are not insane just brilliant.

  31. Traveler said,

    Is this going to be a Fluffy-butt cult? Will we have a secret handshake and password too? I want to buy the one you wore to the wet-T-shirt contest.

  32. Anonymous said,

    How much?. I’ll take a Medium, por favor!

  33. [deleted] said,

    I’LL TAKE 3! LOL. Pink, purple, and ummmmmmm blue. For me and my girls. 😉 hahaha

  34. ♫GEO♫ said,

    can i have 2 in a large size and 1 in exta large

  35. Anonymous said,

    good idea, but how about a bit fancier font & a v-neck t-shirt?

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